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Friday, May 4, 2007

Variations of Living: 4 May, 2007

Current Mood: BLAH

Current Music:
Regina Spektor - US

It's frustrating when people take out their problems on you..when clearly it's nothing to do with you! I might not be being clear:

but if you dont' understand what I mean, any further explanation wouldn't really help.

I finally got my DeviantArt account name: Ket-chi (a group of friends pet name for me O.O ) Michiyo, and Dragon-of-the-Wicked came along for the ride w/ me. Aren't they great? They're both so much better than me TT_TT But it was so nice of them!

I quit my job. Nuff said there. I hate working, and so I'm not! Hah!

Love you all! I'll be about tomorrow and Monday too. Sorry for the week-long absence. I tried to visit much I could, but really only made a round one measley time **sniff**


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Giant Ass: 27 April, 2007

Current Mood: PISSED

Current Music: Apocolyptica - Bittersweet

Friends new boyfriend...really pissing me off.
He's cute...which is why he's getting away with everything. But really, he's a CREEP!!

When he was on the phone, and I was there talking to a friend loudly, he was told me to stop and gave me a nudge....in the breast!!!! And just held his hand there, over my chest while my friend was standing right next to him.

He's stroked Ash's side while she was standing right next to her girlfriend, and keeps hugging and stroking and staring everyone! But most of the guys and parents don't see it, because he's "good looking" and "nice". Fuck Him!

Plus he has just a general creepy demeaner. I don't like him...But I can't do anything.

TT_TT I'm not very happy about it TT_TT

Well, me and my boyfriend finally kissed. In a misty sort of rain as I was getting a ride from his house. It was rather nice. Made things a bit better. But I'm still uncomfortble... TT_TT

<333 LOVE!!!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

iRack: April 23, 2007

Current Mood: HAPPY

Current Music: David Bowie - Space Oddity

Miss you all^^ I don't get to spend enough time on the otaku lately, but hey...I still try to get here as much as I can.

Glad you're finally back Inaru-kun! I missed you, though you got off....Reno the Turk and Bells are no longer on the otaku since this month, and I'm missing them so much...TToTT I wish you wouldn't leave without telling me.

I just ate 1/2 a pie, a bag-o-chips and dr.pepper w/ the boyfriend. Now I'm full and feel very FAT! It's great >.<

Enjoy this, I just kept talking about it at school >.<

Enojy! I did!


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day of Silence: 18 April, 2007


Current Music: Delerium - Lost and Found

I was wondering if any of you have participated in a Day of Silence? It's a national youth protest where people choose not to speak to represent how gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth are forced to stay silent, etc.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pass it on!

It was a great event, but very hard. Chorus had a particular challange too it O___o

I watched Labrynth last night. I'm in a very Bowie mood now>.<

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Late Post: 17 April, 2007

Current Mood: SLEEPY

Current Music: Regina Spektor - On the Radio

Late Post, but I figured I should get a few in this week.

Holy hell! I miss Joe so much, it's crazy! He's in Quebec on a French Trip this week, and I can't wait until he gets back. It's kind of crazy how much I want him to come back **whimpers**

I miss my boyfriend TT_TT

I took this for you Haa-san! Here goes nothing. Everyone who can: please take this

¢¾¢¾¢¾ >.<

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Speed of Sound: 15 April, 2007

Current Mood: THOUGHTFUL

Current Music: Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

I'm drowning in myself....
....life goes too fast, but really this allusion is what edges it on.

Please stop a moment and think: where are you going? Why are you going there? What are you accomplishing with your life? What can you do to make the world better? I want to know!

For me, please...and then you can drown in this sick solace as well. Break the illusion of our fast paced existance!

Lots of <3 to my friends


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deathly Hollows: 12 April, 2007

Current Mood: RESTLESS

Current Music: A Perfect Circle - Annihilation

Book Seven's out on July 21st!!!! I can not wait! I've already got my book reserved at number 34, with five or so friends up there with me in the line. T'is great >.<

I've been reading so much shonen-ai lately. I can't get enough TT_TT I've got a problem TT_TT
At least I'm not into Shota Hentai like some people I know **shifty eyes**

[1].Whose your favorite HP Character?
[2]. Favorite HP Book?
[3]. Favorite HP Movie?

**love** <3

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life's Little Updates: 7 April, 2007

I love to find fun things out about my friends^^ Apparently, more than 1/2 of our Anime Club - and the majourity of my closer friends - are eaither bi or gay. Makes me kind of laugh.

It's easter weekend! Happy Chocolate day to you all^^ Not my favorite holiday. I don't eat chocolate...or most sweets really What are y'alls plans for the weekend?

Homework:History Chapter/Vocabulary Notes, Tale of Two Cities Character Analasis Essay, Latin Translation piece, Algebra paper, Firebrand 300+ pages to read, exopsition section Creative Writing Class.

Not really a TON of things to do, but what I do have to get done will take a hell of a lot of time which I don't have. And I have to work from 6-10 tonight TT_TT And that Damn holiday tomorow TT_TT


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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Alone: 3 April, 2007

I'm getting a Deviant Art account. Not the greatest artist around, but seriously: some of the people on there make me look Greaaaat!! Anyone else have a username? I'd love to have friend there.

I do feel kind of unloved about the otaku. Because of my absence over a certian period, and the fact that a lot of my old friends don't even know me because of my name change, really puts me at a disadvantage T_T I really want to try and stay on the otaku, but if it doesn't work out: I might move to another host.

Love you all though! And thanks to those of you who acctually comment. It's not a lot of ya' lately! Kudos to my real otaku friends.


What's your favorite Pokemon?


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Monday, April 2, 2007

I'm Prosin' It!: 2 April, 2007

Disclaimer [Sorry to those of you missed on my friends-run yesterday. I was stopped in the middle to leave early for work.] I'll make it up to everyone by giving special comments and hugs <3 <3 to my great friends <3 <3

I didn't sleep at all last night (well, 2-3 hours) because I was finishing a prose for the piece I'm currently working on. There was some good in that, but I'm still behind on the section of a friends comic I was supposted to write/conceptualize (I finished it all in my head, paper's the trouble).

I love getting backed up <3 And you think I could have caught up over break, but no! I start the last night!

Procrastination is merely a form of Doubt...
...and I'm worried to hel about this piece T_T

I might have to do that all week - no sleep.
I have prose nearly as much as I hate generalized exposition writing. But hel: if you don't finish it sometime, it never comes about. Character sheets are also a hoot. Gotta love um.

that will never happen

Prose's due Thursday and the comic conceptualization is already due. I have some poetry I need to go over before submitting and there's the Writers Workshop I'm involved in starting latter April to May. T_T It's all so great but too much for my excess laziness to handle.

I should just write poetry...takes less time


[1]. What's the longest period you've written for?
•Writing for Pleasure
•Writing for, well, Grade

[2].Do you have a Deviantart account?
•for art or lit?

[3]. What are you majoring in/planning on majoring in?

at this point, hell if it's not true, but I'm always lazy so **shrugs**


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