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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Too much stress right now. Can't
freaking stand it.

I'm finally kissing off the Otaku.

Funny, how when I submitted crap crayon
art, they were getting votes and comments
like mad. Now...when I put my heart
and soul in something...

It doesn't get noticed. In fact...
barely any views at all.


on average. And that means a lot,
for someone with as limited spare
time as I have. So I'm ending
things just shy of a thousand votes.

Besides...I have a lot on my plate
right now. I'm relinquishing custody
of my children--temporarily--
so I can pull myself out of this
hole that sperm donor has left me in.
Destroyed credit, possibly felony on
my record, no money. My nursing dreams
are shattered. So now, I have to come
up with a plan B. Or X, or Y, or Z.

Done with it. Done with the OTAKU.
And NO...I don't expect anyone
to try to cheer me up. I'm NOT
LOOKING FOR THAT, so I don't want
any snide comments about it.
And please...if you're response
is going to be FUCKING GLIB to
this...don't bother. Just move
on to the next site on your hit

Will be right-clicking the pics in
my gallery in order to save them to
my hard-drive. And then...well...
thanks for supporting me through
the hard times, I guess.

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