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Thursday, March 27, 2008

WRONG TURN 2 DEAD END chapter three
Chapter three

Shadow and Rouge blindly walked through the woods with the troublesome teens. The only calm one was Sapphire. Amy and Ruby were extremely annoying. Asagi complained the whole time that the bugs kept biting her legs. Don’t wear short shorts then she wouldn’t have that problem. Matt and Dale behaved quite nicely, not to quiet and not to talkative either. Mara, on the other hand, was a bitch.

Rouge could hear her talking bad about her to Dale. She didn’t even care that Rouge was standing beside her.

“Don’t let her get to you,” Matt said, “She’s like this towards everyone. When you become friends with her then she has a completely different attitude.”

“If you ask me she doesn’t deserve any friends!” she said.

“Well, Mara isn’t easy.”

“No shit,” she snapped and walked up to Shadow. She grabbed his hand tightly, “lets just find the exit.”

Shadow stopped and placed both hands on her cheek, “nothing will happen. I promise!” he said and kissed her lips deeply.

Rouge couldn’t help but be nervous in the woods. Especially since they were in the same woods as before.

“Just don’t think about it,” he said, “just walk.”

“Wow!” Mara exclaimed, “the bitch plays good but she’s nothing but a wimp! What 21 yr old is scared of the woods?!”

“Listen you…” Rouge shouted, but Shadow grabbed her shoulder.

“Just ignore her. She doesn’t know anything so she’s not so intelligent,” Mara growled, “if I were you I wouldn’t drop your guard otherwise,” he glared at her, “I’ll be the one to knock you on your ass. I assure you that.”

Mara faked a shiver, “I’m so scared,” before anyone could have the time to react, Mara was flat on her ass and Shadow had his foot pressed down on her throat.

“Let me explain something to you. When I say the words ‘I assure you’ or ‘I promise you’ I will do it! I don’t give a fuck if you’re a child, a teenager or a grandmother! Understood?” he roughly removed his foot from her throat and Mara sat up.

“You asshole!” she shouted and began throwing a fit like a 4 year old. Mainly because she had gotten dirty.

“Don’t piss me off then,” he warned.

Mara looked at Dale, “did you see what he did?!”

Dale nodded, “I did, but you’re on your own in this one.”

Mara growled, then, crossed her arms.

“Why do you act like a spoiled diva?” Rouge asked.

“For one, I’m a model!” she snapped, “so I don’t like getting dirty!” she began to clean her shirt for the tenth time, “unlike the whore who doesn’t have nice curves!”

Rouge scoffed, “excuse me? So I’m not a model big deal! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have curves!”

“Just how many men would sleep with you anyway?”

“I’m not a virgin if that’s what you’re asking,” she answered thinking back to the cave three years ago. Her first time.

“I don’t see why you’re insulting Rouge about not having any curves,” Shadow replied, “you’re flat. why the hell are you a model and not have any breast?”

“Well I’m sorry if my boob size doesn’t fit your girlfriend who’s clearly had LOTS of surgery.”

“Could you guys stop already!” Sapphire shouted, “we spent more time fighting then anything!”

Ruby nodded with agreement.

Asagi walked ahead and her eyes lit up with excitement, “Guys!” she shouted and dashed towards them with a big smile.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WRONG TURN 2 DEAD END chapter two
Chapter two

In a different car, a blue mustang, Shadow and Rouge drove through the woods quickly yet carefully. To Rouge, it didn’t matter if they were in different woods it was the fact that they were STILL in some sort of wooded area when she promised her self to never set eyes on them ever again, but she knew it was the only route to leave Central. As long as they didn’t stop for anything she was, some what, safe.

“Hey,” Shadow started while turning the radio off so it was quiet and he placed his hand on hers, “you’re alright. I agree with that fact that you want to stay away from these woods whenever possible. But…”

“This is the only way, I know,” she finished.

“Yeah. We’ll just make a quick drive through here. After this it’s done. You’re no longer near the woods.”

“Thank you,” she said, “for everything. Ever since we met 3 years ago you’ve always been by my side.”

