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Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm sorry, but due to my lack of effort on summer reading/homework, my own personal writing, instruments and ffx video game (you can ignore this one!!!) I'll be on hiatus for the next 2 WEEKS!!!!

Very sorry about this. If it's desperatly important (I will still be about commenting when I feel the need too^^) You can reach me on messanger, and further more, I check my e-mail daily.

icons of the day

Next Layout will be HIDE..becaus HIDE is LOVE^^

**shoots zombie puppy in head w/ Alucards gun**
He's already dead, right?

**Ken-Ken is coughed up**

And that solves one problem...but what about my life....how to solve that...

Currently watching: Blood+ (thanks Inaru^^), Trinity Blood (thanks Vicky), Hellsing Ultimate (thank you violent vampire violence^^)

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update: 19, August
Mood: Bored
Music: Howard Shore - ROTK Soundtrack

Next Targets:
Overload of Anime & Masters Banner

I've finished one of meh summer reading books. But...I only have a week and a half to finish the other 2...I'm starting to freak out^^ Fun, huh? **sigh** I'll work on it all later today...Later...Today...

I need better time skills. I do what I want, when I want. Pretty bad policy, since I never want to do homework.

My Otaku Master
Vicky made a banner and I wanted to put it up. I'll be posting it in my prof, but here it is

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I've been so tired lately. After that day w/ 17+ hours of sleep, I just want to laze about the house and my nest of a bed. I need to rebel against this, and all the anime I've been watching...too much, so many hours!

icons of the day

!!!Ken-Ken is Gone!!!
**nervously looks from zombie to zombie** Which one of you ate him...

**dread silence**

PUPPY!!!! **whimper**

Oh, so cute^^ YOU ATE MEH FRIEND!!! Damnit...can't hurt you...**thinks of other meathods to retrieve Ken-Ken**


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Friday, August 18, 2006

Update: 18, August
Mood: sick of the insessant screaming!!! It's only 9A.M!!!
Music: Just downloaded teh FFX soundtrack

Next Targets:
Con Pictures & Zombie Doughnuts

God, I slept forever! I fell asleep in front of my computer yesterday while watching Nightwalker and reading downloaded Trinity Blood ( thanks for the sugestion Vicky **hugs**)

It was only 4 P.M! Four in the Afternoon! I fell asleep until around 9, when I was woken up for dinner. I refused to get up and just kept on sleeping until 9 A.M(!!) There's a shocker, since I've never done that before. Oh well, I'll just be more awake for anime club today!

Convention Pictures
Oi, I have club today, and I just remembered someone had sent me some pics from the last con! I might have one of me (but then again, I'm camra shy, so there might not be) Anyone interested e-mail or message me. PM's work too...but as a last resort. ^^

Anime Club
Today is the leader (I guess you could say) Jen's last day. She just got a job in Washington state. We're in Ohio right now, so a Friday commute for anime club would NOT be an option. I'm rather sad that she's leaving, since she was one of the only adults who'd put up w/ 35 highschoolers freaking out, doing everything from visual fanfictions to "fighting" over ff characters.

**sniff** I'm gonna miss her....

Here's a pic of Con Jen

Heh...she bought a Kon doll at the last Con and wouldn't let anyone touch it...I wanted to hug it so bad!

icons of the day

**sits quietly on my nest of manga reading Hana-Kimi w/ KenKen**
**zombie slaves pile doughnuts for the anime club up in a dark corner of the room**

All seems to be going according to plan...heh...

**zombie puppy jumps up and starts chewing on manga**

Bleck! But so cute^^

**puppy eats Ken-Ken**
**the schock sets in**
Nikki: Yes, cramming text books is a BAD thing...espessely when it's into meh head. And writers block just makes it more miserable^^
Lucifers Wife: **kills all of her summer reading** Made ME feel a bit better. Yup, there really is no real point to it. The homework's worse though!
Talim: Yes, socializing is the only reason I even bother w/ school!
Kitty: Yes, I've been listening to TMV lately. For a long time acctualy
(Blue)Kitty-san: I've used SPECTRUM NEXUS to read Fruit's Basket, Ashi Baby, Beck, RuRoKen and so much more...but never Death Note. Did you hear about the Deathnote film coimging out? **and yes, zombies are brillant^^**
Hinaru:Creative Writing's not hard! It makes meh world go round^^
Vicky: I do the same thing. I'll go to someones site, read their post and just forget to comment! Don't know why, but it happens. Yes, the same thing happened to me for the Hon. English class. By the end of all Highschool, I'll have 13 english credits to my name^^ I am the overlord of English (as well as Algebra...but in a differant way, eh?)
To Everyone: Thanks for convincing me my site doesn't look like total crap! I appriceate it! **gives everyone a doughnut**

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Update: 17, August
Mood: Tired, really for once
Music: Mars Volta - Cicitaz

Next Targets:
Zombie Slaves & teh Secret Life of Bees

I'm really sorry for the sloppy layout that's up right now. the only reason it's even up is a reminder from Vicky (or Magna Carta that is) and the fact that, while browsing, I found this pic. Really liked this pic^^ Hope you do too, cos it's the only redeaming quality about my site right now.

