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Monday, August 25, 2008

How many...
here's a question out of curiousity mainly because i haven't been on this site since they re-did it. but who here still likes the otaku? and who here still uses it?
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Monday, June 9, 2008

tenjho tenge i need a miracle

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Monday, May 19, 2008

   sonic sings i'm a gummy bear

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Friday, April 18, 2008

well i had a pretty shitty morning...u know those days that always feel like a normal one then change for the worst? that happened to me...

like always i was getting ready for school and i was alright! but when i went to go wake up my sister to go and eat, right under my one breast (sry to be specific) it started to hurt really bad and i thought that it as just one of those sudden pains that i get because i'm just messed up that way. but it started to hurt even more.

about a minute or two later i woke up on the floor and my sister was crying and asking me if i was alright and if something was wrong. she said i collapsed and i hit my head on the mircowave cart. i was really confused and i was shaking severly bad. m head hurt really bad and so did under breast.

i told my dad and he asked my sister what had happen. she said that i was complaining that i was hurting and he asked if i hit my head on anything. she wasn't sure if i did or not. she never went to go get anybody when i fell, she just sat there i guess in shock because of how fast it happened. but i can't remember what happened. my head still hurts as well as my (not even going to say it again i think we all get the point)

my mom asked me if i took anything yesterday that i shouldn't of and i said no, just my inhaler and my pill. i even read the labels before i take my stuff becuse we have so much medicine. i was kept home today and i woke up not to long ago, still hurting. ad once again my mom said that she wold be alright if i told that if i did smoke or take drugs yesterday because she knows i know some people that do take drugs. infact three of them live across the street and i hang with two of them. once again i told her no that i'm not interested in that kind of stuff and it's true. and we're positive it wasn't a heart attack because it wasn't even near my heart...i'm still shaking. this has never happened to me before...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chapter nine

Chapter nine

When Rouge opened her eyes all she could feel was pain around her arms. The room was dark, but a small light was all she could see from the distance. She tried to stand, but a wave of pain went coursing through her body and she screamed as she struggled to set her arms free.

“No,” she wept as she once again tried to release herself. Her hands soon became covered in blood and she wept harder, “Shadow,” she wept, almost begging for him to release her, “Shadow?” her breathing quickened, “Mara?”

The room that was once filled with darkness was now filled with light and she closed her eyes tightly.

She heard the sound of various footsteps and she forced herself to open her eyes. There was w whole family of those hillbilly freaks! Her body froze, and her voice shook as she struggle to scream.

One of them was cutting up a familiar pink body into suitable pieces.

‘Amy?’ she wept in her head when the ax cut her head into several bits, “oh my god…” she started to struggle again.

Another mutant walked into the room dragging a body behind ‘her.’ It was Mara! An ax was through her skull and Rouge’s body shook.

Not to far from her was Shadow hinging from the ceiling by his arms. At least he was alive, ‘Shadow…’ she thought.

The mutant girl picked up the pale full of body parts and threw them in a blender like thing. But this blender wasn’t your kitchen blender. This thing was huge, and it would kill you in seconds. In other words, it was big enough to contain a human.

The mutated boy walked up to Rouge and stared at her as if he was interested in her, “you’re all a bunch of freaks!” she screamed.

Another mutated boy, this one much older, slammed his hands on the table and shoved some ‘food’ in her mouth.

She screamed and spit out the food that was made from Mara’s body, and she coughed, tears in her eyes, “please,” she begged as she couldn’t handle much more of this, “let me go! Why are you keeping me here like this?!” she struggled to release her arms once again as her blood dripped down her wrist, but still no luck

“Don’t you dare touch her!” Shadow warned the one when he was about to shove more food down her throat.

The mutated boy walked up to Shadow and punched him in his stomach. Shadow groaned, “you bastard,” he hissed and got stabbed in the stomach with their pocket knife.

Rouge wept harder and the boy sat back down, enjoying his dish of chopped up Mara.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

chapter eight
Chapter eight

The maniacal laugh started once again as three fingers walked towards the four survivors.

