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Monday, December 8, 2008

Dead. Both me and this blog.
Okay, yeah, I noticed that it's been about a year since I updated here. Well, here's what happened in a nutshell:
-Broke up with a boyfriend of three years and got dumped twice before finding the guy I think is the one.
-Put both of my comics on indefinite hiatus.
-Faded out of the YYH fanfiction scene (but I'm reading it again... certain yaoi pairings actually aren't so bad.), though I do still write for Solaris... just not the old continuum.
-Decided I want to teach Spanish. Still trying to get into the teacher education program. Still gotta take the Praxis. Evil demon test...
-Have done more and better cosplays than just Misa. I did a Yuna cosplay that was awesome (actually how I met my current boyfriend, lol), and I crossplayed for the first time at a recent convention (I were (Count)Cain Hargreaves. A friend of mine was Riff.)
-Started a new livejournal
-started a new email
-Found out that the reason I get headaches when I have to stare at a board or into the distance is because I have an astigmatism in my right eye. Got glasses for it. (They're my Eiri Yuki glasses. XD)
-Started a novel

So that's that, really. And I hate to say this, but I need to move on. It's not that I don't love this site, I do- I'm in the process of starting a joint account with a friend actually. But here... I need to get away. I may post from time to time, making this a zombie journal (heh, Kim would love that.) but other than that, don't expect to hear much from me. This is partially covering my own butt as much as making a fresh start... yeah, the guy I dated for the longest, the one I broke up with? He turned a little strange on me. Strange as in he practically stalked me. That's why I have the new (friend locked) livejournal. So yeah. Covering my arse and making a new start.

So, yeah, if we never speak again, fortune be with ya, and if we do, well, hey, that's wonderful. So let's not say sayonara. Just say Ja ne.

kizudarake no yume ga ore wo karitate'ta
hieta mune ni nokoru hi wo aoru you ni

The painful dream spurs me on,
as if to fan the fire left in my cold heart.

sou atsui omoi ga aa mune wo tataku
maru de kienai arashi no you ni

Yes, burning emotions resound in my heart,
like an unending storm.