I promise I'll change the entierty of the site in a week or so. I just don't have the time right now. Meh summer homework's still pileing up and I don't know what I'm gonna do when it comes time to face my Creative Writing Teacher and say something like "I'm sorry, even though I had three months of free time, I only got out ten pages or so of real writing (this does not include stupidity or fanfictions) and I still have writers block" From student to Teacher, I'd be disowned!!!!

Creative Writing (and fantasy lit) are the only redeaming qualities about school. Taht and socialising w/ friends. God....it's all coming back...SHIT!!!

Well, I'm off to read some of that crappy summer reading. Maybe while I'm so tired I can't think streight it'll be easier to get through, eh? I will finish it by tomorrow night even if it sucks out my soul and leaves me a souless husk of dry, emotionless (yet raging at the damn book) flesh...

Good night! Sorry I only got through half my friends list because of my layout. I'll get back to everyone I missed later today.

And I make all of that an Unbreakable Oath. May my own ZOMBIES devour me if I fail. Count on it!

icons of the day

Kenken, Zombie Slaves & I all wave farewell.

**pokes zombie dog**
**hand is chewn off**

Awww...cute puppie^^ (you can't stay mad at puppies! They don't know any better. Even Zombie puppies)

**sleep depravation really gettin to me...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fer the people in meh school. Sry for not really updating today. I think I'll take the easy way out and just visit everyone else! ^^

1-1 S.H, Vrooman
2-2 Hon. English 10, Hannan
3-3 Algebra 1, McQuain (yes, this is meh 3rd year in a row! I'm math stupid OKAY!!!)
4-6 Chorus, Foulkes (lunch falls in this catagory too)
7-8 Chem In Comm., Kearns
9-10 Acc. U.S Hist, Brickley (damnit!!!)
11-11 Latin II, staff (hell if I know what that means!!!)

Well, I have US w/ Kitty and English w/ Haa-san, Chorus w/ Aya....not even the freshmen are in Algebra unless they're stupid, so this should be fun, eh? Well, I still havn't acctualy heard from Aya or anyone else. Internet told all.

The rest of my day is devoted to Hana-Kimi and Gackt-sama videos on youtube.com.

Thank You **takes a bow** call me if you have any disputes. If you don't know my number (and you'd wish too, for those of you I KNOW, P.M me, or take an easier road by e-mailing me at milesian_sun@hotmail.com.

I'll be on MSN messanger from about 9-12 if anyone else wishes to get ahold of me! (Vicky, Imi, etc)

Again, thanks. Sry abou the lazy post^^ That's me, lazy.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update: 15, August [12:07 A.M]
Mood: Tired
Music: Hyde - Prayer

Next Targets:
My Laptop & a Peanut Butter Sandwitch^^

**sigh** My computer's fixed, but there's this huge gash donw the centre where before I sent it out to get fixed was a wee little crack. It's oozing green slime!!! **sigh** just please don't get that much bigger....What would I do?


At least it's fixed, I guess.

Tomorrow's dedicated to writing and a bit of my summer reading. I'll not be on a faire bit. Oh well, I have most of my life to wasted on this technological thing.

A couple miniutes ago, I realized I'd forgotten food again today^^ I gots a Peanut Butter Sandwitch then, and my stomach felt a bit better. I forget to eat and gorge on liquid. Seems to work fine for me, no?

icons of the day

Ken-Ken's sleeping by now....zzzzz...

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Update:14, August
Mood: Worried
Music: Deep Breathing - A thousand gold Bells

Next Targets:
School Schudle & 5 Trained Birds

I have to get my school schudle tomorrow. **sigh** I'm not so worried about school starting, I just really don't want to mess up like I did the last 2 years in arow. If I don't start shaping up, I don't know what will happen...XO

I'm really busy next year too:
-hammered dulcimer (3 times a week)
-fantasy lit extra class (includes reading every day) once a week
-creative writing extra class (includes writing every day) every day
-key club, anime club, GSA (clubs^^)
-fencing (once a wek)
-volunteering @ the animal shelter (on saturdays)
-study :P, writing, reading
-internet, tv shows, anime

Really, hell!

