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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go! Go! Gooo!
I haven't been in here for a while.
I'm just going to sum up everything that's happened.

*Met a wonderful boy. <3 He's amazing. Gosh, I love him so.
*Made improvements in Track.
*Learned new things about my mom. We've been distant lately and she's been really different.
*Got a cell phone. It's a little bland, but I like it. :]
*Finally started my manga. It's going pretty good!
*I've been learning to express my feelings more, so I made my own journal out of random stuff i had around the house~
*Learned I have a love for horror movies. <3
*Finally ordered more things off the internet. LOL, i got something Powerpuff Girls related.
*Made a cake!! :D It was nummeh.
*Ish begging her mom to let me have a cat. I want one. She'll get a puppy and I'll get a cat.

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