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Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Happy new years!
so it's 2008 damn that was fast! i really dont have a resolution right now and probably wont! what about u guys? well first i would like to wish the foloowing people a happy and safe new years:

Dragoncheif! (i still luv u!)

Hiei Twachi! (my best friend4evuh!! i luv u 2! in a NRW teehee)

Serpant! (my pack leader! luv ya!)

icethewingedwolf! (i luv ya foster sis!)

Ayu and Ai kinomoto! (my real sister and cuz i luv ya!)

Knuckles Joycelin! (luv talking and roleplaying with ya! ur a great friend i luv ya!)

AKIDA KARAS! (i luv ur emails! you're cool!)

Aquamarine angel! (my best internet buddy! i wish u a great newyrs!)

i would also like to thank others but there's so many i cant rememeber^^' so 2 make it clear!

New Year 1

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dream of power cha.5

“Rouge, I was looking everywhere for you,” Shadow said as he walked up to her.

“I’m sorry I was with Yazawa,” she said sharply and she turned to face him.

“With Yazawa?” Shadow repeated like he didn’t want to hear that answer.

She nodded and began to put her shirt on, “yeah, is that bad?”

“Yes or I mean it’s alright but…” Shadow started but stopped before it turned into an argument from hell.

Rouge rolled her eyes and she slid her pants onto her body, sliding her boots until her feet. She stood up and walked towards Shadow.

“Where did she go?” Shadow questioned.

“Is this 20 questions?” Rouge questioned him.

“No just 2,” he answered and began to walk away.

“Shadow, come on what’s bothering you? You always seem so spaced out even now! Ever since you met Yazawa.”

Shadow quickly turned and he stared at her with anger in his eyes, “Rouge, she’s identical to Maria and I’m suppose to be happy?”

“Where are you getting the idea that she’s Maria?”

“Oh I don’t know, her voice, her smile and not to mention her body!”

“Oh so you think she’s Maria just by her body?” Rouge said her voice filled with jealousy.

“Maybe I do!” he shouted back.

“Well you‘re wrong!”

“How am I?!”

“Because you just are!” Rouge rolled her eyes and Shadow didn’t say anything else since this was a pointless argument and no one could possibly win. So pretty much a reconciliation between these two was almost impossible, the fight would continue.

“Rouge, I’m just saying that she looks like Maria.”

Rouge threw her arms into the air in exasperation, “Maria again?!” she pressed her finger roughly on his chest and she stared at him fiercely, “Stop! It’s impossible and you know that! You have nothing to believe in and so you think so random girl looks like your dead friend from 50 years ago! You’re insane!”

Shadow watched as Rouge walked away and he chuckled, “maybe I am. Maybe I want Maria back so much that I’m seeing another girl as her.”

She quickly stopped and she closed her eyes, “But you have me, Shadow,” he didn’t respond, “can’t I be there for you? Even now?”

Shadow closed his eyes and he walked past her, not even answering her questions.

Rouge wanted to stop him, but she knew better not to. Yet she could feel his suffering almost like it was her own. She knew he was hurting deep inside, so much he was taking it out on this girl and yet she understood, ’ Shadow, I hope that after this girl leaves you’ll be mine again.’

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Dreams of power cha.3
'Maria? What/’ Yazawa thought, “I’m not Maria! I’m Yazawa! Yazawa ikisaki!”

‘She looks so much like Maria,’ shadow said in his mind, his features still unchanged, ‘but she’s not.’

“Yazawa, what are you doing here?” Rouge asked, “you’re only 12, shouldn’t you be at home with your family?”

She shook her head, “I’m searching for something.”

“Rouge…” shadow started, ‘she’s so much like her.’

Rouge walked up to her and she faced Shadow, “Shadow? Are you alright? You look like you saw a ghost?”

“I think I did,” he answered.

Rouge faced Yazawa and she sighed, “listen, it’s not safe here for a young girl to roam the city. Why don’t you come with us?”