But...I FINALLY got to the Medieval Faire yesterday. I gots my moms friend (the)Time to come w/ us. I wented w/ Haa-san^^

She was my date^^ (sorry, had to fine a chance to say it dear friend >_<)

It really was a lot of fun - as always. I really liked the trained birds they had. (an orange eyed own, black hawlk, periguin falcon & 2 more falcons named Zolo & Horus). I had a good time.

Wow...I'm so behind on my summer readin/homework. Damnit!

Hey, to Mikokagome04, Angel of Pig & Shippou123, when you get your schoudles tomorrow, please post um or mail me! Otherwise you'll get annoying calls late at night^^ You really will!

icon of the day

Kohai's entering my school. Welcome!!!

Maggie, Chiyo, Olivia, Tara, Steph

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Update: 11, August
Mood: undefined
Music: nothing...but I can hear Aya & Sakura aruguing

Next Targets:
Onigiri & A New Firebirds Book

Cast:Chiyo, Me, Aya, Sakura & Ken-Ken teh finger puppet

I sort of am looking forward too school starting, but as long as it's not upon me yet, I'll live.

Aniem Club today...not much more to say. I think I'll be going to the Nautotaruem later today to swim w/ Aya and Chiyo.^^ I hope Steina-chan gets back from Texas soon!!!


icon of the day

Who cares if bowie is gay^^ I love him anyway^^

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Update: August, 9
Mood: Out-of-it
Music: David Bowie - Survive

Next Targets:A Sleepless Night & New Theme^^

Well, nothing much is happening right now or in the corse of the day to come (which is nearly half over, I might add) I had a hell of a time trying to sleep last night. Finally went to bed @ nearly 5 A.M...I slept till 1:30, but I'm still really out of it.

Adding to the sleep deprevation, i realize truly how far behind I am on my summer reading!!! I caught some of my classmates going over the entierty of the reading list together yesterday. I'M STILL ON MY FIRST BOOK AND SCHOOL STARTS IN THREE WEEKS!!!!

Oh well...what can I do now but read.

I did switch my sites theme today. In my completely not there state of mind It was a good thing to do. I'm a weiss kreuz fan, and am watchig through the series right now so I thought I'd put something up from it^^ Hope you like and can figure it out! (I just left the old navi up and put a bunch of my favorite sites up top)

I shall now visit sites and then go to hammered dulcimer lessons!


Ken-Ken was found today in the mess of my room...He's being neglected :P

icon of the day

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Update, 5 August
Mood: undefined, missing yesterday
Music: David Bowie - The Dreamers

Next Targets:Kabuto's Brownies & the Naruto Game

You can ignore this parts, it's all note-to-self garbage anyway:
Nothing much at all is happeneing today. The heat wave seems to be fading a bit (only in the upper 80's now, and I can handle that!) So it's a bit more bearable. I'll be spending the day first:Updateing/Visiting on MyO, watching Kyou Kara Maou & printing out my Humane Society Volenteer application then:rockin out w/ more David Bowie^^ later: I'll have to go and finish up my Summer reading, book one and start on my last bit of writing for Ms. Snyder.


Me **of corse**, Aya, Joe, Ban-chan, Jen, Nat, Jessie, Christena (somehow), Nat's friend, Random Person, my finger puppet Ken-Ken (as always^^)

While I was in close proximiity to a computer yesterday, durring those 3 hours I was at Anime Club...so updating really wasn't an option O.o

We had the smallest turnout EVER at club yesterday. Only 8 people! **gasp** Most were at Band Camp (yawn), Vacation or just didn't want to tempt the heat and leave their AC preservation.

We were watching Bleach, but at the same time really wern't! Joe made 2 pans of brownies for his birthday so we all got hyped up on sugar

(hey, ninjas like sugar according to Christenia's fan-fics)

I broke Joe's headband, Ban-chan went about throwing plastic knives at us all like a moron (and missing horribly), Jessie was trying to come up w/ a rap (???), Joe was trowing forks back at Ban-chan, Aya was scaring Jen w/ Kuroneko and trying to kill Ban-chan for stealing her seat. Random person just laughed at us the whole time...Nat tried (and failed) to maintain all this^^

Later: I went home w/ Aya. We at sushi and played her little sisters' Naruto game just to be stupid. We played the entier time on random characters. Through trial & error, I found that the only characters I can beat ANYONE w/ are Orochemaru, Naruto & Haku (I'm afraid of the first two^^)

Well, sorry for the really long post, I doubt it's worth reaidng anyway! But if you did, here's one of Kabuto's(Joe's cosplay char) brownies^^ Enjoy, they were mightly good!

Ken-Ken sends his love^^

icon of the day

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