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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Noir chapter 3

“I’m sorry for attacking you like that,” Knuckles said as he and Rouge sat across from each other with a fire in the middle.

Rouge send him a smile, ‘it’s no problem,” she reassured, “but may I ask, why are you out here so late at night?”

“I should be asking you the same thing,” Knuckles replied, “I’m on a mission.”

Rouge’s ears perked up with interest, “oh! What type of mission?”

“I work for the Chaotic Detective agency. I’m on a mission to hunt down a vampire.”

Rouge gasped, “a vampire?”

Knuckles nodded and he smirked, knowing he had gotten her interested, “I was told that a vampire was roaming these parts and I’ve been searching for him, but there’s no tracks.”

“no tracks?” Rouge asked, confused, how long before the sun raised?

“I’ve found bodies, but there’s no bite marks on the neck,” he answered.

“If there’s no bite marks, then what is it?”

“Man you sure are a curious one,” knuckles said with a laugh.

Rouge ignored the comment and continued to look at the echidna’s gun, waiting for him to pull it out and shot her with it. But his hand didn’t even go any where near the gun let alone looked at it the whole time they were talking. Could it be he didn’t suspect her?

“gun wounds,” Knuckles answered.

“Wait, are you saying this vampire has a gun on him?” he nodded, “how’s that possible?” she asked, “all vampires need to drink blood, so how is he even still alive?”

“Fuck! That’s one answer I do not have,” Knuckled answered with a long, loud sigh, “maybe it’s a dhemphire?”

“No, they still need blood,” Rouge answered while shaking her head.

Knuckled sighed again, for a week now he had been wondering the same thing, but he got no answer from anyone. He had always been hunting vampires, but not anything like this.

“Whenever someone is turned there’s always a leader of the plague,” Rouge thought out loud, “this vampire is either the leader or he knows the leader!”

Rouge quickly stood up, Knuckles gasped, ‘Rouge?”

“Knuckles, I’m off to find this vampire!”

“But how? Why?” Knuckles asked and he stood with Rouge.

“This vampire knows who I am. I have to find him, he has connections with my past!”

“Then I’ll assist you!” Knuckles shouted.

“No! I wont allow you to follow me,” rouge said and quickly spread her wings before Knuckles could say another word.

Knuckles chuckled, ‘damn that’s one tough babe! I think we’ll meet again though Rouge!’

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Noir chapter 2

As soon as the sun went down, Rouge left the abandon building, hoping to find more food.

She spread her wings and flew in the nighttime sky, while keeping her eyes peeled for humans or anything that was alive. She decided to put all thoughts aside until she had at least had something to eat and the best place was probably a hospital.

‘they have blood for sure,’ she thought.

She entered the hospital through a window that was kept opened and she silently landed on the ground, looking in every direction for nurses or doctors. She stood up and walked around the room for a counter filled with test tubes full of blood.

‘here it is,’ she thought and opened it silently.

When she found the ones that were labeled with ‘blood,’ she snapped the tube onto her hands and began to drink the blood off of it. She did the same thing with a few other tubes, throwing the shattered glass to the floor and licking more of the blood off of her fingers. She jumped out the window and, again, flew through the sky.

‘I have to find someone that has connections with my memories,’ she thought, ‘but where do I start?’ Rouge landed on the ground when she entered the woods and she looked around, ‘maybe I should start with finding the person that turned me into this…this thing,’ she looked down at her hands and squeezed it into a fist.

She heard a stick snap from behind her and she turned around with a gasp, ‘who’s there?” she questioned in fear, but got no answer, “answer my fuckin’ question! Who’s out there?!”

She could hear the person creep closer, but she couldn’t find them anywhere.

‘there,’ she thought when she finally caught a whiff of the person’s smell. She quickly turned around, throwing a kick, but her foot got grabbed.

“wha…” she said with a gasp.

“Man that was close!”

“Who are you?” rouge asked in a demanding tone and snatched her foot back.

“I don’t want any harm.”

“then answer the fuckin’ question!”

“Alright, I’m knuckles!”

Rouge sighed, “Knuckles?” he nodded, “why don’t you come out of the shadows so I can see you?” she asked.