“No, I couldn’t…” she started, but Rouge giggled.

“Come on it’ll be fine!” she reassured.

“Rouge…” Shadow started but he stopped.


Shadow cleared his throat and he sighed, trying to think of a lie, “she’s human.”

“and your point is…” she slowly asked.

“Sonic wont allow her,” he answered.

Rouge placed her hands on her hips and she glared at him, “Honestly, Shadow, there’s another 12 yr old girl there! Lin, remember? And she’s human!”

‘Damn,’ he thought, “But we’re only using her to get the emeralds.”

Rouge continued to glare at him, “YOU’RE using her.”

“True, but she has no abilities!” Shadow shouted and he pointed at her.

Yazawa growled, “ ‘she’? don’t you have any manners?!”

“Shadow, knock it off! Now she’s coming with us!” Rouge ordered.


“Are you sure we can allow a total stranger here?” Sonic asked Rouge in a whisper when they had returned to Knothole a few hours later.

“I think so,” she whispered back, “but the strange thing is, is when Shadow met her he said Maria like it was her.”

“It’s probably nothing,” Sonic said, “because she’s dead and the dead can’t come back. Besides her hair is brown.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because the anniversary of her death is coming up.”

“That could be another reason why,” Sonic said.

“Speaking of which, Tubby made his 3rd attack today,” Rouge reported while watching Yazawa from afar.

“Damn, again? What’s he after anyway?” Sonic asked out loud.

Rouge shrugged and she crossed her arms, thinking, “this is a mystery, even for me. Why so many attacks today? They were all in the center of the city.”

“You mean near the main building?” Sonic asked and she answered with a nod, “Strange, doesn’t Yazawa live near there?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the answer to that.”

He sighed and he nodded, “alright. Why don’t you take Yazawa to her room. I think she could use some rest.”

She nodded, “agreed,” she said and walked away, leaving Sonic in a state of thinking.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

i just wanted to wish all of my friends,, even you derek, a great christmas! even if you don't celebrate i wish you a happy merry holidays ^^
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dreams of power cha.2
Go Shadow!

Yazawa walked into a store and walked around a few times, “excuse me,” she said to a cashier, “where’s the instant food section at?”

“Aisle 10,” the cashier had answered and she nodded as she walked to that aisle.

She grabbed the items that she wanted, paid and left.

‘That dream? The girl in my dreams she looks like…impossible!’ Yazawa thought.

She stopped and a crowd of people caught her attention.

“What? What could be going on?” she questioned and she forced her way through the crowd of people and looked up, “what?! What is this?!” she shouted.

Part of the building was missing almost like it had exploded.

‘Who did this? Terrorist?’ she questioned in her mind, “no! Central city has always been peaceful.’

Yazawa turned around and began to walk away until the sound of an explosion and screams filled the air. She quickly turned around as she felt her whole body shake, until her body was thrown from the impact of the explosion. She felt her body hit some debris from the building and she fell to the ground.

“OW,” she moaned and she rubbed her head in pain, “what was that?”

She heard a loud crash and she looked up very slowly.

Right in front of her was a huge robot and she screamed as the robot raised it’s arm and swung it.

“Huh?” she questioned when it had stopped and she raised her head.

To her surprise a red and black hedgehog was holding the arm.


“Go!” he shouted, “now!”

“but, what about you?” she asked him.


Yazawa nodded and she forced herself to hide behind a nearby rock, ‘who is that?’

“Shadow!” she heard someone shout and she saw a batgirl flying her way.

‘Shadow…’she thought, ‘…wait a minute. That name?’

Shadow spin dashed through the arm and he looked at the bat girl, “Rouge! Good of you to come!” Shadow exclaimed and she smiled.

“Come on lets finish this bastard!” Rouge ordered while still in the air.

“CHAOS SPEAR!” shouted Shadow and Rouge flew higher into the air.