“And I promise to always be by you. Remember, Rouge, if I’m not there,” he pulled out his cell and turned it on, “I’m only 7 digits away from you. Even if it’s a minor thing, please, don’t hesitate to call.”

Rouge nodded and she tightened her grasp on his hand. They were silent as Shadow kept his eyes on the road.

“Hey,” she said when something caught her eye, “there’s someone waving. I think they’re in trouble.”

Shadow pulled up beside the white van and he rolled down his window, “you guys alright?” he questioned.

“We got a flat, but we have no way of fixing it,” the black fox responded, “Could you help?”

Shadow nodded and stepped out of the car.

“Oh Dale! I want to go camping!” the fox girl complained.

“Don’t worry,” Dale said and kissed her nose, “we will.”

“Hey, Sapphire! What do you have there?” a red hedgehog called questioned when she saw her sister approaching the car with something in her hands.

“This was tied to the trees back there!” she shouted holding up a rope of barbed wire, “some one did this on purpose!”

Shadow gasped and he looked up at Sapphire.

She threw the barbed wire on the ground, “un believable! Un-fuckin-believable!”

Rouge got out of the car quickly and she looked at the tires of her car. She screamed and covered her mouth. Her tires were flat to, “I knew this was a bad idea!”

“Hey,” shadow soothed, “it was probably left there from before!”

The gray cat looked at them, “before?” she questioned.

“It would be best if I didn’t answer that,” he responded.

“So what do we do?” she asked.

“well we could wait or walk,” Sapphire answered.

“EVERYONE comes no matter what,” Rouge interrupted.

The cat seemed defended taking orders from her, “excuse me?” she questioned, “who the hell are you that you think you can order me around?”

“Mara, don’t even start,” Asagi warned, “we all know you have a hard time following orders.”

Now Mara looked at Asagi, “would you like to open your slutty mouth again?”

“I would but…”

“Asagi! Mara! Both of you stop it!” Dale ordered, “Matt, Amy! Could you check to see if our stuff is alright?”

“Sure!” they said in unison and they ran towards the truck.

“So what do we do?” Ruby asked, “wait or walk?”

“I don’t care what we do as long as Mrs. Bat-whore doesn’t decide!” Mara explained.

Rouge growled, Mara smirked.

“We stick together,” Shadow answered knowing they would all obey him, “no matter what we stick together. Understood?”

Everyone agreed, everyone but Mara, who hesitated. Why was this girl such a bitch? Why didn’t she even want to follow a simple order?

A/N opps XD sry it took so long to put this chapter up. usually around this time ofthe year i'm not on as much because it's warm and i'm spending my time at the park XD

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Friday, March 21, 2008

WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END: prologue and chapter one


The dream started when Rouge and Shadow were inside a small, old, house. 2 others were there, Sonic and Tikal. They looked around the house and that was when they discovered that they were being persuaded by 3 hillbilly mutants.

The dream fast forwarded when they were in a car and Tikal held out her hand, waiting for Sonic to take it, “take it!” she wept, but he stopped, “why are you stopping?!” that was when an arrow shot through his eye and she screamed.

Another fast forwarded, they were hiding in an old search tower whey they came. Rouge, Shadow and Tikal could smell the watch tower being burned and that left them to jump out of the tower and into a tree nearby. They jumped with success and Tikal stopped while crying. She lost her balance and fell straight towards the ground. ‘3 fingers’ the name of the smaller one, swung his ax and Tikal’s body finished the fall in two parts.

Rouge leaned her body against the tree and she wept. Unaware that 3 fingers was behind her, she just sat there and 3 fingers raised his ax and swung it.


Rouge shot up from her bed, sweat pouring down her face and her breathing heavy. She placed her hands to her face and sobbed silently.

She stood from the bed and picked up the phone. She dialed the 1st 3 digits of Shadow’s cell, but she hung up and placed the phone to the table and she drew her attention to the window and placed a hand to it. She hated Central. It just reminded her of her friends.

