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Hi everyone! I'll probably change this later once I'm out of school. *shrugs* Sign my guestbook!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Woo! xD Quick update to show I'm still alive! xD I promise I'll try to post more once school's out on the first xD; I just thought I'd introduce.... my Loveless OCs, Kuroyume Shinjin & his girlfriend, Tayuya Haruko! xD *To see pics of them, check out my DA gallery o: *points down to bottom of post for link*)

Kuroyume: Feh, idiot. >>;;

Tayuya: Be nice, Kuroyume. ^^;

Kuroyume: >/////>;;;

Me: Yes, Kuro-kun's as stubborn as can be xD But Tayuya-chan always makes him happy(even if he doesn't show it) xD

Kuroyume: Stop talking about my personal life! ><

Me: *ignores him* Once I finish doing Tayuya-chan's bio, I'll post a link to my site about them here so you can learn more about her and mister grumpy pants over there *points at Kuro*

Kuro: Shuddup >>;;; *goes back to listening to music*

Tayuya: So be sure to keep an eye out for it :3

Me: That's all for now! ^^ Join us next time on InuKid's Play House! XD *shot for watching way to much Spiral* x3x

P.S. Like my new layout? xD

Click for KuroyumexTayuya-ness & more! x3

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