“SCREW KICK!” she shouted as well and began to spin around while in the air.

Both of their attacks hit at the same time and Yazawa gasped with amazement.

‘Wow their strong!’ she thought, ‘but that hedgehog…’

“great job, Rouge!” Shadow said and she smirked.

“You to,” she said, “why are there so many attacks?”

“Good question. This was Eggman’s 3rd attack today! Whatever he’s after he’s really desperate and more then usual.”

“You were thinking the same thing I was! But what could it be?” she questioned and looked at him.

“Who are you?!” Yazawa shouted running out from behind the rock.

Shadow and Rouge turned around with a gasp.

“Shadow, who’s the girl?” she asked him. Shadow didn’t answer and Rouge faced him, his eyes were wide with shock, “Shadow?”


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dreams of power

“Time to wake up, Yazawa!” Yazawa’s older sister, Nanayo, called out while opening the curtains and the window, “come on Yaz, wake up!”

Nanayo was a 15 year old girl that had red hair and brown eyes. She wore her long red hair in a clip and she wore a pink tang top with a black skirt and high heeled boots.

“Come on, Yaz!” she said again, but this time she playfully hit Yazawa with a pillow.

Yazawa groaned and she sat up, rubbing her eyes, “Nanayo,” she said with a sigh.

Yazawa was 12 and she had medium length brown hair with blue eyes.

Nanayo smiled, “sorry! I had to get you up somehow!”

“Sure,” Yazawa said sarcastically and crawled out of the bed.

“Yazawa, what’s wrong?” Nanayo asked ask her little sister with genuine concern.

Yazawa was quiet for a few minutes, then, she sighed, “I had another dream.”

“What? You mean the ones about the hedgehog and the girl?” she asked and Yazawa nodded.

“This time it felt so much more real. The girl died and I could almost feel the hedgehog’s pain. Almost like I was him. Nanayo, I don’t think these are dreams. I think they’re visions.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because when the girl died it’s like a part of me did as well. I could feel her pain! I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

Nanayo walked up to her sister and she hugged her, “your just stressed out because of mom’s death.”

Yazawa pushed her sister away, “no, it’s not that! It’s strong, emotionally strong. The hedgehog was hurting. This girl was his best friend and he lost her. Right before his very eyes.”

“But you lost mother right before your eyes, Yaz.”

“Why don’t you believe me?!” she questioned, “it feels real! I think it’s visions of what’s to come or what’s happened already!”

Nanayo gave off a long sigh, “but to have visions makes no sense and since they belong to someone else makes even less since.”

“I know, but me? Why me?!”

“Maybe because they know you’ll listen,” she answered.

Yazawa shook her head with disbelief and she threw open her closet door, yanking clothes out of it and throwing them onto the bed.

Nanayo looked at the bed with confusion, then, she looked at her sister, “Yaz, what are you doing?”

Yazawa didn’t answer, she just ripped her clothes form her body and she threw on her school uniform. She grabbed her backpack and walked out of the room, Nanayo immediately followed.

“Yaz, what are you doing?!”

“I know where that dream was held,” she answered and continued to walk down the stairs.


“In space!”

They both got quiet and Nanayo looked at Yazawa, “how do you know this?”

“I…I feel it,” she said with confusion.

“But how are you going to get to space?!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know, alright?!”

Nanayo frowned, “you could get hurt.”

“I have to! I’m sorry, Nanayo,” Yazawa said and dashed out the front door.

Nanayo ran outside, but she stopped, “Yaz, please be safe!”

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Christmas
“It’s almost time!” Cream shouted suddenly as she ran out of her room and dashed down the stairs to where the others were at, “Mr. Sonic, it’s almost time! Today’s Christmas eve!”

Sonic smiled at the thought of the holiday coming and he chuckled.

“Miss. Rouge, are you excited?” she asked the bat girl as Rouge drunk a hot cup of coffee.