Tears formed in her eyes, but she stopped when she heard the door open.

“Shadow…?” she spoke when she realized it was him.

Shadow rushed up to her and he held her tightly in his arms, “lets leave here,” he said, “being here is not helping you at all.”

Chapter one

A blue van drove down the mountain pass. It contained 8 teenagers, 2 of them were in the back and they were making out. 4 of them were in the middle seats of the van and they were laughing loudly. But, in the front, there were 2 others. A male and a female.

The female was a blue hedgehog and she wore a red shirt with blue jeans. She wasn’t happy at all.

The male was a fox, a black fox. He wore a blue shirt with blue jeans. He looked at the girl, “you still pissed?!” he asked, “lighten up, Sapphire.”

She glared at him, “easy for you to say, Matt!” she hissed, “you weren’t force on this oblivious trip!”

“She’s got a point!” a pink hedgehog echoed.

“Shut up, Amy,” she order and Amy slowly backed away to her seat, “what’s the point in this anyway?”

“It’s just a hang out!” Matt explained watching the road for any signs.

“You had me skip school for a hang out in the middle of the woods?!”

“Oh who cares, you were bound to fail anyway!” a voice teased from the other end of the van.

Sapphire glared at the boy who spoke and mocked him, “shut up, Dale!” she said, “and continue making out with Asagi!”

Asagi was, too, a fox. She wore a pink tang top with very short shorts.

Dale was an echidna. A yellow echidna and he wore all brown.

“You watch yourself, Dale! That’s my sister, remember?” Matt warned with a chuckle.

“Half-sister,” Dale corrected.

Sapphire rolled her eyes, “you’re a pig either way.”

The last 2 people were girls. One was a gray cat girl. She had golden yellow eyes and she wore shorts and a skin tight black tang top. Her name was Mara.

Last, was a red hedgehog. She had purple eyes and she wore jeans and a purple belly shirt. Her name was Ruby and she was Sapphire’s annoying sister.

Everyone in that van was between 17-29 years of age.

“I’m so going to get grounded,” Sapphire complained.

“Then we’ll both get grounded!” Ruby reassured.

“You’re the one I’m mad at the most!”

“Who me?! Why?!”

“Because you forced me into this van knowing I didn’t want to go! I was going to study for the final so I wouldn’t repeat the grade!” Sapphire shouted.

“The finals can wait!” Ruby replied “hanging with your friends can’t! besides you never know if we’ll all still be friends after we graduate!”

Matt stopped the van, “strange,” he said, “this road doesn’t have a sign.”

“so then we don’t go that way, dumb ass!” Sapphire snapped, “there! Problem solved!”

“No I think we should!” Dale said, “it’ll be fun.”

“Yes, lets do it!” Asagi said.

“Sorry, Sapphire! My sister said yes!” Matt replied with a chuckle.

Sapphire growled, “why do I even bother?”

Matt drove the van down the unknown road and he looked around, “maybe we should camp out here! It’s more wood like then the other area we were going to.”

“Are you nuts! You’re trying to get us lost!”

“Chill, Sapph!” he said and drove faster through the woods just to make her mad, “this is pretty awesome!”

“Oh brother,” she groaned.

There was a loud popping sound and they all looked at each other. Sapphire groaned again as Matt stopped the van. She knew he would stay in that spot now that they had completely stopped. But what was that popping sound?

A/N well this story won for the vote! sry warriorgal! but u can bet that romanticide will b the next one 2 b put up! also these next few chapters r not similier to the movie because i just now saw the movie last week at a sleepover so it's not the survival game. ididn't really like that idea when i looked over like 2o differents sites for info on this story and lead to this. well u guys know the rules right? no one word comment! let me know what you think!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hello ^^
well i'm mainly updating because i havn't in awhile that was my bad XD sorry!!! i'm sooo happy!! i got the 3rd volume of Venys versus virus this week now i can't wait for june! come on june!! i also started watching Kiddy grade all over again because i'm bored. i'm working on trying to choose which story 2 put up next so instead of me choosing! i'm going to let u all choose! now i notice with this damn new otaku people r barely on anymore which SUCKS! but y am i complaining XD i'm not on much either because i'm working on DA and FF again. but i'm going to give this a try and c what happens lol. so umm i guess i'm going to put up a summery for a few of my current stories and ratings. also what they contain like language and violence and so on. they're all sonic stories but don' worry! i'm going to work on (or attempt) different animes so just bare with me!

