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Monday, May 7, 2007

Soooo…on deviantART I went into this
Huge tirade about the artists who
resent other artists who are evidently proud
of their own work.
A big war is being waged on dA…the
so-called elitists against the artists who
create fan clubs for their own original
characters. Being the antagonistic soul
that I am, I announced that I wanted to
start a fan club for Sascha.

It started out as a joke.

Imagine my shock when I got the
responses from deviants indicating that
they actually wanted to JOIN.

Well, CERM is working on creating
stamps for my journal page, soooooo…
I guess I’ll see if she’s willing to make
some buttons for this club. If people
actually want to post them.

Anywayyyyy…thanks to the people
who are still visiting, after all this time.
It’s humbling to realize that there are still
good people out there, despite my own
…naughtiness? I’ll try to come around
more often, and I guess tomorrow I will
have KoolAidGuy’s contest entry posted.

~pleasant dreams…

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Too tired for a subject...yo

You know…
I’ve just decided that I can’t make up
my mind, anymore.

Stay, leave, stay, leave.

I’ve decided to stay. Kinda.

See, to answer Ouros’ question…well, not
really a question…okay, shaddup…
I’ve discovered that I’m rather selfish.
I post art and then I split.
Therefore, I’ve decided to keep my
account up to dump my latest work.
Cuz …they get a lot of views, here.

But you know what?
There’s some people on this network
that I actually miss.
If I visit you in the next seven days…
then you’ll know that you’re one of them.

But you may not be reading this…
So it’s all good.

Sooooo…yeah. Posting art, here, without
the promotion.
My work should be good enough to
stand alone without the shameless self-
advertising and the deceitful networking.
The insincerity overwhelms me, sometimes.

At least, here.

On dA, though, I’m still allowed to be
tongue-in-cheek about my work. Dammit,
what would sikaurai be without her
sense of humor?


So…time for another revision.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

At Last...A Fresh Start

At last, I was able to get back on
my prescription.
It took TWO weeks for the full
effect to sink in. But at last,
the synapses are firing safely at
maximum capacity and without
the usual…interruptions.

Alas, I’ve also noticed that my
creative side takes a dump when
I’m medicated.
Example? The term ‘take a dump’.

Anyway, during a rare moment of
Free-time, I surfed the otaku, reading
people’s posts.
I’ve noticed that I’ve been removed
from quite a few people’s lists.
Welllll…that’s only fair.

I’ve done that quite a few times, myself.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Such a tool...

I pretty much kissed off the otaku
due to poor time management

How many times have I said that
This week?

*counts on fingers, gives up*

So what do I do?
I start up a new account on a new site
Boy was that opening a can of worms.
Within only a few short hours, I
gained fifty two views and four watchers.

Which is goood, but…
there’s those time management issues again.

Anyway, I have new art. I’ll be posting
the only two that I can get away with
here, yuk yuk.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yaoikiss101 says that whenever I locate an
outlet for my agitation, I tend to beat it to

Dammit, why couldn’t sperm donor be an
Outlet? That would work out rather perfectly.

Once again, I have nothing to say.
What’s the point of a blog, then?
Well, erm…I guess I have pics, then.

At least that’s something.

Bounty Hunter And The Daikum

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Immortal Show Down

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Don't wanna title this, either...

Ahhhhh *pat pat*
For those who still come around.
…You’re remarkably tolerant.

Anyway, submitted two pics, but my dA
watchers have already seen ‘em. I’m
surprised that the Otaku accepted them.
They’re sort of…mature-oriented.

*waits patiently for the mods to pull*

Yeahhhhhhh, that last post. I get irritable
When the book moves slower than normally.
I had to take it out on somebody. Hey,
Thanks for listening, rawr.

Anyway, yeahhh,
ABD…I never really thought
I had problems, before. Thanks for pointing that
out, har har.

And Mamma Vash, yeah, I had
a fling with a certified genius, once. You’re
Right. They CAN be really boring.
Thanks for the feedback, by the way.
You’re one of the coo’est people here.

MammaDX, thanks. Thanks, I think
I will, heh.

Ouroboros78: Um, well, we covered that
On dA.

Emmah: Don’t get me started on the chain
mail. Next person sends me one…I’m
commissioning a hacker. Believe it.

Necury: Thanks for understanding, heh.
I can always count on you for that.

Yensid: Yeahhhh, well, I just had to take
out my dry spell on something. I figured that
was as good reason to rant as any. Seriously,
the forums remind me of recess, sometimes.
And I’m going to check out Wet Canvas;
Thanks for the heads-up.

Lovelife7: *smack*

KoolAid Guy: Yeah, I saw the comments.
Ah, well. I guess I can’t relate. You did a
good job, regardless of the content.
Which to me, was perfectly dandy.

DarkxBlood: Yeah, I guess so. I don’t
Have AIM, so I can’t relate. But…I feel
That people should have proof before
accusing people. And once again, before
laying into someone and policing their
efforts, consistent ground rules should be
applicable with each submission.
Not this…ambiguous and easily misinterpreted

Anyway…going back into hiding for awhile.
Work is pretty hectic. But don’t worry, I’ll be
lurking over people’s posts.

