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Monday, April 9, 2007

Well... Easter has come and gone... and my mom has just sentenced me to some major pain. She finally declared that I can't just sleep on the floor and put my bed on some stupid rails she found out in the shed.
I wasn't sleeping right on the floor... more like a foot off of it... and now she's got me sleeping maybe three feet off the floor. Grr...
I'm going to fall and it's going to hurt and she's going to be the one to blame for it.
But other than that my easter was pretty typical, which translates to I did nothing. I started watching the first Pirates of the Carribean movie... yes, it's taken me this long to get around to it, but I want to see the last one when it comes out in theaters.
And speaking of movies, I went to see Meet The Robinsons over the weekend. It was cute, in that sappy sweet way Disney usually is.
Well, nothing else going on, and I have to get to class. Mata Ashita, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Music of the now: Ryuusei from Naruto
And show of the now: Shippuuden! I just downloaded episode 6-7. One hour special, yosh! *having a total Lee moment* Okay, I'm happy because it's warm outside now, and I can finally get all the sweaters and shit out of my closet! I hate the cold with the blazing passion of a thousand white-hot suns. So anytime I can get away with wearing a tank top, I love it. Plus now I can bike and not freeze. And then I can't forget that I can wear my hair up in a ponytail without freezing too...
I love spring... T_T
I really do.
But, yeah. Nothing going on other than that. Mata ashita, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Friday, March 30, 2007

A note on TRYING to study for Philosophy exams...
The student union on what is apparently becoming 'Burst your eardrums and disturb the peace with rap music at top volume' day is not the place to TRY to study. Seriously.
And the building across from the student union, the one that happens to house your philosophy class, is not the place to take said exam.
I tried.
I think I did all right on the test, though. We had to move just after it started, because the idiots who like their rap were disturbing the peace of the testing room. See, I have nothing against people who like rap, I don't care for it, but it's a personal choice (kind of like how I hate country music with a passion but don't care if anyone else likes it because it's a personal choice)but these guys are disturbing everyone's peace. Tick me off.
So, anyway, how has everyone's day been so far? I hope it's been a good Friday. Mine's been all right. I have to figure out what to do a persuasive speech on... I want a topic that will tick off the guy who gave me a bad review on my last speech, and I want it to be the best damn speech he's ever heard. I'm thinking Gay rights... hm...
Speaking of which, I did the day of silence! It was a little tough, and I'll admit I lapsed a few times because I have a shortage of brain cells, but it was really good otherwise. I'm definitly going to do it again next year... though if mom tries to get me to talk before the time is up, I swear to heaven I'm gonna lock myself in my room and not come out until the next morning. That'll be all I can do, actually.
Well, I guess I'm out. Later, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Finally back from con! So... here's what happened, from the good to the bad to the 'oh my god, why does fate have a grudge against me?!'-worthy.
-Wig didn't come in, for starters. So I ended up borrowing my friend's Lacus wig. It looked all right though.
-Never could find a Leaf Village headband. Ended up borrowing my brother's, which turned out to be Itachi's headband. Again, it looked all right.
-Missed Friday to finish my dress. Saturday was better though.