“I’ve never been the one to celebrate Christmas, but I guess it’s different this year,” she said and she looked at Shadow with a sly smile on her lips.

Cream giggled, “You, Mr. Shadow?”

Shadow silently stood up and he left the room, Sonic shrugged, “what’s his deal?”

“My guess is, is that he’s just not the Christmas type,” Rouge assumed while looking out the door he had left from.

Cream frowned, “although I don’t know why not.”

Sonic rolled his eyes, “lets just make it easier and say that Shadow has no holiday spirit whatsoever.”

Rouge and Cream nodded with agreement and Cream gave off a small spin, “I had no idea Shadow could be so boring!” she said with a giggle.

“Now we can’t be jumping to any conclusions, why don’t we just ask him?” Rouge questioned and winked, “actually Sonic you can ask him!”

“What? Why?” Sonic shouted.

“Because,” Rouge started and placed her finger on Sonic’s chest and poked him roughly while smiling, “you’re his arch rival and if anyone can get through to him you can!”

Sonic groaned at the thought and he gave off a sigh, “can’t do it!”

Rouge scuffed, “what? Why can’t you?!”

“To lazy,” Sonic answered, “yep, I’m just going to kick back and relax.”

Rouge growled and she angrily flipped his chair, “listen here! It’s almost Christmas time and I’m not going to let you ruin it for the rest of us!”

Sonic rolled his eyes and he picked himself up off the floor and held his hands up so Rouge wouldn’t hit him. Instead, she kept her hands on her hips. Sonic slowly walked out of the room and sighed as he walked down the hallway, ‘why me?’ he thought.

When he entered the outdoors he noticed Shadow sitting on a rock while looking down at the water below.

“Hey, Shads!” Sonic called out, “so, why are you being so moody…again?”

Shadow glared at him from the corner of his eyes and Sonic backed away some.

“Well, Rouge is having a Christmas Eve party and she wanted to know if you’ll come?” Sonic asked lying just a bit, but Shadow continued to glare at him, ‘this is pointless!’ Sonic thought, “what’s your deal anyway?!”

“What’s YOUR deal?” Shadow questioned back.

He growled, “should’ve known talking to you was just like talking to a wall.”

“A wall? You’re comparing me to a wall?”

“Well what else am I suppose to compare you with?” Sonic retorted and he gave off another growl, “I give up! We try to show you how to have fun, but you’re always so moody and broody!”

Shadow rolled his eyes, “Christmas is not fun.”

“Nothing’s fun for you! Just arguing with me and Ro-butt-nik!” he shouted, “if Rouge can take the time to celebrate why can’t you?!”

“It’s for fools,” Shadow explained and stood up, “and the last thing I want to be is a fool.”

Sonic gave off a sigh as he watched Shadow leave, “wow! That went well!” Sonic shouted and turned to leave, but stopped, “he’s such a child.”

He slammed open the door and he stomped in, growling furiously.

“So how’d it go?” Rouge asked and he glared at her, “that bad, huh?”

“He’s so immature!” Sonic shouted.

Rouge rolled her eyes, “I’ll go ask him what’s wrong.”

“Good luck,” Sonic said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes again, but not before she left the room. Only to bump into that certain hedgehog.

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” she exclaimed while rubbing her head.

“yeah, man you got a hard head!” he answered with a nervous laugh.

“Thank you or I mean I’m sorry,” she said, “I wanted to talk to you…not bump into you. Oh I’m so sorry!”

“It’s cool,” he reassured with a smile, “I was actually on my way to talk to you.”

Rouge nodded and she smiled nervously, “what about?”

Shadow looked around as if someone was watching him and he grabbed her hand, “lets go some place else to talk.”

“Alright,” Rouge said with an understanding smile and she followed Shadow to a nearby tree. Which was also surrounded by a small yet beautiful lake, “so what is it?” she asked him.

