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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today was an okay day,
but I can't wait 'til it's Friday. Though, this week did seem to go pretty fast. *shrugs*

This Saturday I'm doing something for Explorer Post. I was gonna do educational presentations for 4-H, but I droped out. All I can think about is Explorer Post. I don't get Spring Fever, I get Old Thresures Fever. *groans* Well, I gotta do my homework, see ya! (sorry I couldn't talk long, but you know me, buisy, buisy, buisy!)

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Monday, April 25, 2005

I came on to make a post and maybe do a little visiting,
but it's bed time so I gotta go. Sorry guys, I really am trying to make time to talk to you, and visit you. I don't think I've visited more than two people in the last month or so. *sigh* Well, like I said, I gots ta go. Bye. Have a great night.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Randomness of the Day....Uahhhhhhh! I hate myself.

What Icons are for you? by ladyallie
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.........I like this.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hey, look! It's the girl you never get to see anymore!
Ha ha, that reminds me of this thing Maya, Emma, and I do at school. I'll go ahead and tell you really quick. Okay, so there are these posters at school, but when someone puts a poster up, it basically goes un noticed. So, they put arrows pointing to them that say "Look!" and "Important!". What's so funny about this is (mostly Maya and I do this cuz we don't see E-chan much) I'll say, "Look, Maya! Important!" and we'll scuttle over to the poster with our hands in balls at our chests and then we read the heading,"Chearleading Tryouts?! We ~must~ goooo!!"

You know that project that I still wasn't done with? Well, guess what. I'm ~still~ not done with it! ^_^ Yeah, it was due at the end of third quater, but like no one was done. But I'm close! Oh, so close! And stupid me signed up for the Educational Presentations for 4-H, and they're presented on April 30th! *paniced sigh* Soooo, momo told me to do it on something else. So, I've decided that instead of Marine Biology (which my presentation is more of a sit down and read it yourself) I'm doing one that I'm making right now, on Chemistry. Yes, I'm doing chemistry right now...sorta. In seventh grade I did Microbiology, in eight I did Biotechnology (which in my oppinion is easier than micro.) and now I'm taking a mini-course in Physical Science (Physics). Why? So I can skip it in Freshmen year. And no, this is not in science class either. My science teacher treats all of us basically like we're all idoits. I don't mean to blame him, cuz I don't (some of my classmates ~are~) and a lot would make me think they are if I were in his position. But that doesn't mean that he should talk down to all of us. *sigh* I'm ranting. Anyway I'm taking all of these courses with Mrs. Loescher. ... I don't know how to describe Mrs. Loescher...

In case you are wondering, no, my computer is not fixed. Well, that's not ture. It ~is~ fixed, but we lost all our data and everything, so Father is still rebuting it. Plus, I don't think anyone will be aloud on it for a while. Right now I'm on Momo's lap top, but I'm s'pose to be doing this presentaion.

I went to see "Ice Princess" with Momo. I invited Renee, but she couldn't come tonight and it is only here tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. It was good though. We might actually buy this one. We haven't boughten a movie in a while. *shrugs* Well, I gotta get back to work. Lord knows how much time I've spent here allready. See ya! Love ya all! ^_~V

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

*sigh of exaustion*
Wednesday- drama for Lincon Elementery (I went there k-2nd), computer completely crashed!! T___T


Friday- Mr. Coen's Leaving Assembly, School Tour, Last Dance of the Year, Guy who is fixing computer came...and went

At drama, I said crap, twice! I'm soooo mad at myslef!! I said CRAP!!! I'm now making a vowe not to say crap again. *crys*

My computer crashed! *crys more!* Not much more to say about that.

At my 4-H club meeting we have a new member!! Anouthiph (prounced Anne-oh-teef, but thiphy for shourt) joined our 4-H club! ^_^ Yaaay!

School tour is when the middle school show chior and jazz band go to Van Allen (he's a famous scientist that lived here for like most of his life) Elementary and Lincon and Harlan came to see us too! It was fun and took up most of the day.

Mr. Coen is leaving! *crys* Mr. Coen is our school's associate principal. He is going to go to Afganistan for a year and a half. That means I'm gonna be a sphofmore when he comes back.

The dance was fun. Nothing much happened though.... When I first got there, I had to walk past a group of boys (which I perposly avoided eye-contat with) and one of them, Thom (prounced Tom even though it should be Thom cuz he's from Vietnam), said, "Danm! You fiiine, girl!" and after I was out of ear-shot, I turned and said "Ya know that's right." I gotta go, bye!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Ummm, I guess I have news.
First off, I don't blame like any of you for the fact that I'm getting like one ta two comments. It's my own fault that I don't go to your sites anymore. I'll visit more when I have time. Ummm, okay, now on to the news.

Okay, remember that guy, John, I was tellin' you about? The pastor guy that knows about and acknowledges anime? Okay, well, our congergation voted, and he is now our new pastor! ^_^ He has two sons. Both are in their teens. I am ~praying~ that they are cute! It will be so nice to have a guy who attends regularly and is within half my age, ya know, besides my brother.

Next, ..... what was it again, oh yeah, according to Anne, I'm black. Her sense of .... sense is weird. *shurgs* Oh, I gotta go, bye!

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Buisy, Buisy, Buisy.
wednesday- did drama at Harlan school, got lots of compliments

thursday- went to E-chan's then Von Vorihes, early out, finished the last book out by Tamora Pierce, parent-teacher confernces, got banned from books, need to get all my work cought up 'fore Wednesday so I can go do drama again, Momo got me ~9~ new books and expect me not to read! how mean.

friday- slept 'til noon, did homework, snuck some reading in, took a bath, watched Fried Green Tomatoes (love that movie)

saturday- got up at 7, slept another two hours, read/did homework, did more homework, ate, homework, got frustrated and gave up, now I'm taking a break and I'm gonna read more of one of my new books Little Women. Bye!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   The right one is finally level with the left!
Ha ha ha, don' cha jus' love life? Spring is here and I can't help but sing out with joy! ^_^ Ya know, muh mamma said that my bro and I were her pride and joy and said that Caleb should be named Pride cuz I would be Joy. If I changed my name to Joy, what would you do?

I had an interesting day today. But first to tell you how the subject fits into my life. ^_~ *simi-evil laugh* Okay, I was telling Emma: When I get cramps, they've always been in my calfs. And almost always at night when I'm sleeping. My leg shoots up at a ninty degree angle and I wake up shouting, message my leg, and push it back (down Bessy) and then I'm nocked out like nothing happened. I can barely remember anything, but I do know that much happens. Anyways Friday or Saturday night I did the same thing only it was my right boob. It felt like someone just smashed it with bricks at a forse that a woman's chest should not be hit. I woke up screaming and shouting "MY BOOB!! ~MY BOOOOOOB!~ then nocked right out. But I think it must've been a growing pain cuz my right boob was always just a little bit smaller than it's neighbor, but now they are even! ^_^

Okay, about today..... I can't remember. I'm gonna go read now, bye! ^_^ Have a great day everyone!

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

HI! ^_^
Nothing much more to say... 'Sept I love my life! And all my friends! I love life! ^_^

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Right now, we are searching for a new paster
becuase our old one moved last summer...Hey! It's been about a year. Anyway, the guy we think we're (we being the search commitie) gonna hier is this guy from Richmond, Virgina and he knows about anime!!! Momo says I'm gonna. I believe her. I'm gonna go read now, see ya! ^_^

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