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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm Akward: 31 March, 2007

I've heard that to create a mythical creature, all you have to do is add wings. I mean, it's true for nearly everything...just think about it for a minute:

+ wings to a Horse = Pegasus!
+ wings to a Lion = Gryphon!
+ wings to a Lizard = Dragon!
+ wings to a Hawk = Double Hawk

"I'm Akward!"

This is just another great piece of knowlage I've learned from Fantasy lit ^_^

Go watch Demetri Martin and other stand-up comics O.o They're great!

And relating to this, while at the Museum I realized another thing. For real animals, the way to create ultra creatures is go add Great in front of the title. Greater Praire Chicken, or Greater Prehistoric Beaver. Strange stuff, eh?


[1]. What's your favorite mythical creature?

[2]. What's your favorite Fantasy Novel?
what makes it differant from all the others?

[3]. Whose your favorite stand-up comic?

**love to you all**

[EDIT]Because of Work and being ripped from the computer, I will not be able to get to all my great otaku friends today. I'll be by tomorrow, reguardless![/EDIT]

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Great Return: 29 March, 2007

Disclaimer: My hiatus is getting pretty ridiculous (and I know it^^) so, instead of trying to get a new layout together before I return, you will all have do deal with the infinite annoyance **I'm certain you all agree with my annoyance of a barren site** of what this blog currently looks like now T_T }

Spring Break this week!!! A great time for attempting to get back into the swing of things at the otaku.

I've been doing very little this week except errands and watching movies:

1). Thank you for Smoking
2). Dark Crystal
3). Bride and Prejudice
4). The Last Mimsey
5). Little Miss Sunshine

These are all fantastic movies! Go and watch 'um!


1. What's the last movie you saw?
is it worth seeing?

2. What's your favorite movie?
how long ago did you first see it?
why is it still your favorite?

3. When's your spring break and what are you doing over it?

Thanks for your time! I'll be about the otaku making a comeback today! Missed you all!


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Sunday, March 4, 2007


**sigh** I've been so dead lately. I'm sorry! So sorry! I'll get some of my icons up later this week.

I finally found out the dates for my trip to the UK. I'll be there from June 20th to July 9th. **woot** I won't miss Colossalcon 6 (June 15th to 17th) or Harry Potter Night (July 21st) or the Fifth Movie Midnight Showing (July 13th) as well as Great Lakes Medieval Faire Celtic Weekend(July 22nd to 23rd). That's really amazing since I assumed the 22 days would fall atop at least one.

The only thing I'm really missing is a folk concert I've been hoping to see, but that is made up for with teh Ohio Dulcimer Festival (May 18th to 20th) & Grada's US Tour (in May). As well as (possibly) Mana's Moi dix Mois tour later in fall.

Concerts = Teada(March 13th), Atwater-Donnelly (March 31st), Back of teh Moon (May 18th), Apollo's Fire: Scarborough Fayre/Cleveland Baroque Orchestra (June 5th to 6th).

Oh Happy!! I just realized the Twinsburg Dulcimer Festival is (September 7th to 9th)! My Birthday is on the 8th! ^_^

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

What Military Character Are You?

Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Check them Lunasa out (espesselly Haa-san) They're quite good^^ Clickable Linkage


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Year of the Fire Pig!!

I've personally been having a bang-up week **bang bang** Not really my fault these thigns have been happening (for once). It's just been a buch of unfortunatly timed events. Nothing I can do. Oh well.

I did get my icon skins transfered to a computer with photoshop, so I can work on putting some of them up. I'll post a link from my site when I'm done. They're mostly Death Note, Kyou Kara Maou and Bleach (doujinshi) and Trinity Blood and XXXHolic (manga) along with some odd-man-out art pieces.

I'll be gettign to all you all's blogs this day inbetween icon making, so: BEWARE :K


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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

School's out and I'm pleased...

I feel so bad for not gettign to everyone. T_T I'm such a bad friend! I've just been so busy.

The only reason I'm free right now is HUDSON CITY SCHOOLS HAS HAD 2 COLD DAYS! Woot for subzero freezing temperatures! Makes my day!

I thought, since I've not really gotten about the otaku, I'd take the easy way out **really seriously easy) and learn about you here **though I'm devoting the next hour to getting to meh friends sites...all of them that have updated and not been visited in the past month!

please please answer^^ I've been wanting to do this for some time**

1). What do you look like? Clothing style? Physically? **picture?**
2). What do you want to do with your life? Job?
3). What's your favorite anime? Manga?
4). What's your favorite book? Movie? TV?
5). Whose your bestfriend? They on otaku?
6). Are you dating? Do you want a bf/gf or not?
7). Favorite food? Least favorite?
8). Favorite music? Artist? Composer?
9). Do you have a Myspace? Livejournal?
10). What do you want out of life?

playing w. a dulcimer

Sorry if this was stupid, I just wanted to get to knwo my friends a bit better. Thought you might enjoy it too. If you didn't, don't hesitate to tell me so^^


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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm sorry I'm SOOOO SORRRY!!!!!

I've acctually been on hiatus for a while, but never really got around to telling anyone. I'M SOOOO SORRRRRRYYYYYY!!!

