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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   Update! =3

=D Just a small update! >:3

Track Practice is getting better. :D We came in first on the relay~! Well, almost. - __-; Until this one girl brought us third. She was the last person to run. D: Why didn't my coach find someone else!?! DD<

Oh well.

Ummm..<<; Well, that's it!! Kind of..I'll type more later.

bai bai. :3

EDIT!: Here ish more! =D

I saw meh best friends! (kitten11 and animehiyoko) xD I still have, "Imma eat yo' face.", stuck in my head. I've been saying that around the house for a while now.

..Well, it's the holidays. I've been good! Or have I.. >:3
Haha, jk, I have been. I'm excited 'cause I really want a PSP this year. @__@ And some spending moneh. I haven't been to the mall in the while, it'll be nice to buy some st00f. The holidays have been making me draw a lot more now. =D I now keep a folder of sketches. They'll probably be all over the floor soon. x3

Anywho, I'll try to upload some art onto here when I can. Other than that, I'll still be drawing! :3

Gah, I'm so tired though. - 3-; I was helping mah aunt make cookies today for people. It was alot! D= My hands smell like cookie dough. (nummeh nummeh. o 3o) Imma eat mah hand! D< Kk, I should probably go to sleep, but I can't! I'm too excited. Maybe I'll watch Nanatsuiro Drops. = w=

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