1) Wrong turn 2: dead end: the sequal to WRONG TURN contains: violence language and sex. rted M

2) Romanticide: After a simple mission in Central, Sonic comes across Shadow the last vampire and unexpectedly develops a strong bond. but how dangrous can loving a vampire be? especially one with a terrible yet unknown past WARNING: yaoi. contains: language violence and some sex rated M

3) Pardon my past: Shadow risks his life as he goes back to the time Maria was killed in order to change those events and let her live Conatins: minor language rated T

4) Daughter of darkness: on a hot summer day, a fetching young girl named Stacy appears to Shadow, calling him daddy. Jealousy and envy follows Rouge as she battles to get his attention, but the importent question is, who's the mother? Contains: sexual content language and nudity rated M

5) Love and Revenge: after getting tortured and left to die, shadow is found by a hedgehog named sonic and is treated. but when he starts to develope feelings for him, but what happens when Shadow discovers who sonic really was? will he still be able to trust him Contains: language and strong violence. WARNING: yaoi Rated M

WELL that's all!! so feel free 2 choose because i'm 2 lazy 2 XD

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WRONG TURN epilogue
A cop car pulled into the driveway where the house was blown to bits at.

The cop got out of the car and looked around, pulling out a flashlight.

Someone appeared behind him, held up their ax and axed the cop's head off and ran away, while laughing.

Notice: u know i have no idea y i didn't add this yesterday. probably because i'm lazy XD

btw a little late 2 tell u all this now. but Shadow WAS a hedgehog. as hot as he is when he's a human he's ALWAYS a hedgehog.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

WRONG TURN cha.7 Warning: violence and sexual situations
Rouge and shadow started walking as soon as they could see the road.

"Lets go!" Shadow ordered and they began to run down the road.

Shadow heard Rouge scream and he quickly turned around.

"Shadow!" Rouge shouted when a freak grabed her.


The freak placed a hand over Rouge's mouth and began to drag her to the truck.

"No!" shadow shouted running up and throwing a punch.

There was a gun shot and shadow fell on his knees while holding his wounded shoulder.

The freak threw Rouge in the truck and began to drive off.

"Rouge!" Shadow shouted through a wince.

He forced himself to stand and quickly walked down the road, but he knew that he couldn't catch up now.


A police car pulled into the woods, "I think we had a false alarm," the cop said into the walkie-talkie, "I'm running back now!"

The cop laid down the walkie-talkie and looked deep into the woods. He felt something cold get pressed against his throat and realized that it was a knife.

The freak slit the cop's throat and began to laugh wildly . It got out of the car and began to connect the cop car to it's truck.

Shadow wasn't to far away from that car and quickly ran underneath the car, grabbed the bottom and lifted his body up of the ground.

The truck started up and began to drive off, with the cop car attached to the back of it.


At the house, Rouge was gagged on a bed with barbed wire wrapped around her wrist and ankles while it was attached to a bed post.

The freak walked up to her and placed the knife against her chest and she began to breath heavily.

The knife was placed under her shirt and it slit one side of her shirt.

Rouge began to kick and she tried to spit the gag out of her mouth, but she couldn't do it. She was trapped in the same room with 2 killers.

The freak pulled away when they both heard the sound of the truck pulling in and she began to panic.

The door slowly opened and the last freak walked in with the cop's head in it's hand.

'No!' Rouge thought.

She tried to pull her hand through the barbed wire, but she was only causing herself more pain and blood began to drip down her arms. She looked up and noticed that 1 of the freaks was to face to face with her.

The door slammed open and Rouge saw Shadow at the door with a gun pointed.