Mara looked at Asagi’s body with tears in her eyes, knowing that would be them soon enough. ‘No!’ she screamed in her mind, ‘I will not die! I will not become like her!’ “we have to go!”

Dale released Mara and he ran past three fingers, “come and get it you ugly fuck!” he shouted.

“No, Dale!” Mara shouted, but Rouge and Shadow ran.

“Mara!” Rouge said and grabbed her, ‘we have to go!” she forced Mara to run and she looked back. She knew Dale wouldn’t live, and that he was risking his life for them.

Shadow stopped and began to breath heavily, “there…” he panted and pointed, “an old building.”

Rouge nodded and she followed Shadow in.

“Do you think it’s safe?” Mara asked.

Shadow nodded and he walked in, “it’s an old building. They wont expect us to be here.”

Mara was silent as she walked in, ‘he’s dead,’ she thought while her body shook, ‘they’re all dead.’

Shadow kicked open a looked door and he walked in, Rouge followed behind him, “this’ll do,” Shadow said and sat down on the floor. Rouge did the same and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Rouge?” Shadow questioned and grabbed her hands, “for three years now we’ve been together. They were the best three years in my life. Even though the three years has been tough, they were the best, and the happiest,” Rouge smiled, “so, when we get out of this, would you merry me?”

Rouge gasped and he eyes widen, “Shadow…?” she said and threw her arms around him, “yes!”

Shadow connected his lips to hers and kissed her deeply whole his hands removed her shirt, and caressed her nipples. He kissed and nibbled her neck and she moaned.

He, soon, licked her nipples and he sucked on them. Meanwhile, his hand went down her thigh and up into her vagina. He rubbed everything inside of her and she moaned loudly.

“oh god yes!” she moaned, “yes!”

Shadow pulled his finger out and licked the wet from it, he smiled and stuck his tongue inside her wet womanhood. He pulled out his tongue and he looked up at her, “you ready?” he asked while panting, she nodded and Shadow pulled her body closer to his hard cock. Soon his manhood collided with her vagina. He thrust himself further in until he had completely entered, “I’m in.”

Rouge nodded and she wrapped her legs around his waist, “do it.”

Shadow released his cum into her body until it overflowed her vagina and streamed down her legs. She moaned and kissed his lips.

Shadow hugged her tightly, “we’ll be alright,” he said, “so get some rest.”

Rouge nodded and she laid on top of him while using her clothes to stay warm.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

chapter seven
Chapter seven

When morning came, Rouge opened her eyes and looked up at Shadow. She wasn’t sure how she managed to sleep, but she did and she was alive. She sat up and she gently shook Shadow. He awoke with a groan. She handed him his jacket and kissed his lips, “thank you.”

Shadow nodded, “no problem.”

“Well,” Dale said, who’s been up for quite some time, “should we go.”

“If we go now we might be able to reach the town that’s a few miles away from here, “Mara replied.

“Yeah, we should try it!” Ruby exclaimed and Sapphire nodded.

“What about you, Asagi?” Shadow questioned.

She was silent and she grabbed her bag off of the ground and walked ahead.

“Asagi?!” Dale shouted and grabbed her by her arm roughly.

“Don’t touch me!” she ordered and snatched her arm away.

“Asagi?!” he shouted again.

“You cheated! Not me! Therefore we’re through! So just leave me alone!” she shouted and walked away.

Shadow followed, staring harshly at the echidna and the cat. Rouge followed.

“Great,” she said so only Shadow could hear, “stranded in the middle of the fuckin’ woods and the only thing that’s going through his head is sex. Should’ve known. After all, all teenagers are the same.”

They walked in what felt like hours. Rouge stopped by small stream and drunk, and washed her face. Then she stood to her feet and walked again.

Before she knew what had happen, an arrow skimmed her cheek and she froze. She slowly drew her attention to the arrow and she screamed, “Ruby…Sapphire..” both of them were dead, headless. She heard the maniacal laugh of three fingers and she began to back towards Shadow.