“There’s a reason I’m not in the Christmas mood to celebrate,” he started and Rouge’s ears perked up, “well 1) because I never did celebrate and 2) when I was getting ready for my first one Maria died.”

“Aww Shadow,” Rouge said with sadness, “I’m so sorry.”

He shrugged, “so I guess I never knew what the true feeling of Christmas was.”

“Listen, Shadow, why don’t you come with me to the party. We’ll go together and maybe you’ll be happy and so will Maria!”

Shadow was quiet as he thought about it and Rouge, meanwhile, had a soft smile that was filled with hope, “I don’t know,” he said slowly.

“Come on! Just for an hour and if you don’t like it, then you can leave,” she said, “please, Shadow.”

Shadow sighed, “alright, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you,” she said and kissed him on his cheek, “I’ll see you at 7pm, then.”

Shadow nodded and he watched Rouge walk away.

At exactly seven, Shadow entered Rouge’s house and he looked around for the bat girl. He soon found her rushing around trying to keep things organized and in control. He walked up to her, “Rouge?”

She turned around, “you came!”

He nodded, “yep. You look great!” he complimented.

Rouge was wearing a black belly shirt and a frilled black skirt and she wore high heels, “thank you,” she said with a smile.

“So what do you do here?” Shadow asked.

“Come on! Haven’t you ever been to a party before?” Rouge asked and Shadow answered with a shake of his head, “you’re kidding?” she asked and realized that he wasn’t laughing, “Oh my god. You aren’t. come on, lets dance then.”

“What?!” Shadow questioned in a nervous laugh.

“I’m going to teach you how to have fun!”

“Teach me? Isn’t fun just something that comes naturally?” Shadow asked with an eye-browed raised.

“Yes, but it can also come when you’re with someone and you’re with me!”

“Yeah, but I don’t think…” Shadow started, but Rouge pulled him out to the center floor.

“Just place your hand on my waist and you’re good to go!” she explained grabbing his hand and placed it on her bare waist, “see! You got it!”

Shadow nodded and he looked down, copying the movements.

After the song stopped, Rouge stopped and she looked at Shadow, a smile on her features, “see, you can do it! Just have some faith!”

Shadow nodded again, “yeah.”

“Come on,” she said grabbing his hand and gently guiding him to the table full of snacks, “want something to drink?” she asked him while filling up a glass with punch.

“Sure,” he answered and she handed it to him.

“So, you having fun yet?” Rouge asked while taking a sip of her drink and Shadow answered with a shrug, “you don’t know? Aww Shadow come on! It’s Christmas Eve! Loosen up a little, have some fun!” Rouge nearly had to shout over the loud music.

“Rouge, I am having a great time. It’s new to me, this party. But I want to have a great time because I’m with you!”

Rouge blushed at the comment, “Sha…Shadow! I’m surprised. I had no…” Rouge started but stopped when she noticed his expression. It was filled with comfort and honesty.

“Rouge, if Christmas is about giving and sharing, then I don’t know what I should give you. Just one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“My heart,” he answered and she gasped, “to tell you the truth Rouge, I’ve always loved you.”

“Shadow…” tears formed in her eyes and she couldn’t help but nod her head, “I love you, too!”

Shadow hugged Rouge tightly, “Merry Christmas, Rouge! This was my first Christmas and I was glad to have spend it with you!”

“Merry Christmas, Shadow!” Rouge said, “now I got something for you!”

Before Shadow could ask what it was, Rouge connected her lips to his and she kissed him passionately.

He returned the kiss and he pulled away from, looked into her beautiful eyes and smiled a warm and gentle smile, “Merry Christmas, Rouge!”

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Monday, December 10, 2007

sry 2 say
alright i'm sry to say tht i wont be on otaku as much. Just, maybe, 2 time a week and that's it because i'm working really hard on my artwork and writing! anyways i've posted some artwork and i hope u guys check them out ^^
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