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Saturday, June 16, 2007

angel zakuro here!
Just felt like posting...to post. *laugh* Hey, it's Angel Zakuro! Co-founder!! ^_^ I also felt like saying...

Happy birthday, Wolfspeed!!!! Yup, our co-founder's b-day is today! ^^ *hugs her*

I thought I'd also bring up the fact that I know of many friends of mine that are in need of help! I know a lot of people on here that have been going through tough times...and have been emotionally unstable. Many have become suicidal or self-destructive. It's not good at all. Maybe, counselors and friends, I could tell you who they are and you could just check up on them with me? I doubt they'd want to actually come here for help...whether they know about it or not. ^^; They're probably too afraid or don't think anyone can help...*sigh* It's just sad seeing them suffer, and I try to give them encouragement and whatnot, but they don't seem to be getting any better! Anyhoo, at least pray for them. *nods* I won't mention their names specifically here, but if you're wondering who they are...feel free to PM me (angel zakuro).

Anyhoo...have a fantabulous weekend! *hugs to all*

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