Dale held Mara close and Asagi, who was less then two feet away from them, began to circle in fear.

Soon the laugh stopped and Rouge sighed.

Asagi turned to face them, “he’s gone,” she said, her voice shaking, but spoke to late. An ax cut down her body, separating it and Rouge screamed as blood spewed all over her and Asagi’s guts landed on the blood covered ground.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

chapter six
Chapter six

They walked what felt like days, but it was only a few hours before Mara and Asagi both became to tired to walk.

“Can we stop?” Asagi questioned, already sittting.

“Good idea,” Dale said.

They all sat down immediately and Rouge rested her head on Shadow’s shoulder, “it’s going to be dark soon,” Rouge announced quietly.

Dale stood, “I’ll gather some wood.”

Mara quickly stood, “I’ll help!”

Asagi drew her attention to her boyfriend and Mara. She was shocked to hear that she wanted to go with Dale, but at the same time, she was nervous. She allowed her eyes to follow Dale and Mara until they were no longer visible. When they vanished, she sighed, “how long were you two in the woods?” she questioned Shadow or Rouge.

“Two-Three days,” Shadow was the one who answered, “there were three of them so it was a bit harder to move around. But, now, there’s only three fingers. He’s smaller and he never stops chasing you down.”

“But, I don’t understand, why was that old man there?” Rouge questioned, ‘where’s the gas station now?”

“Good question, Rouge,” Shadow replied, “I only wish I knew.”

Rouge fell silent as she closer her eyes and drifted to sleep.

Meanwhile, Shadow removed his jacket and wrapped it around her body. He gently moved her so she was laying on his lap and he sat there, caressing her soft, and smooth cheek.

Ruby rested her head on a tree stump and she sighed, “it’s horrible. I feel like trapped rats.”

Sapphire nodded with agreement, “what’s even more horrible is that we don’t know where three fingers is. He could be anywhere, watching our…”

“ENOUGH!” Shadow ordered sternly, “as hard as it is to not think about it, you have to. Now, go to sleep. You can’t run away if you’re exhausted. It’ll just outrun you and you’ll surely die.”

Asagi stood up, “I will. But, I need to check up on Dale. I’ll be back soon.”

Shadow watched as Asagi left the group. Soon, she vanished into the woods.

“Dale!” she shouted in a whisper, “Dale!” she didn’t get a response and she called his name again, this time much louder. She could hear something.

Removing a branch from her view, she walked out and covered her mouth.

There in front of her, was the two she was searching for. Dale and Mara, full body naked, an erected penis and sperm on Mara.

Turning on her heels, she dashed back to the others in tears while ignoring Dale’s call for her to come back.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WRONG TURN 2 DEAD END chapter five
Chapter five

They ran and they ran fast!

Rouge didn’t even bother checking for Shadow, she just ran only because she couldn’t control her own body. She could hear the maniacal laugh echoing everywhere around her. But was it behind her or beside her? She couldn’t tell. For all she knew she could’ve been running towards her death…

Amy gave off a scream and she fell to the ground. Her foot was caught in a barbed wire trap. The same one that was set in the road early.

Mara and Matt stopped and they ran back to her. Struggling, they quickly played with the wire around Amy’s foot. Mara continued to shake as she fought with the wires and, every second, she could the laugh draw closer and closer to them.

“Hurry!” Amy shouted, now, almost in tears.

The only thing Mara saw was a flying object and Matt’s body was thrown across the woods, and his head fell beside her. Mara, who was covered in his blood, screamed and she stood up. She backed away in fear, then, ran away. She could hear Amy’s scream, but she forced herself to block out the screams.

Asagi stopped, but Dale forced her to keep running.

Rouge soon found herself to weak to continue and she fell to her knees. Her breathing rapid and her heart beat hard against her chest. She watched Shadow sit beside her, he was breathing heavily, too, “how! How is he still alive!”

