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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

   MyO Idol
Heyo, posting late on here...oh well, maybe someone will check! It's Angel Zakuro, co-founder speaking...well, typing. *laugh* ^_^ Anyhoo, it's time for a friend's update!

Kirbysdouble, fellow counselor here, is holding the second round of the MyOtaku Idol!! Anyone can enter. ^_^ At the moment, he has 3 possible entrants...me, him, and someone else (not sure who). If you like to sing, please enter! All you need to do is record yourself singing one of your favorite songs (any are allowed! just stay away from cursing-filled ones), and then email him the file. The best program to use for that is probably Audacity if you don't have something already. ^^ So please, don't be shy! It's just for fun. Have a good time with it. ^_~ PM him for more info if you're interested.

Okies, I hope everyone's doing alright these days. *hugs* Have a good one! óż

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