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thx Lingo:) for that banner

Hi, I'm Ellen, or Chibi Bishi. and I grew up a lot since the last time i uploaded this thing...
I have an account on pretty much every internet site cuz im cool like that
and uhmm if your nice, add/talk to me=3

Feel free to join the club! freewebs.com/furubafanclub

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hi everyone!

srry for havent beeing on for like 2 years... again for the ppl who wish to join furuba fan club.. you may! but i cant add you to the member list cuz i forgot my password to the site! just go to www.freewebs.com/furubafanclub and join!

oh and to anyone who wishes to speek to me... i havent been on this site in like a year so my imbox is like 200 unread... so just email me at icecream_emergency@hotmail.com... cuz i dont know when i will be back on this site again... im actaully thinking about uploading new wallpapers.. but that will hafta wait until i find my photoshop XD

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Sunday, May 28, 2006


i havent been on since like FOREVER!!! oh and about the faruba fan club... if u wanna join then just join... add the buttons... and make the cards...
u dont hafta ask me first, and im srry but i cant add ur name to the member list, cuz i kinda forgot the pw to the site... hehe srry bout that, lol...
neways... i just like to say to everyone that has commented on my site and my wallpapers thx, and im srry i havent been on for so long!!

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Monday, May 16, 2005

So close

im sooo close to my goal!! im gonna try really hard 2 get in the most downloaded list, and im soooo close!! i only need a few more downloads!!!
neways i have, yet another song (u guys r getting tired of this rnt u?)
This is the second openning of gundam seed

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Monday, April 25, 2005


omg! xero21 is sooo nice!! look what he drew for me, thank u sooooo much zero!!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Yes i got 6000 downloads!! and i just got 5000 downloads a few days ago!! YES!! me sooo happy!

in other news i probably failed my math test yesterday. i had no idea wot to do *sigh* o well....
i still got 6000 downloads!! YIPEE!!

here's a cool music video the song is wait and bleed-slipknot, and the anime is evangelion!

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