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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello everyone! Happy Day After Christmas! XD How have y'all been? I've been great, I got all the gifts that I've wanted. I GOT CHOCOLATE, the Ferero Rocher kind. :]<3 YUM. Hahaha. IF you want to see what else I got, check out my site.

Anyways, TODAY IS SAYOKO'S BIRTHDAY! *throws confetteii as a random band starts playing happy birhtday* XD Yay I wish I could get her something. T-T But I can't. It sucks. =( We should throw a party for her! YAY *invites everyone* :]

Aha, we've been through crayz times also. We make up words after hitting the keyboard! Like this:

ckrnwqla - corn kan run north while quails lay apples

xDDDDD Don't ask how I thought of that, it was pretty stupid. XD

Well anyways, Happy birthday Sis! Lurvs ya. *hugs*

OH yeah, Sayoko, I was wondering if you remember this from a LOOOOONG time ago.


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