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Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello, hello!! 2 posts in a week...as of late, that's a record, no? Well, I was plannign on getting to all of your sites this weekend, but w/ homecoming, projects and work I just never had the time. I'll do that right now^^

UGGG! I'm so busy this week! I don't think I'll even get on again until Friday even!!


Oh well, I'll still be on as much as I can....just don't expect a daily post!

And, as you all would love to know, It's finally been confirmed that I've gotten into the RFP (rabid fangirl posse). Thank the Gods!

**rather happy**

Until I can next, I shall be vaugly alive at work.

Fare thee well...

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

To anyone who doesn't know what Hammered Dulcimer is, this is an amazing self composed song. It's really REALLY unique.

Here is my Hero....I **heart** the 2005 National Champion^^ I'm his disiple...and he is my GOD!!

Oh, I just got invited to play at a wedding this Saturday...For $Cash$ Hehe...well, it's nice to know I'm wanted!

Oh, I hope my new Layout is workign properly. It's an older one that I had from far before...Ah, how long ago. But this is in honour of the new DEATHNOTE aniem...which is brillant by the way and i would highly reccomend. The animation is amazing and it's got such an interesting plot/characters. I **heart** L as well!!


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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ah, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been about the otaku, but lately just too busy w/ friends and w/ school and w/ reading to even attempt a post. I've been about commenting though, as much as I could bear.

Well, I'm back. Greetings, greetings all my online friends!! I'm so happy to be here! Right now I'm working on a Halloween Kingdom Hearts layout - a bit more advanced than the one up now - and it should be being put slowly up as the day goes on.

I suppose I should do something new and unexpected since I've not posted in a long while. I always enjoy when people post up Questions - lets me talk about myself^^ - so I will (for the first time ever) post some...


1. What is your favorite piece of Vampire fiction?

2. Who is your favorite JRocker? (jpop works if you're clueless)

3. Have you been to a convention before? Are you planning to this year? Which one(s)?

4. Shoujo Beat or Shonen Jump (just because I was asked this)

5. Current Political stance (republican, democrat, indipendant, non U.S)?

6. What are you being for halloween? **should be a no-brainer**

And there's my contribution to your daily life! Praise me for such a contrebution!!


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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Well, school's out for the weekend. I'm at the library watching Spaceballs w/ some friends right now. But, as for this weekend, I have no real plans, and yet am kind of busy at the same time.

Anime Club is meeting at 2 P.M tomorrow to watch all of FLCL.

On Saturday, I have a Dulciemr preformance playing Harvest Home and soem french canadian song I've been working on.

Inbetween all of that, I've finally gotten past Yunalesca in FF:X and am going to game to the extreme. And I've been staring a lot of shoujo-ai series. Any good series you know of?

Oh well, back to Spaceballs now O.o I love this movie!


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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Does anyone know a good scanlation site? I'm not really picky (I already read a couple series online, and more spacificly on Spectrum Nexus), but I'm looking for something new^^

And the second question: Has anyone read Juvenial Orion?? I just finished the 5th volume. I LOVE IT^^ It is so good, and the art is brillant!

Oi! I also got a KYO bracelet (from furuba)...I found it in Joe's room...don't think it was origionaly a KYO bracelet, but it looks simmilar enough, and he just let me keep it^^

I'm kind of busy w/ school, so I have to finish up this quick, and get to your sites **huggle**


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Thursday, October 5, 2006

NO time to post...here are 5 things I hate that have happened today

1. Automatic Flushing Toilets Holy shit! What is the point. Plus, they always go off before youre, well... done.

2. Beeping/Screaming/Whistling people in cars while I'm walking In the last five years, I've yet to walk in plain daylight and not have something of the sort happen...pisses me off.

3. Invasive Middleschoolers Often at the library middleschool people like to come up and ask questions, bard into conversations, etc. It annoys the HELL out of me ["do you like anime?" "final fantasy is STUPID, what are you watching that?" "is that a girl?" etc.]

4. Forgetting to Eat I have the tendancy to forget to eat, and then after about 18-24 hours, I start to get painfully hungry. It's my fault, but I hate it!!!

5. Super Deformed Chibi Chiyo's little sister, Sakura, likes an anime Pita Pita Pich. It's painfully chibi, and I can't even get through a volume because the characters are so deformed. Too bad she's making me watch the anime!!

and that's it for my rant. Just figured I'd try and post, even if it was late.