The one with the ax walked up to Shadow and swung it, but Shadow dodged it.

Shadow jumped on top of the table and kicked it in it's neck.

There was a 'snap' and the freak fell on the ground, hopefully dead.

Shadow ran up to Rouge and removed the gag from her mouth.

"Shadow?" Rouge questioned in shock.

"I got you!" Shadow and began to loosen the barbed wire from her hands.

"Behind you!" Rouge shouted.

Shadow turned around and ducked a blow that was delivered by the biggest freak.

Rouge used her free arm and began to remove the barbed wire that was connected on her other arm. When she got that done she quickly began to work on her ankles.

Shadow jumped up and kicked the freak in the stomach.

"Shadow!" Rouge shouted and stood up from the bed.

'that's it!' Shadow thought.

He ran up to the table and threw a lit candle on the ground and looked at Rouge.

"Shadow, what are you doing?!" Rouge shouted.

"Just follow me!" Shadow shouted quickly and ran out of the house with Rouge.

Aiming his gun, Shadow shot a barrel full of gas and the house exploded. Shadow threw himself on top of Rouge and knocked her down on the ground.

"Are you alright?" Shadow asked and helped her up.

Rouge nodded, "it's over."

"no," Shadow said, "it's not!"

Rouge looked at Shadow with confusion, "what do you mean?"

"Come on, we'll take their truck," Shadow said.

They pulled into the gas station and Shadow got out of the car.

He walked up to the bulletin board and ripped the map off of the board. He walked back to the truck and drove off, making their way to central.

NOTICE: there is an epilogue left. and please make the comments longer then one word and comment. just reminding u all. and ask questions now if u have any ONLY regarding the story or characters.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

WRONG TURN cha.6 warning: graphic violence and sexual themes
"What?" Tikal asked.

"There's a tree not to far down, if we jump they wont spot us," Shadow repeated.

"The cops are coming, the told us to stay here!" Tikal shouted.

"If we stay here then we're dead!" Rouge shouted agreeing with Shadow.

"I'll jump first," Shadow said and climbed on the window.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, Shadow jumped out and hit the tree that was below him.

"Alright, Tikal!" Rouge said.

Tikal climbed up the window and jumped out, landing on a branch not far from her.

Rouge was next to jump out of the building. She hit her stomach on the tree and quickly pulled herself up.

They ran across the tree and hid.

"Now what?" Rouge asked in a whisper.

But before Shadow could answer, a arrow flew and hit the tree they were hiding behind.

"Shit!" Tikal shouted and fell down.

Rouge saw an ax and knew it was to late for Tikal.

The smallest of the freaks swung his ax and smashed it into Tikal's mouth.

Rouge hid behind a tree and felt tears sting her eyes.

The ax was removed and Shadow saw Tikal's body fall into 2 parts.

Rouge started to breath heavily and she threw her body onto another branch.

"Rouge! In front of you!" Shadow shouted.

Rouge looked up and saw the same freak that killed Tikal right in front of her.

"Duck, Rouge!" Shadow shouted.

Rouge obeyed and a branch knocked the freak right out of the tree.

Shadow ran up to Rouge and helped her up, "lets go!" Shadow said.

Rouge nodded, she wanted to cry, but she couldn't. she was in to much in shock.

Shadow and Rouge jumped to the next tree and looked around, "there's a cave!" Shadow pointed out.

They climbed down the tree and quickly ran into the cave.

"Go ahead and rest," Shadow said, "take it easy."

Rouge nodded and sat down on a rock.

Shadow sat down beside her.

"We'll leave tomorrow, get some help."

"Last week, I had just gotten home from school, there was a message. It was from my boyfriend, he said that he wanted to separate, that he couldn't treat me that way I had to him," Rouge said with tears forming in her eyes, "Julie, Knuckles and the other 2 ditched school just to take me here and now they're dead. And it's all my fault!"

Shadow hugged Rouge and he shook his head, "it's not your fault," Shadow said, "don't blame yourself!"