Wild Wind~ Yasei no Kaze no you ni, Kurama & Hiei duet

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Okay, you wanna know where I've been?
I've been in emo land. Seriously. And I'm single. So eat that cookie, because I intend to stay that way for a while.
Why have I been in emo land? Why haven't I? I've got family issues and friend issues to deal with, I need a job, and I have too much to worry about to update everyone on my life, which several people need to stay out of if they please. I'm taking care of a new kitten and my baby boy (Suna, my other kitty), I'm working on school things, the semester is almost up, I have convention to plan for, I have art to do...
I haven't touched my comics in a couple of months simply because I haven't had time.
I have done a play, I went to the anime club halloween party as Misa, I may post pictures and I may not. It all depends on how I feel.
So consider my abscence from here and my sojourn to emo land indefinite. Just wanted you all to know that.
Sayonara for now.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Okay, so ES is up, you can find it at http://elfsong.smackjeeves.com but right now it's just the cover and the first page. Updates are Mondays and Saturdays, but they may have to change when I go back to school. That's in August.
Here's the summary, word for word, straight from the site:
"Kirei is an average guy... well, unless you count the fact that he's an elf. And he's just found a human boy bleeding in the forest.
Ichigo was your average 19-year-old guy; unwillingly engaged to a princess, and just been mugged by a gang of robbers. He completely doesn't expect to live, but when he wakes up and sees that he's been saved by an elf, how is he going to react?
Over time, what will change? Can Ichigo get to accept Kirei? Or is this going to end badly?
(Rating: OT 16+ for language, shounen-ai, and violence)
A feudal story in one act (or more?)"
As of now, I have the first script finished, a before story called 'Kirei Gaiden' explaining why the hell Kirei lives alone, a before story called 'Ichigo Gaiden' that gives insight into Ichigo's strange little mind, both parts of a sequel that is tentatively titled 'Land of Twilight', 13 pages finished (lucky 13!) and a chibi comic that I still need to finish and load on my deviant art. I'm a busy girl... this in addition to cl101's first chapter being five pages from done. I'm not kidding!
Yep, cl101 will be on an official hiatus after the last five pages are loaded. This is mostly to give me time to not only look over my scripts and edit them, but to convert some of the things I've written for the comic from story to script and focus more on ES. Right now it's my baby and needs nurturing like a child would... no, I'm not psycho. I'm just a student who needs to focus more on her grades.
Speaking of! I just got my results from the CAAP exam for composition back the other day. For those who don't know, the CAAP exam for composition is fairly simple. You wake up earlier than you'd like, go to a room for a couple of hours and write two essays in that time. Very simple in concept, but when you get in there and try to write in the time limit, you find it's more difficult than you thought. I couldn't finish the first one (I was half a sentence away from being completely done) but the second went better. And in the end I got a 4.000 out of 6 on both of them. My rank ended up being that 97-98% of students who had taken the same exam scored at or below my rank. So I guess I did good. ^_^' To be honest I was asleep when my mom brought the letter in with the phone, so while I was talking to my friend in Iraq (he's coming home in August, he thinks, but it'll probably end up being September) I was trying to wake up and read this letter. I only recall the number because mom told me.
Anyone else here have emo relatives? I've got nothing against emos (I have my emo days... more often than not) but damn it if my uncle doesn't stop being so whiny I swear I will lose it! He got a new computer, all right? Well, said computer runs Vista (ugh...) and I've heard very few good reviews for it. I know next to nothing about this OS, don't wanna know, and yet he persists in asking me what the hell is going on with it. So finally I told him I don't know and he should read a book or something on it. Well, now he's getting to where he wants me to help on the internet, something I do know. Mostly he wants an e-mail. Mom set that up. He wants me to get him a year-long astrological profile. Not that big of a deal, except...
He never told me the site, and he always calls when I'm about to go somewhere or I can't log on for whatever reason. Saturday he called about five times or so, asking if I could do this for him. Mom was off at a bead show, and I figured she'd want the phone lines open in case of emergency, so I told him that and he called back asking if she was doing this to spite him. I'm getting fed up. I got home from town about ten thirty, I was tired, I had a new CD (the soundtrack from RENT, original Broadway cast, yep!) and he said to forget it and we didn't have to even talk to him anymore. Now I'm sorry, but I'd like to get an opinion here:
How inclined would you be to help someone out if they kept calling for it at inconvenient times, pretty well demanding that you do this on their schedule, ending calls in profanity every time you explained that you couldn't, and then going all whiny emo on you when you'd been patient?
Yeah, I'm not inclined to. And I'm going to tell him as much next time he decides to act like that. I can cuss just as well as he can (as anyone who has seen my LJ posts can tell -///-) and I am not going to be treated like a slave.
Well, I think I've griped enough. Sorry to whine. Ja, minna-san.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

So I haven't posted here in forever, but nothing's really happened. I sleep a lot, play Kingdom Hearts, wander about the internet some, read, draw, and sleep some more. Yep, there's my day in a nutshell.
So, I got the line drawings for cl101 done recently, and I'm still working on ElfSong. I've sort of put Pirate's Raid on hiatus, mostly because I have too many projects at one given time. If I finish posting cl101 before July ends, then a tentative date for ElfSong to begin will be in August, but I want to put ElfSong out before then, because I'm taking 16 hours this semester (damn you scholarship!)and thus won't have as much time to work. So I want to at least get the first few pages out before I have to start slowing down updates and things. I'm determined to at least get on the dean's list this semester, and I came really close last semester. So I have to focus my ass off on this year's classes. I won't have time to color every page (I've given up on the color hold thing I was going to do, too much time and not enough tracing paper). So, yeah, little bit of forewarning.
As is, tentative date for cl101 to conclude chapter one is mid-to-late July. Tentative release date for ElfSong is somewhere in the Mid-July area, even if cl101 isn't finished yet. I can't delay it much longer. I have seven finished pages and two line drawings. Whoo-hoo. So expect to see that out on the web soon.
Also, I may have a banner for cl101 worked out soon. Have fun laughing when I get that out.
Well, nothing else to say. Ja, minna-san!

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

First post in a while...
And it's to ask a pointless question, I bet.
Is Princess Princess too new to have image galleries yet? Or are they just very well hidden? Because I just watched the first episode and I love it.... okay, and I've read the first volume of the manga and I liked it too... but Tactics is fairly new and I've got a lot of pictures from that. So, anyhow...
How have you all been? ^_^ I've been sleeping, a lot, because I've been catching up on lost sleep. Makes me a very happy person. Not so much as a manga artist, but I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. ^_^
Well, I've got ramen on the stove and I have to get it. Laters!

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