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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/26/05:

Final Fantasy Child by ChaoticSoul
Your Name
Your MotherAeris
Your FatherSephiroth
Looks from...Father
Attitude from...Father
Weapon from...Father
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Result Posted on 10/26/05:

What Does Your Inner Child Look Like? by Keera
Astorlogical Sign
Hair Color
Eye Color
What you inner child looks like
What she likes to do the mostWait for you to talk to her
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Result Posted on 08/31/05:

The FullMetal Alchemist Survey

Created by ratatoskmarina and taken 11 times on Bzoink

When did you start to like FMA?I saw a japanese anime article back in 2003. Around the time when Japan had started airing it...
How many episodes have you seen so far?English/Dub: 1-27 Japanese/Dub: 1-51
Which episode is your favorite?hmmm... I really loved Episode 27 continued to part 28.
Which episode is your least favorite?Episode 6... Night Of The Chimaera's cry because young Nina had died..
Do you prefer the episodes subbed, dubbed, or both?Both. The english and japanese voice actors are just wonderful!
Do you watch FMA on Adult Swim?Yes.
Do you own any of the FMA DVDs?Yup. 1-5 so far...
Video games?Yes. I have FMA Broken Angel and Curse Of The Crimson Elixir.
Cards?Only a few of the movie cards. Planning to buy some more at Hot Topic though...
Manga?volumes 1 and 2 and I have all the online manga so far.
Art Books?unfortunately, only 3. -_-'
Posters?Just one sadly. >_<
Wall Scrolls?I have two of those. XD
CDs?Let's see... I have the Opening and Ending single files, Movie OST, Remixes, Hagaren Housyoku Radio, Game OSTS, and original soundtracks... practically all of them.
Figures?Two Ed figures, one Winry, An Al and a Roy.
Plush?None. >_< I want the Movie!Ed plushie...
Any other FMA related items?let's see... pins, scans, fanart... lots of stuff...
Who's your favorite character?Edward Elric
Who's your least favorite character?ummm.... Envy! >.<
Any favorite pairings?EdxRoy, EdxHeidrich, EdxWinry, RoyxRiza, ScarxLust...
Any pairings you don't like?EdxAl that's just sick. Or any of the yuri pairings...
Do you write FMA fanfics?Yesh.
Do you draw FMA fanart?Yesh to this too. ^^
What's your favorite FMA song?let's see.. either Link or Lost Heaven or Ano Yume No Mukou he...
Are you in any FMA related RPGs?Yes...
Do you have your own character?Yup. Two actually. There names are Ayumi and Melanie. XD
What's your character's occupation?Ayumi: Bounded-Angel Alchemist and Former Assasin, Melanie: Ayumi's Hikaru and Ed's lover...
What's your character's nickname?I call Ayumi Ayu-san and Melanie Mel-chan. ^^
Anything else about your character?Ayumi has the power to bound souls and stuff using her alchemy and Melanie well... she has many secrets to awaken her power...
Why do you like FMA?practically EVERYTHING! Must you ask? But mostly because of the story, drama, and especially, Ed. ^____^
Anything else you want to say that's related to FMA?ummmm... HAGAREN FOREVER! I salute thee Hagaren!

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Result Posted on 07/07/05:

Your Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend
Favourite Color
Your boyfriend is... Kurama
How you met... You saved him
Will it last... Yes
This quiz by Kurama13 - Taken 396 Times.
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Result Posted on 07/03/05:

Result Posted on 06/28/05:

Bakura and 'FUN' Forcing!! {Revamp}~lots of pics~ by CERM
Your Name
What you do/say when you see him
What he thinks about youIíll make her mine, whether she wants to be mine, or not.
What he says to youMalik can't have her... she's mine. *evil laugh*
His next actionsFirstÖ Iíll get her down. Second. Iíll tie her down. ThirdÖ HehehÖ *smirks*
His appearance
When everything is said and done, did he enjoy youYou were the best orgasm he had ever had and he kept it that way, making you his forever. you.
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Result Posted on 06/28/05:

After sex with Bakura... by Bakura
What's your age?
Where you're doing itIn the back of his (stolen) Jeep
What he said"Get out before Marik sees you here!"
LJ buddy that saw it all
Chance they'll tell: 38%
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Result Posted on 06/28/05:

Your Perfect Homicide...
Name / Username
Your victim: That one kid who always did annoy you...
Your weapon: The ligaments of someone you killed earlier
Your favorite part of the whole thing: When they begged you to stop, but you just laughed and told them to learn to beg better
Then what do you do? Update your LJ.
Will you get caught? Oh Hell no. You're too cool for that. You crazy bitch.
This Quiz by Shuurei_no_Senshi - Taken 3913 Times.
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Result Posted on 06/27/05:

Which NARUTO Boy is Right for YOU? by Dark Magician Girl
Did it work out?Hell Yeah. ^.^
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Result Posted on 06/27/05:

How would you look if you were in Naruto? by AznNarutoGrl
Favorite character(out of these)
HeadBandOn your arm
upper clothingvest
lower clothingBlue long pants
Scale of 1-10(Your clothing): 91%
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