Rouge pulled away from Shadow and connected her lips to his.

Shadow returned the kiss as he placed his hands on her large breast and began to caress her nipples.

Rouge removed her shirt and her huge breast were exposed.

Shadow pushed rouge on the ground and they began to remove the rest of their clothes.

Rouge gave off a moan as shadow entered her body and she kissed him, "faster!" she begged.

Shadow nodded and he shot more sperm into her body. He placed his tongue near her breast and licked her nipples.

Rouge placed her on his head and moaned as more sperm was shot into her body.

"Shadow, I love you!" Rouge said.

Shadow smiled warmly, "I love you too, Rouge!"

"I wasn't so sure because we were to busy getting killed and..."

"Rouge, you don't have to worry," Shadow said and smiled again, "we'll get out of here alive!"

Rouge nodded, "yes together!"

NOTICE: if u have any questions please start asking. they will be answer after the story on a post and will be announced who asked them. also make the comments longer then one word or sentence. thank u for doing so last chapter everyone *hugs*

Venus Versus Virus

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tikal had agreed to walk, but she didn't like it. She thought that there was no point in trying to escape, that they were all going to die anyway.

Rouge stayed beside Shadow, as for she was alert. Everything there was even the smallest sound she would stop and her heart would race. Rouge heard Tikal throw her body on the ground and quickly turned to face her, "what are you doing?" she asked.

"Resting!" Tikal answered.

"You can't rest!" Rouge shouted, but not to loud.

"What's the point we're all going to die anyway."

"Don't talk that way!" Rouge ordered. She gasped when she heard shadow sit down and she turned to face him, "Shadow, what are you...?"

"we're miles away from them, lets take a break, for Tikal's sake," Shadow said.

Rouge nodded slowly and she sat down beside Shadow, "Shadow, why don't you tell me about yourself."

"There's not much to say, I was adopted. That's pretty much it," Shadow said.

"Well why don't you start by telling me where you were going in such a hurry?"

Shadow chuckled a little, "I was on my way to Central."

Rouge nodded, "so you chose to take a little stroll through the woods?"

"No, the main road was closed and I needed to get to an interview," Shadow answered, "you?"

"I live in Central. This was just suppose to be a little vacation because I love the wilderness, but this isn't no vacation."

Shadow knew that she was fighting on sobs and he pulled her in for a hug, "I know what it's like to lose someone."

Rouge gasped a little when she felt his embrace and looked at Shadow, "we better start walking."

Shadow nodded, "it's near dark now."

Rouge helped Shadow up and she walked up to Tikal, "lets go," she said softly.

Tikal nodded slowly and she stood up.

They continued to walk down the road, the sun was setting and they needed to find shelter soon.

"Hey look!" Tikal pointed out.

Rouge looked straight ahead and noticed a wooden search tower, "it's perfect!" she said.

Shadow walked up to the ladder and began to climb it, Rouge and Tikal not far behind him.

Shadow opened the door that was above them and he climbed in. he helped Rouge and Tikal up and he sat near the wall.

Rouge stood up and began to look around for a first aid kit, but it was to dark.

"Rouge?" Tikal said and threw her a glow stick that she had found.

"Thanks," Rouge said and she pulled out a box that had a red cross on it and she opened, "Shadow?"

"Go ahead," he said and Rouge removed the cloth that was on his leg.

"Guys," tikal said her voice in a tone of shock.

Rouge turned to face Tikal and gasped, "a radio!"

"Does it work?" Shadow asked.

Tikal flipped a switch that was on it and placed the microphone near her mouth, "Hello? Is there anyone there? Can you hear us? Over!" Tikal asked and she waited for a response, but got nothing.

Rouge frowned, "now what?"

"Wait a minute!" Shadow said in a whisper and stood up, "oh hell no!"

"What?" Rouge asked and Shadow quickly sat down.

"Cover the lights!" he ordered and he threw an old blanket over the glow sticks.

"I think they went past us," Rouge whispered.

Suddenly, the radio made a loud noise and Rouge's eyes widen in fear.

we got your transmission what's your emergency?