One thing though. I got invited to play Hammered Dulcimer again, but this time for an acctual preformance. I'm doing my French Canadian piece I've worked on lately with Brett as backup Guitar. It should be fun. I think I have another open mike in a couple weeks too...


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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sorry I havn't updated in a while. My internet's still out, but more-so I've just been rather busy with convention stuff and writing.

I really will try to get to everyone **huggles** I've missed yoru company^^ It has been much to long!! I've been busy with friends too. And games have consumed me^^

Fun Conversation durring Free period:

Chiyo: **after drawling a picture of me as a guy** "Yeah! Kelly's a boy!! Yeah!! My dream has come true!!"
Aya: "You stole my dream!"
Chiyo: "No it's MY dream!!"

**they fight for a bit**

Me: **flops over**

Meghan: "What the hell are you fighting about?"
Chiyo: "Kelly should be a guy! Yeah!!"
Aya: "Again: my dream..."
Meghan: "So you want her to get a sex change?"

Me: **rolls about table**

Aya: "Not nessesiarily. It'd be fine if she was born a guy."
Chiyo: "Yeah!!"
Random underclassman: "What are you talking about?!"
Meghan: "They want her to get a sex change."

I kind of tuned this out after...but it was...interesting, eh?

After a while, though, it got kind of out of hand. Christenia decided I'm a player. One of my man-whores **ignore this** agreed...As I said once before: Interesting


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Sunday, October 1, 2006

NOTHING! Nothing has happened in the last few days since I updated.

Game day was amusing, though I would say that there were too many people who I've never seen before. Next time (I think in November) when we have one, I'm not going to advertize. Word of mouth seems to work best^^ (I did place in the Halo tournament w/ Joe...he gets all worked up playing games and I just swear so it was loud O.O)

I did go over to Joe's hose afterwards to watch the Sci Fi channel (made everyone watch Dr.Who^^) and Avatar. We did, as said before, play D & D, but 1/2 the people couldn't make it so it was pretty much pointless.

I got to play BATTLE TOADS, an old NES game, at Joe's house. I kicked those Piggy's asses!

Ah, and yes last night we had a gas leak in my house. My weak lungs got all messed up and we had to stand outside in the rain for an hour while the fire department fixed it. I held the kitten, trying to shield it from the wetness....he hurt me dispite my effort!


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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

School was absolute BLAH! I did nothing. Tests and Papers today. Good thing is I had 2 lunches because of some screw-up with the chior stuff. It was nice since I had luch w/ a LOT of people. **got a comment on that from some randome upperclassman^^ which I found funny since I've gotten comments that quite oppose that on occasion**

I have so much due tomorrow, and it's starting to stress me out, but it's good to take a break for 1/2 an hour and get on the otaku. I miss being on more **hugs all of my otaku friends**

After class, I went over a friends house til 5 and made our making Katamari Cookies/Cousins for the Game Day this saturday. [we're bringing in four tv's and some perjection screens to have a video game related day for Anime Club. SOUL CALIBER 2 TOURNAMENT^^] So I mades food. It should be fun. But it was a pain in the neck for me to set up. Same of Ohayocon and our Horror Anime Fest next month. But, again, fun.

After that, on Friday, I'm getting together w/ some friends to start up a D&D game. HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT HAA-SAN!! We'd really like to have it. Sensei can't make it until second quarter, so we need more players!!

Mood: **hope you like the mood icons, I'll use these cos they're cute^^

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Next Patients:
Hanatarou, Freshmen & Vicky's Cosplay

Here's a really simple layout. I found all of the componants pre-made on the internet, but couldn't find anyone to credit for them.

I ¢¾ Hanatarou Yamada.

He's meh next cosplay, and since I don't really have the time to create a decent layout, I though I would just throw something (I found) together.

I'm going to try and be on more, but I can't promise anything.

I've been rather sickly lately. Just got over something, and recently caught another cold...**sigh** how can this be? You'd think my immune system would have gotten better by now...but now...

**squee** the Freshmen are finally out of "freshmen focus" (a semanar type thing that was teaching them about the golries of our highscohol). So they get to come late - like everyone else - tomorrow^^ It should be fun. I'm certian we'll be yelled at by the school librarians a couple times...

And Vicky-dono: I loved your cosplay of Rukia^^ It was well done, as always.

Does anyone WoW (if you don't know what I'm talking about, then I dout you do^^)


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