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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Phew... At last, I added another of my works...
Damnit! I can't find my old artworks..even the copies i made in my Dad's PC..Guess he must've have deleted ti...Man...-.-" I'm really tired finding them. I have to dig through a whole bunch of books, hills of papers and..omg! School Report slips.....
Whatever it is, I found one of my not-so-really recent artwork and i have just uploaded it(have to wait for some time...). Actually that pic has its own BEFORE and AFTER...

BEFORE..: He had no blood 'flowing' down his cheeks, nothing cover'd his 'mouth', no left eye...no eyebrows too...(Yup, I abandoned him..before!), no hair details, no scar...blah!

AFTER..: Blood 'flowing' from right eye, lazy left eye, a scar, uneven eyebrows...a mask like Kakashi's..., messy hair detail(and yea..I took him in again).

**Oh well, be sure to check out that art, guys...I want comments from ye..ok? ^.^ Thnx..(even if you dont do so...=.=")

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