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oh snap, i haven't been here in ages. OAO; Well, lemme fix this up..

my name is Alicyn, but you call me Janu, skullie or panda~ i'm 15, and imma huge manga nerd and i want to make my own comics some day.

Some facts..
-i overreact over dumb things. D:
-i play video games.
-im weird.
-i have an unhealthy obsession with cute stuff and Invader Zim. OAO
-i've been through struggles for a little bit, but i'm holding strong.
-i lurve my family/friends.
-i hate spiders and other bugs.
-I'm going to Otakon 08!!
-i want to travel the world, experience new cultures, learn new languages, meet new people, and learn more about myself.
-..and yeah, I'll finish later. xP

But feel free to sign my Guestbook and comment my entries!! :3

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go! Go! Gooo!
I haven't been in here for a while.
I'm just going to sum up everything that's happened.

*Met a wonderful boy. <3 He's amazing. Gosh, I love him so.
*Made improvements in Track.
*Learned new things about my mom. We've been distant lately and she's been really different.
*Got a cell phone. It's a little bland, but I like it. :]
*Finally started my manga. It's going pretty good!
*I've been learning to express my feelings more, so I made my own journal out of random stuff i had around the house~
*Learned I have a love for horror movies. <3
*Finally ordered more things off the internet. LOL, i got something Powerpuff Girls related.
*Made a cake!! :D It was nummeh.
*Ish begging her mom to let me have a cat. I want one. She'll get a puppy and I'll get a cat.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   Oh why hello there. =]

Another update!

Christmas was awesome~
I got my PSP! I was really happy. I have PaRappa the Rapper and Daxter on it. I have the silver edition and I love it. *__*
I got new clothes, two new hoodies, Chobits messenger bag, Negima! pillow, Negima! wallet, FMA Snake necklace, Disney's Tarzan and 300 on DVD, some board games, a PaRappa the Rapper hat, and some other things I can't remember. xP

Anywho, I went out with my aunt and uncle today and got a cellphone! xD I finally have one. I also have a new shirt too.
I got two new anime dvds!
I have Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow), and DiGi Charat! > w< I watched Ichigo Mashimaro for a little bit though. :]

~Bai bai now. :3

EDIT!: I love Guitar Hero. *__* I played it at my friend's house and in Wal-Mart, and it's awesome. I want Guitar Hero 3 for mah birthday! >:3

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   Update! =3

=D Just a small update! >:3

Track Practice is getting better. :D We came in first on the relay~! Well, almost. - __-; Until this one girl brought us third. She was the last person to run. D: Why didn't my coach find someone else!?! DD<

Oh well.

Ummm..<<; Well, that's it!! Kind of..I'll type more later.

bai bai. :3

EDIT!: Here ish more! =D

I saw meh best friends! (kitten11 and animehiyoko) xD I still have, "Imma eat yo' face.", stuck in my head. I've been saying that around the house for a while now.

..Well, it's the holidays. I've been good! Or have I.. >:3
Haha, jk, I have been. I'm excited 'cause I really want a PSP this year. @__@ And some spending moneh. I haven't been to the mall in the while, it'll be nice to buy some st00f. The holidays have been making me draw a lot more now. =D I now keep a folder of sketches. They'll probably be all over the floor soon. x3

Anywho, I'll try to upload some art onto here when I can. Other than that, I'll still be drawing! :3

Gah, I'm so tired though. - 3-; I was helping mah aunt make cookies today for people. It was alot! D= My hands smell like cookie dough. (nummeh nummeh. o 3o) Imma eat mah hand! D< Kk, I should probably go to sleep, but I can't! I'm too excited. Maybe I'll watch Nanatsuiro Drops. = w=

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   =o Track Practice.
Track started on Thursday.
Holy crap, it's taking a toll on my legs. D<
But it's not that bad as you get used to it. We have a meet on December 5th and I'm really nervous. Since the coaches have told me I'm fast, they're probably going to put me in some events. I'm like, "OMG. Noooo." But then, I'm actually pretty happy. So for now, I'm doing Sprinting and Pole Vault (the people on the track team say I look like a pole vaulter so, I'm going to try it. xP )

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