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ELLO PEEPS!!! My name is none of your business, but you can call me Nater. My bestest friends Tree(ignorance) and Day(Denial) are the greatest people in the world... maybe not but still I love them.
I'm bisexual(if you don't know what it means, I apologize). So enjoy my company and don't act like an ass. That's all I ask from you.

P.S. I can be very offensive and I may say things that will either make you uncomfortable or tickle you pink. Either grow up or get lost. Tickling me back may result in my immediate death.
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

  Bored? Who's bored? I'm bored. Very much so.

Me bored is a bad thing. I tend to get... what's the word I'm looking for?

There are a bunch of words actually.

Suicidal. Horny. Slightly sadistic. Maybe even something along the lines of.. insane?

Yep. So that's it. I guess. Can I ramble? More importantly, are you going to listen to me ramble?

I'll take that as a yes.

Carter. Carter. Cater being my red-headed boyfriend who recently came out and his parents have officially deemed me as the beginning of his end.

I love my Carter. Cute. Funny. Virgin. I like virgins. They're so fun to play with. Especially when they want to stay virgins.


I think I have too many favorites. Because I add random things to my favorites. Thus, I have too many favorites. I should delete some... Nah. I'll just... pretend they aren't there. Until I want to make a background for myself and then TADA. They'll be there for reference of something. I should ask for permission though. But I don't share my wallpapers [or anything else for that matter] so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I recently noticed [recently being this morning at 9 o' clock on the East Coast of my lame country]. But yeah, I noticed that the older I get, the more I hate Pokemon. Maybe it's because Ash is an annoying little fart, or possibly because there's no Misty. And Dawn's a twit. But the pokemon themself are really and always cute.

Wait. Is that supposed to be 'themselves'?

Screw it.

This shirt I'm wearing has a lot of holes. Like 7... no, 12. But some are really tiny. I would throw it away, but it's purple. I loveeeee purple.

And green.

And black.

And yellow.

And red. Only not the bright kind. Unless it's with black. Normally, I just like dark reds. And light ones. Would that classify as pink?

My favorite animal: Monkies.

Yes, I know it's m-o-n-k-e-y-s. But spelling sucks. And grammar. At least I spell out a majority of my words. Because of my half-working brain.

I should write something of meaning. Like, idk... A story? I never finish them though...

Ok. Now I'm gonna go do something that won't make me bored. Like... ugh, I have no clue. But I'll find something. Hopefully, it won't break.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   *hums theme from Teen Titans* [do not ask him why]
When was the last time I wrote about myself... I can't remember. But it's below this post, right?

Oh well. Let's catch up real quick.

I'm Nate. Fifteen. Goofy. I have quirks. I'm very spazzy. I like me friends. I like my enemies. I hate the stupid people that choose to be stupid because they were raised that way.

My dad's up north. My mom's down south. And currently, neither one is satisfied with me as I am. But it's their fault. I don't deal well with change and a divorce as well as a huge move just crushed me.

I have a BOYFRIEND. I something along the lines of "love" him. Even if he's my opposite.

Opposite being: against any kind of abortion, as well as gay marriage (i don't get that one either) and premarital sex. He likes Bush... and supporst the war. Oh, and get this, he hates anime.


I can't draw. I try. I fail. It's quite saddening.

I can, however, write pretty good. Or well. English is a stupid. language. I used to like writing sci-fi, but now I'm stuck in lameville writing *chokes* love stories. Gahhhh. Romance sucks...

I'm not too big on commitment. I blame Taylen. Who isn't important. And I have little patience most days. I tend to hate most people, but I'm really very civil when I want to be.

It all depends on my mood. And my meds. Which don't do shit. EEP! Bad word. Excuse me. I do that a lot...


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   I think it's called 'epitaph'
Strange... I'm a poet? Nooo...

This is crap. Or shit. Both? CRAPPY SHIT! LMFAO! Sorry...

Here's a crappy shitty poem to make it better! [And I am not depressed. It just came out that way.]

You don't know me
Lucky you
But I'll pretend for a second
That you really do

My name is Nathan
Yeah, I'm a dude
Crazy smile
Sensitive too

I am oddly profound,
selfishly hidden
Always on the rebound
Never forgiving

Challenging temptation
And tempting nothing...

Feelings mean nothing

Annihilating love,
Running from life

Why risk living?

I'm gone forever,
But remember
I'm sending my vengeance
Through waves of joy...

Sunshine ruining my dreams
Those beautiful nightmares
Spiraling me into reality

Damn these memories
Someone made a monster of me
Turned my laughter to misery

Can't make contact...

...losing myself...


Lying in my own blood
On the bathroom floor
September 14th
Nathaniel Vincent is no more

Here he is
An example of human joy

Throughout his life
He prayed for death
Lost his soul.
Stole his breathe.

Someone took his sense...
Someone hurt him bad...
I think he still blames them;
His mom and dad

But the day has come
He may be missed
They'll feel his pain...
or think they did

They'll remember his smile...
But forget his name
And no one cares
So I'll take the blame

I HATE IT! Thanks for reading it... I, unfortunately, have more. But I dislike poetry immensely.

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