“I wish I knew,” Shadow answered.

“Mara!” Dale called when she finally caught up, “where’s Amy and Matt?”

“Whatever that thing was got Matt.”

Both Asagi’s and Dale’s eyes widen.

“Matt’s…dead?” Asagi repeated, “my brother’s dead…?”

Mara didn’t answer, she just sat down. She pulled her blood-covered hands through her hair and her sigh was shaky. Her eyes widen and she quickly shot from the ground, ‘you!” she shouted to Rouge, “Rouge! You knew!”

“No, swear!” she reassured, “I didn’t know there was only one left!”

“Mara…” Dale said, but she interrupted him.

“How many were there originally?”

“Three,” Shadow answered.

“Three! Three of those psychos!”

Everyone was silent.

“You’ve been through this before? Both of you?” Sapphire asked.

“all of my friends were killed,” Rouge answered sadly, “they were all killed because of those hillbilly fucks!”

Shadow was silent. He knew she was trying hard not to cry, trying hard not to think about the sights. He knew it was impossible.

Mara was silent, “you two survived before, right?” they both nodded, “then help us!”

“I’m sorry, but now that you’re involved you must fight for your own survival. Yes, we can help you, but your fate is in your own hands,” Shadow explained.

“But what about Amy?” Sapphire asked.

“She’s alive,” Rouge answered, “if they catch one of us alive they torture you. We’ll rescue her soon.”

Everyone nodded. They knew they had to agree with EVERYTHING they said. Their lives depended on it.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WRONG TURN 2 DEAD END chapter four
Chapter four

“What’s that bitch want now!” Mara questioned.

“Guess what!” I found a house!”

Rouge gasped, “a house?” Asagi nodded, “what’s it look like! What does the house look like!”

“Umm it looks old and big.”

“Well what the fuck are we waiting for!” Mara shouted and ran towards the house.

Rouge and Shadow soon appeared beside Mara. The old house did look different, but that didn’t make her feel any less safer.

“Lets go in!” Mara ordered and walked up to the door. She grabbed the door knob and she opened the door, “who the hell leaves it unlocked?”

“Who cares!” Amy exclaimed and pushed her way past Mara in order to enter the house, “EWWW gross!” she shouted in disgust as she covered her noise, “what the hell is that smell!”

The other 7 teenagers enter the building and they, too, covered their noses.

“Guys we should go!” Asagi complained, “not next week or next year but now!”

“No way, Asagi!” Ruby shouted, “this is freakin’ sweet!”

Asagi shivered, “well I hate it.”

Matt and Dale looked around, and entered a different room. Asagi followed shortly behind them.

Meanwhile, Mara opened a box. She gasped and she picked up what was contained inside.

“are those…teeth?” Sapphire questioned and Mara dropped them quickly.

Asagi looked around her surroundings and she covered her mouth with her hand, “oh my god…” she said as tears formed in her eyes.

On the shelves, tables and on the floors were bottles and buckets filled with body parts. Ears, noses, teeth and, even, eyes were in the bottles.

Rouge quickly placed a hand to her mouth and she whimpered as tears streamed down her pale face, ‘oh my god!’ she thought, ‘oh my god!’

“I told you!” Asagi shouted extremely loud, “I fuckin’ told you!”

“Holy shit!” Dale shouted, “who the fuck are these nut jobs! Jesus Christ!” he felt like he wanted to puke. Fortunately, Amy did that for him.

“You happy!” Mara shouted at Ruby, “here’s your fuckin’ adventure!”

Ruby trembled.

Shadow ran up to Rouge and he pressed her head to his chest, “guys, we have to go!”

When they were about to leave, they heard the sound of stairs creaking and they all froze in fear. Slowly, they turned their heads.

“It’s the old man from the gas station,” Shadow said when they all noticed the older man.

Rouge uncontrollably began to back away towards the door.

“Guys,” Shadow began, “I don’t like this. When I say so, run!” they nodded, “RUN!”

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