Have a good one. You guys are the true friends, yo.

Caught In The Act

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The Unraveling

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pffffffft... Again.

Okay…I’m sure whoever is reading this
has figured it out by now.

I’m a lurker. Yep yep.

Actually, my life is so crazy right now,
I just decided to turn off my profile, from
time to time. To avoid unwanted PMs.
No spam. No chain letters. No art requests, ‘kay?

Seriously, I hyperventilate everytime I open
my box.

But…I’m still here. For art submissions…
Whenever I have time. I don’t expect the votes,
Since my spotty behavior and poor otaku
ettiquette has been pissing people off as
of late. So regarding my ‘Maru…my evil homie, yo,
I just want the views. So, dammit…LOOK!!!!!

No, just kidding.

Also, regarding accusations of plagiarism that is
plaguing some of my fellow otakuites…
Come up with stable, set ground rules for
these submissions and post them somewhere,
then…instead of coming up with your own devised
set of rules individual and inconsistent with each
submission. And practice what you preach, yo.

What is up with the rivalries? WHO IS LOSING
MONEY HERE? Why all the sniping and harping?
Seriously, do you give a shit? And if someone
wants to express their FUCKING OPINIONS to
the contrary of your own, why the fuck do you feel
the need to harrass them?

What, does everyone have to be a clone? People aren’t
allowed to think in a different mindset than your own?

What makes you so fucking special? Seriously. Can
You do any magic tricks? Are you running a Fortune500
Company? Are you a certified genius? Can you map
out grand and complex quantum physical equations on a
diner house napkin that will prove the end of war and
famine? Are you the second COMING?

If not, shut the fuck up.

God, bullies annoy me. Play nicely now, or someone
will have to come get the teacher.

Okay *yawn* have a good one.
I’m going back to my book now.

And my fantasies of the ‘Maru…

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I should be working on my ‘Macabre Marionette
Master’ right now…

But I dun feel like it.

So many ideas, but I’m burnt out.

GREAT convy between me and my oldest
daughter today. At the grocery store.
Autumn (loudly): When I pee, I have to go pee.
Me (horrified): Christ, kid, why don’t you say that
a little louder?
Autumn: (repeats it even louder)
Me: Okay, fine. Apparently, sarcasm is wasted on
Autumn: Are you sarcasming me, Mom?

Heh heh.

Customer service is officially gone down the drain.
I would go into a rant about it…but I’ve lost the

So…ummmmm…SEX PIC!!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh, maybe hopefully, bunraku will tell me how
those nightmares came along, heh heh…

Oh, I forgot. KoolAidGuy colored one of my
Pics. Here’s the end result of her spectular
work. Thanks, KoolAidGuy. You da bomb

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


I have absolutely nothing to say.


Aren’t I allowed to be boring once in awhile?

Actually, I’m just exhausted with drawing
and decided to take a break. Yeah, exhausted.
Running a pencil over a pad really WEARS
a person out. So SHADDUP. Besides,
I’m on a big ‘Maru kick…uggghghghhhhh.
If you can see the pic below this post, you
can understand why.

See, I can’t post shit like this on the otaku.
It’s that morality clause…or something. Or…
A lot of underage otakuites.
*glares at you all*

Anyway, that pic has almost one hundred views…
It achieved 25 views within a matter of two
minutes. I put up another pic…the one I
Submitted to the Otaku today, and it only has…
TWO. *sob*

Akiramaru The Incubus King

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

So…does that mean I should always leave
‘Maru’s clothes behind?

Okay, that’s fine by me XD

And I have this urge to do some scandalous
Kimimaro shonen ai. *gee, maybe that’ll
bring Ebony out of the woodwork…*

And…ummm..OMG. L7 made this amazingly
awful video with Karen Black. Does anyone
here know who Karen Black is? Welp, she’s
Awesomeness…a B-grade horror movie actress.
She recently starred in both of Rob Zombie’s
‘family firefly’ movies: ‘House of a Thousand
Corpses’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. L7 is just
frigging awesome. They’re so…raunchy.
The embedding was disabled on YouTube, so
I can only give a link.
Seriously, if you want
A good laugh, I suggest checking it out.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm a WHAT now?

I should be sleeping. But my mind won’t
ket me. SO I’m currently pestering Ebony to

Hey, guess what. I’m a ‘SENIOR OTAKU’ now.
Isn’t that something? I didn’t know what
that meant until today. I mean, like, I thought
it meant I got a meal discount or something.
You know, at the local otaku café.
No, I jest. But it means now that I don’t have
to go through the approval process for my
pics. I submit…and BAM. There they are.
It even said: Due to previous submissions,
you are automatically approved.

Fools. They have no idea.

Anyway, so I submitted two new ones…

Kiss The Inner Demons

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Sesshomaru For Lare

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
Go vote. Or don’t. S’all good. I should
get back to work on my pic of
Sascha’s crucifixion. YES. He’s really
been pissing me off, lately.

So take that.

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