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Friday, September 17, 2004

Hey, sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been at school and my computer messed up. Thanks, Misma Moon, for pointing out the profiles thing. I got a bit insane about them. Thanks again! ^^
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Friday, August 13, 2004

Rose and Gene's profiles
Height:5'4" when she leaves, 5'8" when she comes back
Species: Reincarnated Fox Spirit (hence the Thorne)
Hair/eye color:Red hair, brown eyes
Talents: Arts, singing, school
One thing you will never see her do: Hm... there's not a lot... skip school without good reason.
You will never see her wear: Anything too revealing (Geez, it's a theme...)
You will never hear her say: That Kurama is meant for anyone but her.
Character traits: Can be snobby and overprotective, very independant.
History: Knew Youko Kurama in her previous life, was stabbed in the back by her partner Lexi, who believed her to have killed the one she loved. Was reincarnated into Rose, who moved to Tokyo and met Kurama. For more info, read "Fox Thief in Tokyo?" (Shameless plug # 1!)
Quotes: "He's Mine!" (About Kurama), "Gene?!" (Self explanitory)
Quotes about her: "Wuss!" (Solaris.'Nuff said.)
Give and Take:(See Gene's profile)
Likes: Kurama, DDR, food, and fun things, plus shiny stuff and a challenge when she's Thorne.
Dislikes: Gene, Solaris, being killed. (That one's a given.)
Height: About 6'1"
Hair/eye color:Sandy blonde, blue gray eyes
Talents: Never told, really, but he's good at comforting and yet ticking Rose off.
One thing you will never see him do: Tell anyone but Rose that he loves them
You will never see him wear: Anything unprofessional
You will never hear him say:that Rose is spoiled (Which, in a sense, she is.)
Character traits: Kind to the point of stupidity, loves Rose unconditionally
History: He was the one Rose ran to when her parents found out that they had to move to Japan. She stayed with him for a few months and he proposed. She was a freshman in high school, he was a senior, and it frightened her. She ran back home. Later, he came to Japan to find her.
Quotes: None.
Quotes about him:None
Give and Take:
Rose: "Gene?! What the-?"
Gene: "Hello, Rose."
Likes: Rose
Dislikes: Anyone who wants to take Rose from him. (Yeah, he's a weird villain.)
If you wanna keep these, save 'em.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Another Profile: Foxglove
Name: Foxglove Adiea (A-DEE-yah)
Height: 5'3" (She may be Solaris's muse, but she can't change from human to demon and back.)
Species: Fox demon/muse (Actually full fox demon, but she's Solaris's muse)
Hair/eye color: Red hair, dark green eyes
Talents: Video games, giving inspiration, hitting on Hiei (But she fails at that, so maybe not...), putting her foot in her mouth, explaining Solaris's idiosyncrasies.
One thing you will never see her do: Hit on anyone other than Hiei.
You will never see her wear: Anything dorky
You will never hear her say: that anyone other than Hiei is hot. Yeah, she's obsessed...
Character traits: Hyper, rabid Hiei fangirl, a bit ditzy, but actually intelligent, gives inspiration to Solaris.
History: Same as Solaris's. Except she wasn't the one who actually pulled off the theft, she ran in there to save Solaris, and got herself captured.^^; Yeah, like I said, she's a ditz.
Quotes: "Hiei-Sama!" (Uh, this one's self explainitory...), "What'd you do? I wanna know so I can tell Solaris and laugh at you while you get your butt kicked." (Upcoming fic, about a prank someone tried to pull on Sanctuary, Solaris's house. The name came about as a joke and stuck.)
Quotes about her: "The muse has a point? Well, I'm amazed." (Hiei, upcoming fic.), "Foxglove, is it necessary for you to live in the refrigerator?" (Solaris, new years fic)
Give and Take:(It's in my live journal, you can read it there too.)
Foxglove: Hiei-sama, you're so cool!
Hiei: Uh, thanks?
Foxglove: Will you go out with me now?
Likes: Arts, Hiei, food, video games, friends, hyperactivity
Dislikes: Joshi, jerks, stalkers

