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Saturday, July 14, 2007

hey, everyone! it's Wolfspeed... sorry i haven't updated in a while... i haven't had much to say...

A Friend's Update:
shadow lugia has made a chat box exclusively for MyO memebers... if you want one, go visit her site!

A Friend's Update (mine in actuality):
well, lately, i've been really out of it... can't seem to focus... to use fellow counselor DarkWolfDemon's words, I've been on "Auto Pilot"... and i got in a scary bad mood a few days ago that scared my friends...

just so you know, my Friend's Update is the kind you can also have... we want to know how you're feeling... that's all i have for today! remember, if anything happens, tell us! Have a great weekend!! (and until we post again!)

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