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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Angel Zakuro back again...^^; Just saying...um, if you're interested in MyO Idol, read the last post! ^__^ *hugs to all* It's really awesome and just for fun anyway. Anyhoo, yeah!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!

P.S.We still haven't gotten any "business" as yet here...so for now, we still are sticking with friends' updates, I guess!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

   MyO Idol
Heyo, posting late on here...oh well, maybe someone will check! It's Angel Zakuro, co-founder speaking...well, typing. *laugh* ^_^ Anyhoo, it's time for a friend's update!

Kirbysdouble, fellow counselor here, is holding the second round of the MyOtaku Idol!! Anyone can enter. ^_^ At the moment, he has 3 possible entrants...me, him, and someone else (not sure who). If you like to sing, please enter! All you need to do is record yourself singing one of your favorite songs (any are allowed! just stay away from cursing-filled ones), and then email him the file. The best program to use for that is probably Audacity if you don't have something already. ^^ So please, don't be shy! It's just for fun. Have a good time with it. ^_~ PM him for more info if you're interested.

Okies, I hope everyone's doing alright these days. *hugs* Have a good one! óż

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

hey, everyone! it's Wolfspeed... sorry i haven't updated in a while... i haven't had much to say...

A Friend's Update:
shadow lugia has made a chat box exclusively for MyO memebers... if you want one, go visit her site!

A Friend's Update (mine in actuality):
well, lately, i've been really out of it... can't seem to focus... to use fellow counselor DarkWolfDemon's words, I've been on "Auto Pilot"... and i got in a scary bad mood a few days ago that scared my friends...

just so you know, my Friend's Update is the kind you can also have... we want to know how you're feeling... that's all i have for today! remember, if anything happens, tell us! Have a great weekend!! (and until we post again!)

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Friend's Update
Hey, hey! ^_^ It's Angel Zakuro now! Wolfspeed reminded me of this "friend's update", and well, I thought of something!!

My dear friend JungWoo (aka Jungy) has been missing in action from the O for quite a while, but she has returned~! With a vengeance, mind you. ^_^ She's founder of The OLS (Otaku Literary Society), and I'm the vice president. If you enjoy writing, well check it out. *nods* She's gotten the site, along with the other branches all set up and ready to go! So again, writers that are interested should visit the site. ^^ Jungy is a sweetie so it's impossible not to befriend her. This was a Friend's Update!

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hey, everyone ^^ it's Wolfspeed, btw... so, thanx for the comments... though no one gave me anything for the A Friend's Update yet... so yeah... i found a video on a friends site that i had to put on here... it's Hold On by Good Charlotte... that's all i have for today... have a great week!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wolfspeed again
hey, guys, it's Sam again ^^ thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday...

well anyways... so, you may have noticed that IMEEM is being a butt and reducing almost all songs to 30 second previews... and that just can't be... so i'm switching our songs over to another music playlist place, ok ^^ and if you have any song suggestions, feel free to share, though be warned, we have only so many slots...

and onto more stuff... i think i will try to do a friend's update everytime i get one... what this will be is part of the post that tells about something someone is doing around here ^^ and today i have 2, shadow lugia's and my own ^^

A friend's update:
shadow lugia informed me that she will be starting somthing called words of wisdom, she will post an avitar after the days amv that says something on it, weather it be inspiring, truthful or funny....

A friend's update (really mine):
ok, this is not my only site, and neither is my wolfspeed account... if you go there, you will see buttons for here saying "My Advise Stand Up" (though it's not just mine) and another one saying "My Stories Beneath My Wings"... so, yes, i also have a site for my stories... but no one goes there... and it would make me very happy if some of you would visit Beneath My Wings... i posted info about the story i'll have up there, but no one's visited... so please do that for me if you get the chance... thank you very much...

and that's all i have for today ^^ pm me with more news and i'll put you in A Friend's Update ^^ i know it may sound stupid, but it'll be nice to let each other know what's going on... in fact, it doesn't have to be on MyO, if you have something important to say, PM it and it will make it into the next post i make, promise ^^ or if Kelsey (Angel Zakuro) posts and wants to put it in there, but i can't make promises for her...

so i think this is long enough for today, eh? ^^ have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend... infact, have a wonderful life until i post again and can wish you a wonderful life again ^^ *hugs everyone*

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

angel zakuro here!
Just felt like posting...to post. *laugh* Hey, it's Angel Zakuro! Co-founder!! ^_^ I also felt like saying...

Happy birthday, Wolfspeed!!!! Yup, our co-founder's b-day is today! ^^ *hugs her*

I thought I'd also bring up the fact that I know of many friends of mine that are in need of help! I know a lot of people on here that have been going through tough times...and have been emotionally unstable. Many have become suicidal or self-destructive. It's not good at all. Maybe, counselors and friends, I could tell you who they are and you could just check up on them with me? I doubt they'd want to actually come here for help...whether they know about it or not. ^^; They're probably too afraid or don't think anyone can help...*sigh* It's just sad seeing them suffer, and I try to give them encouragement and whatnot, but they don't seem to be getting any better! Anyhoo, at least pray for them. *nods* I won't mention their names specifically here, but if you're wondering who they are...feel free to PM me (angel zakuro).

Anyhoo...have a fantabulous weekend! *hugs to all*

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hey ^^ so nobody needs advise yet... well, thank you to those who have come here at least ^^ i guess, tell everyone you know about us because, without people who need help, we're just here and have no purpose... so yeah... ^^ have a great day!

-Sam (Wolfspeed, co-founder)

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Friday, June 1, 2007

hey, this is a test post... things aren't working they way they should be... hopefully i'll have it working soon enough...

seems i've got it now ^^ how do ya like it?

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