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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Yugi VS Seto

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   The honeymoon^_^

Well now that me and Marik are married we are going on our honeymoon.We are going to Egypt.
Well heres how it went.

Marik:Do I hafe to go???

Me:Yes you do and I thought that you would of bin excited to go to Egypt.

Marik:Well duhh...I was born there!

Me:Yeah I know that but you werent there for a long time and it would be nice to go and se how things are now.

Marik:*Puts on a I dont care face*what ever...

Me:Come on lets Goooo!!!

Marik:I wish that I were still evil.

So we go to the airport to get on the plain and we se Ishizu Marik's older sister.

Marik:Its Ishizu!


Ishizu:Hi there^_^

Me:Hey Ishizu^_^

Marik:What are you doing here?

Ishizu:Looks at her little brother.I se that your still thesame^_^

Marik:Smile back at his sister.

Me:We are going to Egypt for our honeymoo.

Ishizu:Oh well thats nice.

Marik:Hey do you wanna go aready?

Me:I am coming!!!

Marik:Tells to the airport lady "Two tickets to Egypt".

Airport Lady:O I am sorry we are out of tickets.

Me:Whaaattt!!!!Now what???

Marik:I have an idea Mwahahaa!!!*takes out millenium Rod*.

Me:Ahhh!!!Not that...!!!

To Be Continued...


If you like this fan fic please leave a comment.

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I just watched YYH and boy was Hiei awesome!!!Dragon of the Darkness Falme is an awesome attack.
And now I know how to make banners.So if you would like soem I will gldly make some for you guys.
I would like to thank Milkycat and Yami Loni for helping me out you guys roock for that!!!

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Egyptian Yugioh Characters

Pharaoh Atem-Atem is Yami the spirit who is trapped inside Yugi'g millenium puzzle.In egypt when Atem was the pharaoh he owned the Millenium Puzzle.

Priest Seto-Seto owned the Millenium Rod 3,000 years ago in Egypt.

Priest Akunadin-He is the owner of the Millenium Eye.He was also the younger brother of Atem's father.

Priest Shadi-He was the owner of the Millenium Key.He did not own the Millenium Scale back then in Egypt he owned the Millenium Key no other millenium items like he does right now in the series.

Priest Karim-He was the one who owned the Millenium Scale.

Priest Mahado-He was the owner of the Millenium Ring.He was the spirit of the Dark Magician long time ago in Egypt.

Priest Isis(Ishizu)-She owned the Milenium Necklace like she does now in the series.

Pharaoh Akunumkanon-He was the previous pharaoh and he also was Atem's father.His younger brother created the millnium items.

Well there you all go.If you want to se some pics of these characters scroll down to the 2 group pics and check them out.

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   More awesome Yugioh pics

This is a cute pic!!!

Bad BOYZZZzzz!!!!

Thi is my favorite pic of Yami Marik and Bakura

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2 group pics

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Priest Seto

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Pharaoh Atem(Yami Yugi)

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Friday, May 28, 2004

   Case Closed

Did anyone se the new anime thats on now on Adult Swim.Its called case closed its pritty cool.
But I was realy tired yesterday night so I didnt se.Can someone tell me what happened in it?

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