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Charcter Profiles
I'm going to start something I've had on my mind for a while: a few profiles for a few of my fanfic characters. Today: Solaris (I like the name, don't knock it.)
Name: Solaris Moon (See comment above)
Age: 148 years old in all actuality, looks 16
Height: 5'3" in both demon and human form
Species: Fox demon (Like Shippo (Inuyasha), but she's not a pup)
Hair/eye color: Auburn red hair (looks about as red as Kurama's if the sun hits it just right) and brown eyes (not really told in story, but unless she's in a fight and has been knocked almost unconcious, they're such a deep brown that sometimes they look black. If she's almost been knocked out, they're more ambery colored)
Talents: Can go from demon to human to demon again with very little spirit energy, talented at illusions, can fight like crazy, is able to pull blunt objects from nowhere to beat people over the head, cooks well, isn't half bad at video games, sings, can act, good at art.
One thing you will never see her do: Go easy on an enemy
You will never see her wear: Anything too revealing (i.e., a bikini is fine to swim in, but a bikini top and miniskirt won't cut it.)
You will never hear her say: Anything stupid. Cliched, perhaps, but not stupid.
Character traits: Intelligent, kind unless angered beyond all hope, Can seem reclusive at times, protective without being overbearing, a bit self-concious, sometimes klutzy.
History: Born in the Makai, she lived a life where she had to fight to survive and keep her muse from getting killed. At the age of 40(human years, they were young demons), the two ran off and tried to survive by street acting. A minor demon in the employ of the Makai Actor's Company (MAC, for short) found them when they were 146 (Wow... took 106 years to find them? What were those demons doing?)and brought them to Joshi, the boss man. He gave them auditions, and decided they were good enough. Sadly, Joshi was an idiot, and thought that Solaris would fall in love with him in return for the favor. She couldn't stand him, his sick jokes, or his incessant attempts to grab her fox tail (she has matching ears) and she came to despise him quickly. The week after they turned 148(she and Foxglove have the same b-day), the Reikai Tantei came to a performance of "Thick As Thieves", the play that was a smash hit in the Reikai. A botched attempt at stealing an emerald got her and Foxglove both captured, and they turned in MAC to help. Turns out that MAC was a company of theives. When the two found out, they had been threatened with hit men if they tried to leave. The two foxes now reside in the Ningenkai.
Quotes: "FOXGLOVE!!!!"(Almost every fic), "You know, it's folks like you who make demons like me need medication."(An upcoming chapter in YYH Road Trip), "Ican'tstandspidersgetitawaygetthatdarnthinggone!"(A chapter in an upcoming fic, release date not planned yet.), "Is it necessary for you to reside in the refrigerator until dinner?"(Yet untitled fic co-authored by my friend Samara),"Would you like me to shout out 'rapist'? 'Cause technically that's what you'd be doing if I even agreed to come with you. Which I won't."(Chapter 2 of Road Trip, not paraphrased, will be in an upcoming chapter of Road Trip when the dude shows up again)
Quotes about her: "She's a catch, don't let her get away." (Mitsuo-chapter 5 of her origins), "The bitch didn't argue..."(Joshi-Origins, on Youko chalking her dislike of Joshi up to her having class),"She's always like this..." (Foxglove-upcoming fic),"I'll save you, sweet Solaris-Chan!"(Sota, dude from chapter 2 of Origins, when he thinks she's drowning in a hot springs. He gets pummeled.),"Not bad for a wirey girl..." (Gene, upcoming fic),"That was like a few candles to the bonfire. You thought you saw her pissed at Joshi? That wasn't pissed, that was miffed. Trust me, when she's pissed, heads roll."(Foxglove on Solaris's rage problem),"I'm not standing for this anymore!" (Rose, upcoming fic),"I swear I don't think I'll ever understand her..." (Kurama, upcoming fic),"She's mine, all mine!" (Youko, upcoming fic, for full thing, see "Give and Take"),"Yeah, nice to see you too..." (Hiei, upcoming fic, he was being sarcastic since the first thing she asked was where's Kurama.)
Give and Take: (This is from an upcoming fic.)
Youko: She's mine! All mine! *clasps Solaris from behind*
Solaris: *Tilts head up to look at him* Remind me to talk to you about that when we get home.
Likes: Swimming, art, reading, music, singing, Kurama, cooking and food, friends, kids
Dislikes: Joshi, tight spaces, Rose, Gene, Sota, crazy nuns who try to kidnap her, spiders, hypodermic needles, the list goes on and on...

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Monday, August 9, 2004

Hello! New here, but not new to sites, online journals, the like. I'm registered as Solaris Moon on fanfiction.net, too, check out some of my fics! Not much to say, bye!
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