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Monday, May 16, 2005

Subject: I Take My Leave
*=required, but not usually taken by a freshmen
^=IMII is not the standard math class (though we do have them at our school) such as trig or geometry, ect. I donít know for sure what II is, but I is Algebra with bits of other math courses.
`=instead of having P.E. every other day all year round, we have it everyday for a semester. Since my schedule is filled, I have the joy of taking early-bird gym.

Subject: I Take My Leave
Dearest Friends of Mine, May 11th, 2005
It took me a few days to compose this letter. Please, try to understand.

I wish to briefly bring you up to date with my life as it stands. As glimpses of the sun is seen setting on my eighth grade year, I have become restless, slacking if you will. Next year Iíll be off to high school. I am not scared, if thatís what you are thinking. Iím simply looking forward to my summer. Iím finding myself day-dreaming much more as of late. I think its because Iíve rid myself of much nonsense and my brain is trying to retrieve it.

I tried out for high school show choir, since I was in the 7th and 8th grade and found it a source of exercise, if not entertainment. But, alas, I didnít make it, but nor did I expect to. I didnít see how I stood much of a chance against people with more experience, but it was a good one for me.

I made it into concert band. My brother wouldíve made Symphonic, had we not been short on trombones.
The courses I have signed up for are as follows: History (mandatory), Language Arts or English (m.), Biology (m.*), Intergraded Math II (m.*^), P.E. (m.`) French I (optional), Band (op.), and Choir (op.)

Now that you are caught up and I have found a more comfortable place to write I will continue.

I hope that if anyone really knows me, they will know that I dearly love my friends. None of you are exceptions. I am sending this letter because I was forbade upon coming to ďthat site of mineĒ again. I intend to keep that promise I made. This is a letter of fair well, for I do wish you to fair well.

I am leaving know, with my site halfway through changing itís theme. At first I didnít want to leave it like that. But the more I thought about it, the better it seemed to leave it as it is. I think it is symbolic. So much change has gone though me because of this site. It has changed my life, but I am still changing, and I will continue to change. So leaving it the way it is, unmatching with a needs-to-be-worked-on look, is for the better, signifying me; truly me.

My heart fills with sorrow as my eyes with tears. I hope our paths to cross again, but it wonít be here. I have requested that my site is not deleted so all may know what became of me.

You all played an important role in my life and I wish I was just as joy bringing. Everyone has a purpose. Donít hear that and go away thinking, ďI donít. I wonít ever do anything that could change someoneís life.Ē because thatís not true. Your calling might not be that of a world leader, but it is just as important. From giving the youth advice craved form experience, to showing a young girl what might be love, to simply smiling at a body as you walk down the street. Iím sure if we were able to track these actions and their effects, you would see how it all adds up and comes back to you. All of you gave me such actions and that is what keeps me cheerful. This is my last entry into a public journal that Iíve helped keep, and know Iím signing out.

With deepest love,
Katherine Diane Widmer,
Formally known as Taleybo

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Monday, May 9, 2005

Hey guys
I feel really bad for posting, but never visiting, but I barely have time for one! *sigh* So! I've resolved that I'm going to make a short post, change my site colors, and then visit as many people as I can. And I'll do all this while I wait for my mother to be done with one of her students. She's giving some sort of presentation. *shrugs* Well, see ya in a bit! ^_~

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   Hi guys! ^_^
I'm on later than usual, so you will visit me. Don't feel guilty, I don't visit you either. I'm just stoping by ta tell you that I'm going to math bee this year and I can't wait! ^_^ I'm going with Emma, Daniel, Elaina-sama, and a about 20 other kids (gosh, I wish they weren't coming too). It'll be loads of fun and E-chan's bringing her camara. I want to bring mine too, but it's at Momo's office and we're probably not gonna have time to go get it. *sigh* Though, if I hurry in tomorrow morning, then we might. *gets happy again* Well, I gotta go get a good night's rest, but don't forget to visit me after 5(PM) central time, k? Good. Well see ya! ^_^ Tolly-ho, jolly ol' chaps.

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Monday, May 2, 2005

I don't really have time for somethin' long (like usual), just stopin' bye to say I'm ~finally~ done with that stupid project that was due half a quarter ago. *sigh* It's a power point, maybe I'll put it up sometime... If I ever know how. *shrugs* Oh well. Well, like I said, can't talk, gotta go. See ya! Love ya guys and I miss you, but I think I'll have time soon, so bye, have a great life.

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