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Sunday, December 17, 2006

   PS3's Final Fantasy 13!!!!!!
Has anyone of ye bought a PS3? How abt PS3 games? Has anyone of ye watch'd the FF13's trailer? Hey, i know its been showing for months but its still nice to watch, right, right?! So anywayz, I've gt rumours from frenz here..
Rumours: **The girl inside the trailer aint the main character, its weird, really...Why show the side character when he/she's not the main character?
**Two playable characters: a woman and a man.
>Woman: the one in the trailer, wields a gunblade-like weapon.
>Man: another person(I'll upload his pic or part of the game with him in it one of these days), wields 'swords'(dunno how many) and he controls them to fight.

Hmm, thats the most of the rumours I've got. What do ye guys out there say? Is this rumour true or not??

**Ja see ya!
Oh anywayz here's a bit of a spoiler...=.="

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