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Yo.SoraIIIX here. I hope you enjoy my art. If you look at mine I'll look at yours lol.
Oh, and the person who made the background I'm using...I dont know who you are, but I give credit to you < 3

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love Ecards ;D
I just submited one or two.
I've been having trouble submiting them o_O like...I'll submit them and they'll be like 'your upload has been sucsessfull please wait 48 hours for it to appear' and i do and...its still not there sometimes .__. like...I submited one five months ago and it never showed.wtf.
Its kinda working now though o__O;;

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Raaahhhhh...I need to make more friendz on this siiiiitttteeee....tis so loney ;;o;; *emos*
Like, i dunno how to do it ither. I comment on peoples pages and guestbooks and crap and be nice but they are like '*ignore*' so yeah. Maybe I'm just being stupid XD; I dont submit a lot of art because all my fanart sucks and thats really how you get noticed on here is it not?From what i've noticed anyway. The most attention I get is from my comics...but I'm funny once in a blue moon so they wont be popping out like Britney Spears's babies.
I mean...I wont comment on art just to get attention. I comment on art that I like. So if thats the only way to get buddy buddy with people here then thats pretty dumb. @___@ I also dont understand how artists who aren't very good on here get more attention than me (no offence to them)
I mean..I dont suck THAT hard do I? o__O my people are porportional right? I'm TRYING right?? I DONT GET IT. Plz explain k thx.
Oh, and dont flame me because I have an opinon okay? I dont flame anyone, so you shouldn't flame me. I only say the truth.

P.S.: I submited a new e-card. (finally!) I've been having a hard time doing that too. I tried MONTHS ago to submit a new one but it never came up so I stopped. And now a new one that i've submited showed up. I is also confused on that.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Soooooooo.....I'm totally gonna do that dojinshi contest for Black Sun Silver Moon because...I love that manga xD and it was fate that this contest came about. It shocked me that something so little known was going to be the focus of a contest xD I just had to do it.
It kinda surprised me that people who haven't even read the manga want to be in the contest O___o;; I mean, why do it if you haven't read it. Just knowing the basic plot doesn't really help but, you know...whatever : / There are only three entries and they seem pretty good so I'm up to some competition XD I've never won a contest before (this is my first one on TheOtaku) so I'll be pretty excited if I win, but I doubt I will xD
But its not about winning, its about having fun. But i've spent over $70.00 to for this contest D<
A beginner package, tones, manga paper, pens, the works! So I at least better get a lot of comments or something xD lol just kidding.
I've drawn three and a half pages without the cover and inked two of the pages. I need to tone soon >___>;; even though I've got a month. I'm really excited :3 I hope I win though. That'd be really spiffy.

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