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My prior den of online chaos...bowerydweller.deviantart.com...has reached the
all-mighty triumph of the 'GREAT PERMA-BAN'. And all thanks to my love of internet pranks.
But...I find myself returning to old haunts, just for the sake of nostalgia.

MyOtaku saved my life during a crucial period for my family--when I was on the run,
hiding from the judicial system, with my two daughters in tow. This place was my
only outlet to the outside world.

Now, sikaurai is back home in her Port City...fairly successful, and exhausted. I'd just
thought I'd return, quietly, to post piddlies in peace, and keep it real up in this joint,
without the pressures of the Dark Arts Venues.

Sunday, September 6, 2009



So tired. But there's actually art, up. No one's
reading this...I see a lot of the old subscribers have fled
to the hills after two years of silence from the
once-OTT sikaurai.

Don't expect any more stunts for awhile.
Things are just business-only until further notice.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My last post was in June...
But...in my defense, I was off living
a wonderful fantasy-life with a beautiful
dark-eyed boy.

Now I'm gearing for a comeback and the
pretty boy and sikaurai are friends.

He encouraged me to return to this site...
just because it was the origin of
a fantastical hobby.


Hi. And stuff.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Too much stress right now. Can't
freaking stand it.

I'm finally kissing off the Otaku.

Funny, how when I submitted crap crayon
art, they were getting votes and comments
like mad. Now...when I put my heart
and soul in something...

It doesn't get noticed. In fact...
barely any views at all.


on average. And that means a lot,
for someone with as limited spare
time as I have. So I'm ending
things just shy of a thousand votes.

Besides...I have a lot on my plate
right now. I'm relinquishing custody
of my children--temporarily--
so I can pull myself out of this
hole that sperm donor has left me in.
Destroyed credit, possibly felony on
my record, no money. My nursing dreams
are shattered. So now, I have to come
up with a plan B. Or X, or Y, or Z.

Done with it. Done with the OTAKU.
And NO...I don't expect anyone
to try to cheer me up. I'm NOT
LOOKING FOR THAT, so I don't want
any snide comments about it.
And please...if you're response
is going to be FUCKING GLIB to
this...don't bother. Just move
on to the next site on your hit

Will be right-clicking the pics in
my gallery in order to save them to
my hard-drive. And then...well...
thanks for supporting me through
the hard times, I guess.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nothing to say. Was found guilty in court...possibly facing prison sentence
for felony charge of 'interference with


Sentencing is July 16th. Not really sure why
I posted this, here.

Not really sure of anything, anymore.

oh, well. there's always the sketchbook.

New art, for whatever the hell that's worth.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One Step In...One Step Out...

Autumn got kicked out of daycare.
That inspired veritable guffaws from
my best friend Bill …when I told him tonight.
He couldn’t apologize for laughing…
and I guess I didn’t expect him to.

It’s something I’ll chuckle about when
it’s no longer an inconvenience in my life.

Anyway…an artist on the dA network who
lives in the Czech Republic—she’s pretty
Popular, I guess—did a gift art for me. She
rendered my Akiramaru, and I thought I would
share her work. She’s great and she has an
awesome sense of humor. She doesn’t take
Life sooo terribly seriously. That’s coo’ to me.
In the interim, I’m hoping my entry for
KoolAid Guy’s contest will be up by
tomorrow morning. I’ve had a pretty hectic
day, so I wasn’t able to finish it.
So I thought I'd post it, work-en-progresse-
Here on my home page. I don’t know what
to add for a BG, though.

Well, at least spring cleaning is done…and
YAY. My job is giving me a raise. It’s about
time, yo. And speaking of which, this is my
last post for about eight days. Hell Week is
upon me again.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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