Tikal picked up the radio and Shadow gasped, "they're coming up!"

Rouge quickly stood up and found a big box, "Shadow, help me!" Rouge shouted.

Shadow quickly stood up and pressed the box over the door.

They quickly backed away and the floor shook.

"Yes yes we're here!" Tikal shouted into the microphone, "we're somewhere in the Mobian hill in a wooden search tower! There's people that are trying to kill us!"

alright just wait there!

"wait," Shadow said, "I think they're gone."

Rouge became quiet and Tikal looked at Shadow.

"I smell smoke!" Rouge said suddenly and looked out the window, "the bastards are trying to scare us out!"

Shadow looked out the window and turned to face Rouge and Tikal, "we're going to jump!"

NOTICE: when commenting please make it more then one word or letter. thank u KOON for doing so! *hugs*

venus versus virus

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

WRONG TURN cha.4 warning: graphic violence
Shadow made sure that he was behind the others. He didn't want them to get hurt and since he was the fastest, he wanted to make sure they were all there.

They hid behind a bush and watched as the 3 freaks started their truck and drove up the hill. They were armed with bows, arrows, axes and guns. Meanwhile they had nothing.

"Who the fuck are they?!" Sonic shouted.

"Keep it down they'll hear!" Shadow ordered.

To late, Shadow noticed the van and quickly stood up, "Run!"

Rouge nodded as she helped Tikal up and they made their way down the road. She stopped dead in her tracks when they ran straight into a car dump and she quickly hid behind one.

"What do we do?" Tikal asked, "what are we suppose to do?"

"Alright," Shadow started, but stopped.

The truck pulled into the car dump and stopped about a mile away from them.

"I'm going to distract them! You guys get that truck," Shadow ordered, "and drive out of here!"

Rouge nodded, "alright, we'll do that!"

Shadow went to stand up, but Rouge quickly pulled him back down, "be careful!"

"I will," Shadow said, stood up and ran in front of the truck.

Only one ran after Shadow, shooting arrow after arrow, but all of them missing.

"Come on!" Rouge shouted and began to run towards the truck with Sonic and Tikal inches behind her. She hid behind another car and waited again.

The freak shot another arrow and Shadow fell down on the ground, the arrow had gotten him in his leg.

"He's down!" Sonic said and Tikal screamed.

"They're going after him!" Rouge shouted and looked at the truck.

"I'll distract them!" Sonic said suddenly.

"No! you can't!" Tikal wept.

"Rouge, as soon as I run, you go after Shadow!" Sonic ordered.

Rouge nodded, "Tikal, you go for the truck and drive!"

Tikal forced herself to nod.

Sonic jumped in one direction and Rouge went the other while Tikal waited.

The 3 freaks looked at Sonic and they ran after him.

Rouge ran over to Shadow and helped him up.

Tikal jumped into the truck and quickly drove in the direction Shadow and Rouge were running.

"Get in!" Rouge ordered and helped Shadow in.

She pushed Tikal over and turned the car around as she drove after Sonic.

Rouge drove in front of Sonic and Tikal held out her hand, waiting for Sonic to grab it.

"Come on!" Tikal shouted.

Sonic stopped dead in his tracks and Tikal gasped, "why are you stopping?!" Tikal shouted.

Shadow gasped, 'no!'

An arrow was shot and it went through Sonic's eye and Tikal screamed.

Rouge quickly drove off and Tikal wept.

"Go back!" she shouted, "please go back!"

"I'm sorry!" Rouge said, "we can't!"

Shadow ripped a piece of cloth from his shirt and Rouge laid her hand where the wound was at so he could tie it. He quickly tied it over her hand and Rouge pulled away so he could tighten it.

"Who the fuck are they?!" Rouge shouted.

"I don't know," Shadow answered, "but whatever they are they must have something to do with the disappearances of the 2 teens yesterday!"

Shadow looked at Tikal, who was spaced out. Her face was red and tears continued to stream down her cheeks.