-Bought a reverse blade sword (a la Kenshin; my next sword is gonna be Hiei's! Provided I can find it... ^_^'), an oriental-style umbrella, chopsticks, and... no, that's it.
-FINALLY SAW ROCKY HORROR! And, strangely enough, guessed half of the commentary and improv lyrics. Maybe that really is how I got through high school...
-Went to a dance. This wouldn't be so earth-shaking, except it meant I did the Time Warp twice in one night... completely sober. Unless the influence of caffeine counts for something. And I got to stay out until two-thirty in the morning! Whee!
So, yeah, a lot of fun stuff. I got a bunch of pictures too, I may have to start a new photo album on my photobucket for the con pix. I even got one of Death Note's Ryuuzaki and Raito! That was the highlight of my day. ^_^
Well, can't think of anything else except the words 'Whee!' and 'Naruto Shippuuden'. Laters, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Countdown to spring break: two days.
Countdown to convention: nine days... NINE DAYS?!
Crap, costume! Gotta start on that! Headband! Gotta get that too! Wig! Wait, ordered that last Friday so it should be in sometime between tomorrow and Monday. If not, I'M SCREWED!
Okay, panic attack over. ^_^ So, I hope everyone's having a good Thursday. I can't complain about mine. It started to rain a little on my way to the student union, so my computer got a little damp, but it's all right, it wasn't soaked because I ended up running for the last twenty feet of pavement to get in the building. Joey (the puppy) is doing all right. He really hates the crate, and I think it's making him a little more ornery (yes, feel the Southern dialect wash over you... j/k) so I've been trying to make a point to play with him as soon as he gets out of the crate. Suna's gotten really affectionate lately, I think he's a little jealous.
I really should post some recent pictures of Suna. He's gotten a lot bigger since the last time I posted a photo. He's a little smaller than Batty, but not by much. He still trills, though. ^_^ Kawaii neko-chan.
Hm... what else to say... I'm still trying to lose some weight, and I think I've lost a total of four pounds. I won't swear to it, but I think. My goal is to actually lose about twenty before summer break.
Well, I'm out of stuff to say. Mata Ashita, minna-san! Solaris out!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Heh-heh... *sweatdrop*
I suppose I should say that I finally updated cl101, ne? Considering it's been two weeks since I last could... My bad. But, really, you try going to school and getting ready for con and all sorts of fun crap... speaking of, I better get going. I have class in about thirty minutes and I have to copy something. Ja ne! Solaris out for now!
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yeah, everyone, I now have a new puppy! He's half rat terrier, half jack russell, and he looks like a tennis ball on legs right now. My bro got to name him, but he made the mistake of letting me help, so the dog is now named Joey. Ten points to anyone who gets what anime I'm referencing there. ^_~
He is so little, but so sweet. He fell asleep on my stomach earlier. My brother kept coming in and waking both of us up... le sigh!
So... Gaia has new furniture sets. This would be great... if I had over 10000 gold coming in in a week or something and I had a bigger house! Right now, I'll stick with maybe getting more of an apartment look to my little cottage. It'd be nice to have a stove, and a wall on which to place this stove. But it's so expensive... I'm looking at my options, and so far I think I may be entering a writing contest there to see if I win some money. I may enter an avatar or art competition. I'unno. I just know if I want to get myself a kimono, and a bigger house, I have to do something.
Well, mata ashita, minna-san. Solaris out!

