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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   Hi guys! ^_^
I'm on later than usual, so you will visit me. Don't feel guilty, I don't visit you either. I'm just stoping by ta tell you that I'm going to math bee this year and I can't wait! ^_^ I'm going with Emma, Daniel, Elaina-sama, and a about 20 other kids (gosh, I wish they weren't coming too). It'll be loads of fun and E-chan's bringing her camara. I want to bring mine too, but it's at Momo's office and we're probably not gonna have time to go get it. *sigh* Though, if I hurry in tomorrow morning, then we might. *gets happy again* Well, I gotta go get a good night's rest, but don't forget to visit me after 5(PM) central time, k? Good. Well see ya! ^_^ Tolly-ho, jolly ol' chaps.

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