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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Raaahhhhh...I need to make more friendz on this siiiiitttteeee....tis so loney ;;o;; *emos*
Like, i dunno how to do it ither. I comment on peoples pages and guestbooks and crap and be nice but they are like '*ignore*' so yeah. Maybe I'm just being stupid XD; I dont submit a lot of art because all my fanart sucks and thats really how you get noticed on here is it not?From what i've noticed anyway. The most attention I get is from my comics...but I'm funny once in a blue moon so they wont be popping out like Britney Spears's babies.
I mean...I wont comment on art just to get attention. I comment on art that I like. So if thats the only way to get buddy buddy with people here then thats pretty dumb. @___@ I also dont understand how artists who aren't very good on here get more attention than me (no offence to them)
I mean..I dont suck THAT hard do I? o__O my people are porportional right? I'm TRYING right?? I DONT GET IT. Plz explain k thx.
Oh, and dont flame me because I have an opinon okay? I dont flame anyone, so you shouldn't flame me. I only say the truth.

P.S.: I submited a new e-card. (finally!) I've been having a hard time doing that too. I tried MONTHS ago to submit a new one but it never came up so I stopped. And now a new one that i've submited showed up. I is also confused on that.

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