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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   *hums theme from Teen Titans* [do not ask him why]
When was the last time I wrote about myself... I can't remember. But it's below this post, right?

Oh well. Let's catch up real quick.

I'm Nate. Fifteen. Goofy. I have quirks. I'm very spazzy. I like me friends. I like my enemies. I hate the stupid people that choose to be stupid because they were raised that way.

My dad's up north. My mom's down south. And currently, neither one is satisfied with me as I am. But it's their fault. I don't deal well with change and a divorce as well as a huge move just crushed me.

I have a BOYFRIEND. I something along the lines of "love" him. Even if he's my opposite.

Opposite being: against any kind of abortion, as well as gay marriage (i don't get that one either) and premarital sex. He likes Bush... and supporst the war. Oh, and get this, he hates anime.


I can't draw. I try. I fail. It's quite saddening.

I can, however, write pretty good. Or well. English is a stupid. language. I used to like writing sci-fi, but now I'm stuck in lameville writing *chokes* love stories. Gahhhh. Romance sucks...

I'm not too big on commitment. I blame Taylen. Who isn't important. And I have little patience most days. I tend to hate most people, but I'm really very civil when I want to be.

It all depends on my mood. And my meds. Which don't do shit. EEP! Bad word. Excuse me. I do that a lot...


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