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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/07/07:

akatsuki spin-the-bottle!

it goes around and around till it stops at sasori. he blushes wildly and looks away. "awww, com'on sasori no danna!" deidara says while pushing sasori twards you. he finall kisses you and you two stay that way for a long while while the others whoop and what-not.plz rate if you liked!
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Result Posted on 08/07/07:
Yay! Gaara-sama. -^.^-

Naruto Spin the bottle u have been warned!
You got Gaaragaara blushed and you froze up..kankuro smirked and knudged gaara forward.gaara: dont push me!gaara removed his goard and sat next to you. you stared at the floor..gaara then pinned you to the floor and kissed you on the lips. he soon let go and you both were blushing with everyone cheering in the backround..
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Result Posted on 08/07/07:
This one was also enjoyable. :)

What if the Akatsuki kidnapped you? (girls, SUPER-RANDOM, Updated) by Malon-Lon-Lon
Who would you like to be kidnapped by?
Fuck your fantasies, you really got kidnapped by-The guy you picked! Lucky you!
Why you were kidnapped-They thought you looked pretty
You were kept for how many days?Forever...
And they kept you in....A nice clean bedroom.
SO! Zetsu came in and...Wanted to"eat" you...
Then....Deidara ran around in circles cause he blew off his arm (Me: ....Again....)
After that....Itachi magically arrived by the door and started stripping cause Tobi put something in his drink(Fangirls: *coma-faint*)
Itachi walked off and then KakuzuLaughed at Deidara
After Deidara, Zetsu and Kakuzu left Tobi came inHid behind you cause Deidara threatened to blow him up
Then Kisame walked in and....Told Tobi to leave you alone
So they both left and an hour later HidanSat down and talked to you for a couple for hours.
Sasori came when Hidan left and...The two of you held hands while you talked. (Me: awwww...)before
So, overall you thought...This place is fun ^-^
After he left Pein came in and....Said you could join Akatsuki, but you had to stay near him.
How much they liked you overall
Who liked you the most-Kisame
RANDOM PIC LOL (Love to Saurien!)

Result Posted on 08/07/07:

Naruto Character's Secret Thoughts About You! (For Girls) by FluffyxBunny
First Name?
Last Name?
Naruto's thoughts:I wonder if she would go out with me...
Sakura's thoughts:She's funny and nice!! I like her!!
Sasuke's thoughts:She is.. cool..
Kakashi's thoughts:She is a little.. strange...
Neji's thoughts:I wonder if she has a boyfriend...
Shikamaru's thoughts:She seems like someone I would like...
Shino's thoughts:She isn't any average girl...
Gaara's thoughts:I wonder if she likes to play in the sand..
Itachi's thoughts:I must admitt, she is sexy, but nothing else.
Hinata's thoughts:She is nice.. ^_^

Result Posted on 08/07/07:
I really enjoyed it... and I'm surprised I got such good results. :)

Naruto Character Thoughts & Your Stats (For girls only..) by UnwantedHope
Anime Name
NarutoShe's like a big sister to me and takes me out to ramen!
SakuraShe is really fun to hang out with. And she's so beautiful... I'm envious.
SasukeShe feels like family to me...
KibaShe's real cute! And Akamaru takes a liking to her too.
HinataI-I want to be strong and beautiful like her one day...
ShinoShe's....very pretty...
ShikamaruShe likes to watch clouds... just like me. She's not bad.
ChojiShe gives me alot snacks and she's the first girl that's ever really been nice to me.
InoShe's drop dead gorgeous! I hope to learn some beauty tips from her!
TenTenShe's very pretty and she's good at handling all sorts of weapons. I wonder if she'll teach me.
NejiShe's strong... and very pretty.
Rock LeeHer strength and fighting spirit matches my own! And she's very pretty as well.
GaaraHer life is to much like my past. I feel her pain. And I think... I love her...
KankuroShe likes my puppet skills and understands my passion for it. She's pretty cool.
TemariShe's a nice kid... strong and pretty as well. She's like a little sister to me.
AsumaShe's a smart girl, and she's got looks to booth with it.
KakashiWho could ask for a better student? Nobody I tell you, nobody.
KurenaiAn excellent fighter. Her genjutsu skills are amazing.
OrochimaruShe should be by my side and join me...
KabutoShe's a great medical nin...
JiraiyaMan, that's one hot chick!
TsunadeHer strength is tremendous! I can't let it go to waste!
ShizuneI agree with Lady Tsunade. She's got potential.
The AkatsukiWe're waiting for her first big criminal act.
Taijutsu Level
Ninjutsu Level
Genjutsu Level
Power Level

Result Posted on 06/30/07:
Wow... I got strawberry. XD

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What Bleach Character Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 06/30/07:
It's pretty accurate for me. ^^

What Color Is Your Aura??? (7 breath-taking results!!!)

Deep, understanding, and mature, you’re an extremely loyal person. You’re kind and helpful to the people close to you. People see you as a person who’s ready to branch out and understand and truly help a person, but also a closed-up bud. When it comes to your own feelings, you’re a little shy about expressing them. If you try your very best to open up…I guarentee you that the results will be shocking, beautiful, gorgeous and utterly astonishing. You seek for fairness and love, and even if your aura is green, you’re not as jealous as you look!Famous Green-Aura:Oprah WinfreyMost Compatible With: Grey-Aura, Pink-AuraLeast Compatible With: Orange-AuraQuote:“Every idea starts out with a seed, and every death ends with flowers on the grave.” –gomicha11At Your Best: Understanding, kind and lovingAt Your Worse: Distant, confusing and quiet
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Result Posted on 06/30/07:
oooh, I got good results! -^.^-

Naruto Character's Secret Thoughts About You! (For Girls) by FluffyxBunny
First Name?
Last Name?
Naruto's thoughts:I wonder if she would go out with me...
Sakura's thoughts:
Your Final Fantasy Life by Hour_of_Scarlet
Your FaceYou have a kind, and gentle face.
Your HairYou have long, white, flowing hair.
Your Body StructureThe body of a goddess!
Your ClothingYou dress pretty casually, yet with a unique, innocent and dark look at the same time.
Your WeaponYou use a long, and swift sword to cut down your enemies.
Your Special AbilitiesYou've got all the abilities, and with a name like that, who would dare defy you!?
Your PersonalityYou're dark, and serious. Tainted innocence I should say...
Your Best FriendHad betrayed you for power...
Your BackroundYou are a loner, but it wasn't always like that...
Good or BadYou're the hero, strong, yet you hold a fragile aura around you.
Gil Amount2,542,308
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Result Posted on 10/26/05:

What do the Final Fantasy 7 boys think of you? by stelvia
Cloud thinks youare hot.
Vincent likes yourgun.
Rufus said"I want to rape you."
Reno wantsto go out with you.
Tseng thought you wereYou were goddess
Sephiroth loves you becauseAre a beautiful woman.
Barret says you look likeA model.
Cid went ballistic whenyou blew him a kiss.
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