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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   I think it's called 'epitaph'
Strange... I'm a poet? Nooo...

This is crap. Or shit. Both? CRAPPY SHIT! LMFAO! Sorry...

Here's a crappy shitty poem to make it better! [And I am not depressed. It just came out that way.]

You don't know me
Lucky you
But I'll pretend for a second
That you really do

My name is Nathan
Yeah, I'm a dude
Crazy smile
Sensitive too

I am oddly profound,
selfishly hidden
Always on the rebound
Never forgiving

Challenging temptation
And tempting nothing...

Feelings mean nothing

Annihilating love,
Running from life

Why risk living?

I'm gone forever,
But remember
I'm sending my vengeance
Through waves of joy...

Sunshine ruining my dreams
Those beautiful nightmares
Spiraling me into reality

Damn these memories
Someone made a monster of me
Turned my laughter to misery

Can't make contact...

...losing myself...


Lying in my own blood
On the bathroom floor
September 14th
Nathaniel Vincent is no more

Here he is
An example of human joy

Throughout his life
He prayed for death
Lost his soul.
Stole his breathe.

Someone took his sense...
Someone hurt him bad...
I think he still blames them;
His mom and dad

But the day has come
He may be missed
They'll feel his pain...
or think they did

They'll remember his smile...
But forget his name
And no one cares
So I'll take the blame

I HATE IT! Thanks for reading it... I, unfortunately, have more. But I dislike poetry immensely.

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