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Friday, December 22, 2006

I seem to have reached an impasse. Not a good thing, loves!
I haven't drawn on that comic in days... maybe later tonight I will... yeah, I think I'll finish the pencil sketches of pages two and three tonight, and four and five tomorrow.
Hope you will be happy to know that I have finished the script for chapters one and two, and will begin work on chapter three shortly. I've decided to have the first volume (if it were to be printed, what would be a volume) focusing on one character each chapter. Angel has hers, Marie's is scripted, now I have to script out Jay's chapter. And his focuses on how he can't keep a job for a while. It should be amusing...
Okay, so at least the first three chapters have a focus on a character, but the fourth might not. I have very specific plans for this. ^_^ So maybe this will turn out to be a good comic.
Now... quick question-
Anyone familiar with any web-comic hosting sites? I'm talking sites like smackjeeves and things like that (excluding drunk duck, because I've seen a lot of bad feedback from that host site). Does anyone have any recommendations for a hosting site, or should I just see if my boyfriend can help me create a site? I can't really post here unless I edit the hell out of the comic, and I don't want to do that. It's going to be a sort of slice-of-life type thing, and there are a lot of things that would get me kicked off otaku in the manga. So...
Hosting sites for webcomics? Suggestions? Anyone? Please and thank you! Laters, minna-san. Solaris out!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Okay, explaination time: I'm not too sure this is a bad thing, but people always think I'm younger than I am. When I was in high school, I was an office aide, and on the days I didn't wear makeup (which was 99% of the time, because I don't like the stuff), I had sixth graders asking what I was in trouble for. Pretty well everyday. They thought I was in their grade! Well, anywhere from 6th to 8th grade. It was the bane of my existance.
Well, today, the brakes on the car mom's borrowing (until we get ours fixed or a new one) locked up, and we grazed another car. I think the cop thought I was twelve until he got my birthday, and I think even then he didn't believe I'm 18. Before we could leave, he was waiting on mom to sign the citation, and he asked 'So were you scared?' like I was a little kid who had just come out of a horror movie. Well, let's see... I was in the passenger seat, and MY side was the one that hit the guy's bumper, and it's the first wreck I've been in since I was maybe six... I think it's safe to call that a resounding 'YES'! But I wasn't too freaked. I mean, come on, I couldn't see it happening, I'm not psychic, but I wasn't too scared. Just bored. I mean, there are only so many times one can re-read 'The Vampire Lestat'.... and only so long one can put up with a psychotic little brother. I've had my limit for the day, and faster net be damned, I want to go home.
Well, I've finished my rant for the day. Solaris out!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey, short update for a good reason. One, I'm at the local coffee shop (only one open with internet, much love for that), and this net is only marginally better than my home net. So everything is loading slow, I can't even check the comics, and I've still got four things left to download, after which I'll probably plug my laptop up and play Tales of Phantasia for a while.
So... tried to beat the Zombie Dragon on Suikoden. I've had my butt kicked by that bloody dragon more times than I care to count, and I finally got a cheat for infinite hp, and beat it the other day. But, BEFORE I got a chance to save the game, my emulator had a freaking meltdown and I lost it! So I've been trying to recreate that victory and wouldn't you know, it either melts down or I somehow lose the bloody cheat after ONE HIT from the bloody bleeping dragon! So... yush. Not so good. Other than that, I am a happy woman. I finished Harvest Moon last night, totally didn't win, but I don't care 'cause I can now concentrate on Chrono Trigger and Tales of Phantasia, of course. Much love for ToP.
So... I have my coffee fix for the day, and I actually wish the campus wasn't shut down. As is, I may have to continute my downloading at home... I sense another four-in-the-morning night ahead of me... le sigh. I probably look like hell for all the late nights. Woo-hoo...
Well, I'm off to check my e-mail... if it'll load fast enough. Have fun today, I know I might. It looks like it might snow, and I've got Gackt and Weiss music. That always makes a day good. Well, I'm gone! Bye, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yes, I know it's late...
But I have to say hi to everyone. So hi.
I'm sorry if this is a short post, but a little update on the comic situation: One, thanks for the interest! ^_^ I looked and saw three comments,and I can see this has a pretty decent response. Which brings me to point two.
I may have to redraw the first few pages. I drew them before I had a mannequin, and before I had set ideas on what the girls looked like. Only two of them were set in my mind: Angel and Sunny (aka flower-child). So I have to do a couple of character sketches, see if I want to keep the first four pages and just work with the new stuff on the rest (aka the lazy way out) or redo the whole comic. Plus, I have scripting issues. As in I'm bringing a character in and he's supposed to be pivotal, but I have to discover his real purpose. But I will have this crap soon and I will do all right! ^_^ So please be patient.
That said, happy release from school/work/whatever day (whenever that day comes) and happy holidays! Just in case I can't post every day like I would like to. Laters, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yes, my friends, I am now done until January 8th! Say it with me: DONE!!! Can you tell I'm excited? Of course it's obvious! For a really good reason too...
See, that college comic I was working on a while back? Yeah, I'm sure I posted about it. Well, thing is, I wanna get Chapter one finished, but I've had a real stumbling block... namely the confrontation between Tabi and Maya. I have it scripted, but I haven't got it drawn. I couldn't think of poses until...
I got a mannequin. So now I can be assured that I won't be drawing something physically impossible for a human, and now on to the last problem:
Lack of time. I haven't had a chance to work on that comic, I surf the net at school (love/hate relationship with the faster net, believe me) and some parts of the comic contain ideas that may be offensive to some of the pig-headed jackasses that I have the misfortune to go to college with. I know some of them from high school, believe me when I say many of them are just what I describe them as. So in the interest of keeping myself from getting hassled (because no one ever grows out of that. That little thing they tell you about in almost every class? That thing called 'maturity'? Yeah, it hits the bricks about the time you get into college and returns from an extended vacay about the time of graduation), I don't work on it up there. Besides, how do you explain carrying 30 sheets of printer paper, ten inking pens (six for greytone, four for inking in pencil lines), three erasers, multiple artist-style pencils, a pencil sharpener, a mannequin, and colored pencils in case you want a color page right then and there to anyone? Yeah, only if you're an art major. And I'm not that good. Plus there were research papers to be researched for, homework to be finished, math to dream about burning while working on it in the computer lab so I didn't have more problems than the other students to work so I could actually go to bed before midnight, finals to study for... who has time to draw with all that? Not me. So what I have planned is...
I get all of chapter one done, post pages periodically to the net (once a week if I get maybe twenty or thirty pages of manga... I did 16 in two weeks before, I'll just have to really step it up!, and script over the next semester while you enjoy chapter one! So I think that might work...
Basically chapter one will center around Angel, a gothic girl stuck living at home, and she really wants out. Her key to escape could be in the hands of a flower-child, a too-cool-to-care actress, a hyper bi girl who thinks hitting on her is a fun pastime, and a shy political science major. So, yeah, if that strikes your fancy, think about the five of them sharing a house on campus, with a sporty 'big sister' wannabe (nope, not sorority, I don't do sorority). It makes for a fun story, if I say so myself. Plus, this is pretty much based off of campus life and basic human relationships. (Maya's character is semi-based off of some girl I knew in high school who always shoots me 'why the hell are you here, dumbass?' looks if I see her in the hall... I am really trying not to say 'die, bitch'... too late.) So, yeah, hopefully this turns out.
Ack! Sorry! Didn't mean to ramble about this comic thing! I'm going to shut up and end this post now! Laters, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Another short update
Anyone else here play Gaia Online? If you do... look me up! I'm Sakura_Haruhana there, it's a new account (since I can't remember my old one... and don't really want to anyway...). And this time the avvie actually looks pretty close to how I do. Last one was redheaded and green eyed, looked more like Foxglove (stories... don't ask, please don't ask) than Solaris. ^_^' I was crazy back then. (Back then= two years ago). So, anyway... look me up! Laters, minna-san! Solaris out! (two hours until final)
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One to go
And I'm done at 4:45 today. Can hardly wait. ^_^
Bought my boyfriend his Christmas present yesterday. I'm not telling what it is, because I don't know if he checks this page or not. He has before, so it's not outside of the realm of possibilities. Let's just say it's really cute and leave it at that... NO, IT'S NOT HELLO KITTY RELATED! Sheesh, that would be me.
Yeah, I'm getting a Hello Kitty watch for christmas too. It's not pink, mom knows I have something against that color like you wouldn't believe. I don't do pink, it's one of the unspoken rules of life. And to date, no one has been stupid enough to try and force me into it. ^_^ Sorry for the rant on pink.
Soooo ready for this exam to be over, and I have about four hours until it starts... give or take five minutes. It's Spanish today, and then I'm done. Yatta! ^_^ I'm going to declare my major soon, I'm going for a BSE in Spanish. (BSE= Bachelor of Science in Education, just in case someone doesn't know). Lessee, what other earth-shaking news do I have...
Uhm, I'm pulling a blank here, I think I already told you that I'm passing Algebra (73.83% before partial credit), I passed English (or the exam, the teacher just said I had an A, she didn't say for what), and I think I aced my music exam (knew all but four questions, and I had a decent idea on those), so I will just get out of here. Laters, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Yeah, I just got done with my music final. Pathetically easy... though it may be because it's actually a subject I like.
Well, before partial credit, I'm passing with a lovely 73.83%. So long as I pass that damned class, I'll be happy.
Found out I made an A in composition. I dunno if it was on the exam or the whole class, the teacher caught me studying for the music exam this morning and said "oh, by the way, you got an A'. So yes, I am a happy woman right now.
Monday, last exam. Spanish. Done for the semester. DO TEH NEKO DANCE! *joke between my friends and I... stupidly easy dance too... and I can't dance a lick* So I will be studying for that all weekend... barring the times I'm playing video games. Much love for the emulators on my laptop. Means I don't have to have an SNES to play Harvest Moon. Why I like that game I have no idea. But I do! ^_____^
In case you can't tell, I am a happy chick. Well, nothing else to say really, except I'm going home and playing Harvest Moon until my brain rots... only temporarily, mind you. I need my brain. Basic functions of life, like moving my fingers to type this entry, if nothing else. So I will get out of here. Ja ne, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

For the final time, algebra has kicked my butt. If I make a 70 or above in the class I pass and I don't have to take the class again. And...
I failed the exam. This is before partial credit, but I still failed. And I had an 80 before, so... I wanna go cry. I won't but I wanna.
So I have an exam in music tomorrow, Friday I got nothin', and Monday I have Spanish. Finally done for the semester after that. Hopefully I can keep my scholarships otherwise I'm screwed. I haven't got much to say. Ja, minna-san. Solaris out!

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Finals week coming up.
That means I may not be posting as often as usual.
I have algebra on Wednesday at 8. Music on Thursday at 12:30. Spanish next Monday at 2:45. Then I'm done for the semester.
So just a warning: if you don't hear from me here, I'm not dead, I haven't been kidnapped, I'm not lying in a ditch somewhere slowly bleeding/freezing to death, I'm either studying or trying to sleep off a headache from studying.
Thank you, that is all. Ja ne, all! Solaris out!

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