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Yop, guys!! "soul8ter" 'ere!! Can't say this is my first Otaku account but hey, I'm back to post my works~! XD I am generally obsessed with PS games, especially the FF series!! Gawd, I'd play 'em till its ~Fin~. Kyaa~! I'm an anime fan-atic too~! Lol. I totally LOVE Vampire Knights, Fruits Basket and Tsubasa Chronicles!! Yay!!
Ja, gotta go now!! Feel free to sign my GB and take a look at my artworks!!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

How are you guys doing...?! XD
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

   For Final Fantasy Fans: NEWSFLASH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>There are four DIFFERENT 'types' of FF XIII!!! No kidding! There's FFXIII: Agito, Versus XIII, Fabula Nova Crystallis and normal FFXIII.
Rite, time to sort things out. i got it wrong the last time.
The 'guy' is in Versus XIII and the 'girl' is in the normal FF XIII. So its two different trailers. FF XIII:Agito is about an organisation, i'm not so sure for FNC yet. I'll try checking it out one of these days...
Anyway, have ye guys watch the trailers? Ain't that bad, eh?
>>>Oh heard of FFXII: Revenant Wings?? ITs mainly for NintendoDS, ONLY! Well, who knows they might provide for PS2.
PSP's FF7: Crisis Core's comin' out this year!!! Yesh!!!! XD But sadly for me, I've got no PSP... T.T

JA, thats all for now!!! Tell me what ye kno!!!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

   PS3's Final Fantasy 13!!!!!!
Has anyone of ye bought a PS3? How abt PS3 games? Has anyone of ye watch'd the FF13's trailer? Hey, i know its been showing for months but its still nice to watch, right, right?! So anywayz, I've gt rumours from frenz here..
Rumours: **The girl inside the trailer aint the main character, its weird, really...Why show the side character when he/she's not the main character?
**Two playable characters: a woman and a man.
>Woman: the one in the trailer, wields a gunblade-like weapon.
>Man: another person(I'll upload his pic or part of the game with him in it one of these days), wields 'swords'(dunno how many) and he controls them to fight.

Hmm, thats the most of the rumours I've got. What do ye guys out there say? Is this rumour true or not??

**Ja see ya!
Oh anywayz here's a bit of a spoiler...=.="

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Phew... At last, I added another of my works...
Damnit! I can't find my old artworks..even the copies i made in my Dad's PC..Guess he must've have deleted ti...Man...-.-" I'm really tired finding them. I have to dig through a whole bunch of books, hills of papers and..omg! School Report slips.....
Whatever it is, I found one of my not-so-really recent artwork and i have just uploaded it(have to wait for some time...). Actually that pic has its own BEFORE and AFTER...

BEFORE..: He had no blood 'flowing' down his cheeks, nothing cover'd his 'mouth', no left eye...no eyebrows too...(Yup, I abandoned him..before!), no hair details, no scar...blah!

AFTER..: Blood 'flowing' from right eye, lazy left eye, a scar, uneven eyebrows...a mask like Kakashi's..., messy hair detail(and yea..I took him in again).

**Oh well, be sure to check out that art, guys...I want comments from ye..ok? ^.^ Thnx..(even if you dont do so...=.=")

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

   Added another art!!
Sorry tho coz its a bit blurry.... I used my mobile camera coz my scanner broke down last nite. I cant say much abt the pic but there's a description that i wrote.
Talking abt inspiration, it came from the death of someone's wife and i was sad and i was studying at that time and then next thing i know...i drew it...!
Yo, guys! Do check it out, kk?
**Oh if ye hav VERY strict comments that ye dont wanna share with others, ye can PM me..Oh dont forget to add me as well, kk, mateys?
See ya!!!

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