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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/27/05:

Result Posted on 06/26/05:

Seto: Cool you got Seto. I don't really have much
to say about this fella. Well, I'll try... He
may have a cold heart at times but when you
shower him with love and passion he will show
you love like you have never seen before. Seto
really doesn't like toys or anything he just
likes plain old flirtatious sex. WEll, I hope
you two love each other! Have fun and Good

Which Yu-Gi-Oh male would want to have sex with you?
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:
This one I liked. ^^ Heh... Seto and Bakura lust after me!

Does Yami no Bakura lust after you? by Rockinmuffin
Month you were born in?
Favorite animal?
Do you find Yami no Bakura attractive?
What does he say when he first meets you?*Smirks*
Has he been stalking you?Yes and he sends you disturbing messages
What does he do when he sees you?*smirks seductively* ^_~
Does he lust after you?Definitely! He wants you hear and now with him forever!
Does anyone else lust after you?Seto Kaiba
How much does Yami no Bakura lust after you?: 100%
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:

Your "fun" adventure with Yami Bakura by Mazu
Current attitude:
You see Bakura...how do you react?
Bakura says...:Grabs you and holds you 'reeeaaally close'
Then you...:
Bakura...:*kisses you lustfully and forces his tongue in*
A picture of him...:
How much he liked you:He kept you for a long time (as a pleasure slave)
In the end...:Bakura married you
I charge you:$870,106,863
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:

What would happen if you met Yami Bakura by kage-kitsune
What you would say when you see him
His reactionYou shall be of great use tonight *smirks*
His look
In the end...he decides to take you home with him...
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:

Sex with Yami Bakura by DarkNight92
Eye Color
Hair Color
Where does it happen?Your House
You say:
He says:Stop crying, its pointless
You:Cry as he does what he wants, you cant stop him
He:Kisses you roughly and tears your clothing off
Then He:Claws at you until you scream then kisses you
What he looked like:
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:

Would Yami Bakura like you? by BlackJackalIshtar
You meet him in a forest at night, Waddya say to h
What is he thinkingShe looks like she'll be fun to play with
His appearance
What he saysI'm gonna have fun with you tonight
His actionsHe waits for Malik to catch up then they both 'play' with you
His next actionsRemoves your shirt and pants, then removes his own
Did he like you?He's gonna be comin around more often, he loved how much you screamed and cried as he loved you
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:

Bakura & you by MiyuYasha
is bakura your fave
will you have his childrenYES
...on purposeNO
he loves you...: 100%
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:
Ummm... uh... *blushes*

What would Bakura do to you in teh bed o0 by digi_kitti
Favorate Color
Hair color:
Eye color
Your on bakura's bed:
while he*smacks you*
then says*'doing it'*
you end upat Marik's house
how much he loved what you did:: 97%
What is your reaction to all this:
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Result Posted on 06/26/05:

A Run In With Bakura by depressed_dark_fairy
Your Reaction
His Reaction*looks you up and down* By My Side You Will Stand Once I Become Ruler Of This world *laughs evilly*
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