"So you think they're the reason?" Rouge asked.

"It could be possible," Shadow answered.

Rouge felt the truck stop and she slammed her hands on the gear shift.

"Mud!" she shouted, "great!"

Rouge got out of the car and looked at it, "we're going to have to continue on foot."

Tikal ran up to Rouge, "No! you seem to have forgotten that there's freaks out there that are trying to kill us!"

"Well if we stay here and waste time they'll catch up with us!" Rouge pointed out and looked at Shadow, "can you walk?"


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WRONG TURN cha.3 warning: graphic violence!
"Don't touch anything, just look for a phone!" Shadow ordered and slowly walked in.

"It doesn't look like anyone's here and they haven't been for a few hours."

"Which means we have to search fast, then," Shadow exclaimed.

"come on, help me find the bathroom!" Tikal complained.

Rouge walked out of the room that Shadow was in and found herself looking at a room that was filled with junk.

Tikal picked up something and she looked at it. "weird stuff," she mumbled and placed it back on the table.

"I don't see a phone," Shadow said and Rouge nodded.

"Hey guys, I found the bathroom!" Tikal shouted and walked in, "man, it smells like something died!"

Rouge opened a closet door and her eyes widen.

Tikal opened the shower curtain and gave off a scream, but Sonic quickly covered her mouth.

"There's blood in the tub and jars full of body parts!" Tikal wept.

"Guys! We have to get the hell out of here!" Rouge shouted.

Shadow watched as Rouge began to gather her friends and his ears twitched when he heard something coming, "stop moving!" shadow ordered and Rouge stopped.

"Oh shit!" she heard Sonic shout when they saw a huge truck coming up the driveway.

Shadow and Rouge quickly hid underneath a nearby table while Sonic and tikal hid in the closet.

The door slammed opened and 2 people walked in.

Shadow could hear them throw something on the table and he felt his heart skip a beat.

There was a sudden movement and a body was dropped right in front of them.

"Julie-Su?" Rouge whispered and quickly covered her mouth.

Shadow could feel her shake and he put his hand on her shoulder.

Rouge saw blood began to move towards her and she moved closer to Shadow.

There was a loud 'thump' when Knuckles's body was thrown on the table and murder pulled out a saw.

Quickly the saw was sawed through Knuckles's body and Rouge closed her eyes as tears formed. She heard something fall on the ground in front of her and she gasped, her heart racing.

The killer bend down to pick it up and Rouge pressed her body closer to Shadow's and the killer moved his hand on the floor until he picked it up.

When the killer stood up, Rouge closed her eyes as Julie-Su's bloody face became to much for her. She was wondering what Shadow was doing along with Sonic and Tikal.

Julie-Su's body was yanked off of the ground and Rouge opened her eyes.

In what seemed like hours, the killers fell asleep. Shadow knew that if they didn't escape now, they wouldn't have a chance later.

Rouge slowly crawled out from under the table and looked at the killers. They looked like mutated freaks to her.

Shadow crawled out and walked up to Rouge as she watched Sonic and tikal walk out of the closet.

Sonic quickly put an arm around Tikal and he placed his hand over her mouth as he guided her in the direction and they wanted to go.

Tikal bumped into a table and she quickly stop as her heart pounded in her chest.

Shadow and Rouge quietly walked to the front door and watched as Tikal and Sonic walked past one of the freaks.

When they made it to the door, Shadow had already began to open the door. He grabbed the top part of the door so it wouldn't squeak as much and let Tikal and sonic out before Tikal past out in shock.

Rouge ran out next and stopped as she turned to face Shadow.

He made his head move in a motion that meant 'go,' but Rouge hesitated.

"Come on!" Tikal whispered and sonic motioned him to come.

But Shadow didn't move and Rouge knew that something was wrong.

A look of fear formed on Shadow's face as he slowly turned his head, one of the freaks was awake.

"Go!" Shadow shouted and quickly let go of the door, "get the hell out of here!"

They didn't hesitate, they ran up the hill and dashed down the road.

Venus Versus Virus

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