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Okay, I'm totally over being upset now. Thanks for all the support, y'all. ^_^ It really made my day.
I actually have something to write on his paper when I have to evaluate it! "While I do not particularly like your topic, your speech was very informative." Yes! And being a smart-ass wins again! Strangely enough, that little pearl of wisdom came from my mom. Yes, the same woman who tried to use common sense to calm me down. She should know better, huh? ^_^
So... I've got a lot to do. Not as much anymore. But now I have to go order my wig come Friday. And I need to hit Hot Topic again to see if they have the headband. I really would rather not pay 25 bucks just to get it from rightstuf.com. I'm not made of money. As is it's going to cost me 30$ at least to get the wig, and I have to get more stuff for the costume... It's all a big mess.
OOH! I might be going to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! So excited! Actually the first time I've seen it. I may go blonde for a night to go to it... believe me, look at the Cagalli cosplay and tell me I'm not scary with blonde hair. I've been told by several people not to ever, EVER dye my hair blonde. I believe 'em.
Well, I can't think of anything else to say right now. Mata ashita, minna-san. Solaris out!
((9:07 AM- Just went to Gaia and did the quest for the Mimzy. I now have some weird AI bunny! Go me!... Well, it is kinda cute.))

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Okay, right now I'd like to cry, but I'm going to post here so no one comes up to me trying to talk and cheer me up. I don't want to be cheered up right now, I just want to beat the shit out of the guy who reviewed my speech on Monday! Or to be more specific, the one who gave me a 'weak' on content just because they hate anime!
Let me explain. So, you all know I gave a speech on Monday about the anime culture in America, right? Well, I got my grade back today. 80, with 5 extra points because I got up and did my speech first. Well, I got my grade sheet back today. I apologized too much for using Japanese terms, and I was a little confusing to some of the people, but I sorta expected that. So I looked through the peer review sheets. They were positive, for the most part, many people saying they learned something and it was very interesting (someone even said 'good props' about my visual aids, which were my Kumagoro plushie, a volume of Saiyuki, and a Gundam Wing DVD), so I felt a little better about only getting an 85, and then the last page of the reviews. The jerk gave me pretty good grades on everything else, but a weak on content all because he hates anime.
WHO THE HELL ASKED YOU TO CRITIQUE MY TOPIC?! IT'S OVER THE SUPPORT MATERIAL AND EASE OF UNDERSTANDING, NOT IF YOU LIKED MY TOPIC! I just wanna go cry and scream, and that's childish, I know, but I really don't give a flying frick right now! I've gone from wanting to cry all through biology to wanting to track him down and say 'chinga tu madre, hijo de una puta'. And for those who don't understand Spanish, let's just say that's very insulting and not something for your little cousins to hear. I'm just really mad over this shit!
...I bet you ten bucks he talks about farm equipment or mudflaps or something. I'll put five on country music and how it's the ultimate greatest genre ever. And I'd just love to give him a weak on content when he does his speech and tell him I hate his subject, but if I'm going to be a teacher I have to get used to impartial grading. Suffice to say I'm going to be the better person, and I'm going to hate every second of it. Sheesh, I need a punching bag. Or a gym membership. Or something that gives me access to something I can vent my anger on.
I may post the uncensored version of this on livejournal. If you don't want to read a lot of cuss words though, I suggest you stay here because I'm a lot more vocal there. Plus this guy just made me really mad. No, on second thought, I won't. This is already giving me a stomachache. I really just want to know that guy gets his. I think he came in late because he had a head on collision in the parking lot this morning. I really hope that was him. And I hope he gets freaking whiplash. I'm sorry, y'all, but I am a really vindictive little bitch. Make me mad and I'm going to really hope you have a lot of trouble. Mom calls it passive-agressive. I just call it not wanting to get in legal trouble for sabotaging someone by cutting their brake lines. Not that I would even know where the hell the brake lines are. So, I have nothing positive right now. I just want to beat the shit out of a short-sighted jerk. Mata ashita, minna-san. Solaris out.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Life lesson for the day:
Life sucks. That's it. Take a look at the new, improved to-do list (trust me, it's gonna be a while before it's gone).
-Finish speech for Oral Comm.
-Write out my exercise plan for concepts of fitness
-RE-Write rough draft of paper for Composition II
-Check the hem of my kimono to make sure it hasn't come down again so I can use it as a visual aid in my speech
-If it has, rehem it
-Drag someone back to Hot Topic or some other store that sells official Naruto headbands because I NEED THE D**N THING FOR MY COSTUME!
-Drag same person to Golden Grotto to see if they have a pink wig Mission: failure by the way.
-Schedual an optometrist appointment to get my vision checked and discuss contacts (This is needed and wanted, okay?)
-Start work on the costume
-Scan and UPDATE cl101 so I can have a hope of finishing chapter one before finals start
See that? Grand total of one, count 'em, ONE, thing marked off for today. And a million more to put on... sigh... I'm so burnt out. At least it's only two weeks to spring break and convention... TWO WEEKS?!?! Kyah!
Okay... okay... I'm okay. Or I will be as soon as I get home so I can pet on my kitten. It was so funny, yesterday I came home, went into my room... he had trashed it. Totally. All the photo frames and my choir award that I had sat on my computer desk were knocked into the floor, a bunch of pictures I printed off the net so I could use them as reference materials were in the floor, my paper cranes were everywhere... and in the midst of this chaos, there sat Suna on my bed, calm as anything and just waking up from a nap, going by his yawn. He just looked at me like "oh, hi, mama, you're home?". It was too cute... wish I had gotten a picture of him doing that. He's a kitty with separation anxiety I guess. Just makes me feel loved! ^__^
So... nothing going on here. Other than the fact that I'm getting ready to throw myself out of the second story of the next multi-story building I'm in... yanno, in retrospect, maybe it's not such a good idea for me to be sitting near the window on the second story of the library... kidding! I'm not that desperate. Though I may curl up and sleep on this couch... It's such a cooooomfy couch... I'm in love, I really am...*blatant Guests in Purgatory reference there...*
Well, I guess that's all I can say right now. Mata ashita, minna-san! Solaris out! *walks off humming "Little Wing" from Ouran*

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