Shadow of the Colossus has continued to go well. If I had more time I'd probally be done by now...but I don't....and I'm not. I've only acctually sat down to play on four seperate occasions **all rather long occasions** I'm on number 11...out of 16 I believe.

In the area of school: midterms sucked majour ass, so does school right now **if not only my grades** It's all depressing, dispite...well...meh...

Again, I feel kind of bad that I didn't get around to all my good friends **and some not so good ones (like Haa-san)**

Enjoy the rst of your day *_* I dont' know if I will...too much work!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

**this is how I feel about my hiatus**

[1]. What's the longest period of tiem you've sat down and written for pleasure? What did you write? Why?

[2]. **atypical question** Can anyone reccomend some good music? I like (Coldplay, Nightwish, Incubus, Muse, Mars Volta, David Bowie, Enya, Death Cab for Cutie, U2, Frou Frou, AuqaLung, Malice Mizer, Within Temptation, Apocoliptic, etc.)? If you could, try some more out of main-stream bands, because I've heard many of them already...and might not have listed them Help!

And please, I've been a bit off lately, but I'm still online. Visit me at my myspace {Clickable Myspace Linkage} or e-mail me (milesian_sun@hotmail.com). If you know me well enough, I'd gladdly accept an AIM message (MilesianSun). I love to talk and am on at lest every other day!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sorry for being so inactive lately. Work and school and midterm exams coming up. Just a bit busy. I'll be off and on this week, but today it's my goal to get through to all of you great friends **espessely those of you who keep visiting even when I can rarely get around to your sites** sorry about this!!

Inbetween playing Shadow of the Colossus I've been studying and spending time w. friends. The usuall busy stuff.

Such a great game...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

[1]. What game are you currently playing? If not currently playing one, then what game did you play last?

[2]. Do you have a job? If not: how in hell do you get your money?

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm back from Ohayocon!!

If you were wondering why there was such a pronounced absence on my part (on this blog that is) it would be the soul sake of Ohayocon and Otaku maddness that was keeping me away **and my job and homework and laziness** But that's a give in ^_^

I had the best time at the convention ^_^ I ended up going early and being there for the majourity of the weekend. It was great! I wish I could have met up w. some friends from the otaku though **sigh** It's so sad **tear**

[1].Some of my favorite things at the convention was Anime Hell: which was absolutly amazing. So funny ^_^

[2].The Spoony Bards: Who played basicly anything from Anime/Gaming. It was love^^

[3].Bleach Pannel: explanatory. Bleach is love, thus was this pannel.

[4].The Neko Army: A friend and I joined a neko army after well, just dressing up as Neko's. It was amazing. We're planning on recuting more people...as most of us are goign to the same conventions. If you're interested, or in Ohio, then YOU SHOULD JOIN!!

BUYS:Blood: The Last Vampire movie, a Death Note, some pins, gryphon shirt, a poster for Shadow of teh Colossus, Two sets of ears (one a hat, one a headband w. pierchings), BLEACH stickers, more and more and more.

Well, my ride just got here, and I'm being forced to leave to go eat Mexican **teehee**

I'm certian that was pretty damn boring for you all, but to add to the pointless bordom, etc etc, there's a video below from a random battle in the hallway at Ohayocon. I dont' know if you can see me, but I was there...watching. It was funny.

Oh, and I wanted to know if anyone's goign to any Ohio this year. I'll be at many, includign Colossacon, and Anime Punch as well as some more, but I forget the names.



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Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Nearly the year of the Boar, if I'm thinking correctly....which I'm probally not. We're in the last breath of year of the dog **tear** No more Shigure-san...**weeps**

I mentioned I was having a Holiday/X-mas party...it went well. We played full contact air hocky, watched cheesy movies and all around stuffed ourselves w. junk food. Same thing happened at the New Years Eve party I went too...w. the exception of cheesy movies being replaced by guitar hero & music vids.

School's already started **tear again** I can't believe it! **shock**


Plus + Ohayocon 7 is this weekend! I'm cosplay is onlyu partialy done **goddamn**

I also need to know...this is more a question to the lady cosplayers: I'm pretty thin, but I have a decent sized chest. Any sugestions on how to well...pull off a guy w. this problem?

And here's a quiz only Haa-san will get **teehee**

My personality is:
{1}.Jon Snow
{2}.Ned Stark
{3}.Arya Stark

{Clickable Linkage to Quiz}

Jon's my favorite, Arya then and after that Bran, so I have no quems w. the results ^_^ Their characters are brillant, plus they all have wolves **teehee**



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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's been so long!! I can't believe it's been over a week since I've updated. I've wandered about the otaku every once and a while since then, but still....it's depressing I havn't updated in such a LONG time.

Forgive my, otaku friends.

I've done a handful of things lately: laser tag, friends, ice scating, history museams, friends houses, zombie fighting, so many comics^^

I made my first AMV's this break. One of Hellsing w. Mars Volta - The Window and one of Cloud Strife w. Muse - Thoughts of a Dying Athiest.

I finally got all my cosplay supplies for Haku...it shoud take so-so long.

Well, off to visit my dear friends sites. Ginger cookies for all!

And I have a holiday party to host later.



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