Knuckles obeyed and he appeared in front of the curious vampire. A red echidna, purple eyes. He wore a pair of jeans and a black shirt, black boots that held a sheath for a dagger and a hostel, that was around his waist, which contained a gun.

He looked at rouge, a leather black shirt that almost exposed half her breast, large curves and leather black pants with high heeled boots. Beautiful blue eyes and sexy curved body.

‘Damn, what a babe,’ he thought.

“I’m Rouge,” she introduced.

‘Damn what a nice name,’ Knuckles thought and smiled.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Noir-shadrouge vamp story

It was really late in Central City. The stores had been shut down and the streets were cleared.

But there was one person awake, a bat girl.

She jumped on top of a light post and a smirked inched her lips. There was a couple that walked by the light post she was on.

The young couple turned and walked into an old abandon building, the girl silently followed them.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if vampires did exist?!” the male asked his girlfriend.

They were obviously delinquents from high school.

“Stop it!” the girl said with a playful smack, “with a mouth like that I’m surprised you haven’t been to jail yet!”

“Why? Because I wished for vampires to be real?!”

“The funny thing about vampires,” a voice said from the darkness and the couple looked around with fear, “is that they do exist!”

“Who are you?” the boy asked.

“Who am I?” the voice repeated while the sound of foot steps echoed the room and the character walked out of the darkness, “why? I’m a vampire.”

The boy gave off a nervous laugh and he pointed at the bat girl while he faced his girlfriend, “alright she’s nuts!”

“My names Rouge and I’m a vampire1” she said and jumped right on the guy. Sinking her teeth into his neck.

The girl screamed and she stood there with fear, watching Rouge kill boyfriend.

Rouge dropped the body to the ground and licked the blood off her lips.

The girl turned around and began to run, but Rouge appeared right in front of her.

‘Don’t worry your pretty little head! This wont last long!”

Before the girl had time to scream, Rouge jumped on top of her and sunk her fangs into her neck.

The girl’s grip loosen and Rouge stood up, licking more blood off of her lips.

She gave off a groan, “oh dear! I’m still hungry and I can’t seem to find anyone who has my memories!”

Rouge sighed, “I can’t go on not remembering anything, but my name.”

Rouge jumped on top of the widow seal and looked out.

She remembered a face, but when she woke up she was in the hospital. Her name was written on a band that was around her wrist and her neck was bandaged.

‘What happened that night? Who’s face is in my mind?’ Rouge thought.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

random pics

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Monday, January 21, 2008

omg today i had so much fun at my friend's house! hiei twachi btw! i got to meet her dog which im about 2 put some pics up sooner or later. and my other friend jee came over which all 3 of us in thesameroom with caffeine is not good at all. we sled on th somewhat melted snow and i ran in2 a tree which hurt like a bitch! then jess sat on ko while she was sleding and ko fell face 1st in2 the snow. of course we couldn't help but laugh. we played bloodrayne, valkry profile 2 and super smash bros melee. now my hand hurts like a fuckin' bitch because ko's puppy kept chewing on it and then the sled fell from under me because jess knocked it out and i twisted it. so now it hurts XD we're gong 2 hangout again whenever we get more snow and hope 2 sled behind rite aid lol
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 my best friend ko! (hiei twachi)
Best Friends
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

eyes rutherford from SPIRAL so hawt!
Eyes Rutherford

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Favorite characters (no order)
1) Rouge the bat (sonic x)

2) Shadow the hedgehog (sonic x)

3) Silver the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog)

4) Toshiro (bleach)

5)Renji (bleach)

6) Nyu/ Lucy (elfen lied)

7) Aya natsume (Tenjho tenge)

8) Nagi Soichiro (TT)

9) Chii (chobits)

10) Itachi (naruto)

11) Gaara (naruto)

12) Saya and haji (blood plus)

13 Kurama (yu yu hakusho)

L (death note)
L - Ryuzaki ~ Kami No Shi

Rukia (bleach)

Blaze the cat (sonic rush)
Blaze the Cat

Misa amane (death note)
Misa Amane ~ Kami No Shi

Ryuk (deathnote)
Woah! Nice dodgin', Ryuk.

Abel (trinity blood)
Abel Nightroad Icon

Esther (trinity blood)
Esther (Trinity Blood)

Diva (blood +)

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

nagi,maya and aya
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   more nagi!
nagi souichiro
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