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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

   My Favorite Anime Characters!!!

Shaman King-Horohoro
Digimon season4-Koji
Knights of the Zodiac=Hyoga
Wolf's Rain-Kiba and Tsume I cant pick
Rurouni Kenshin-Aoshi
Megaman NT warrior-Chod and Prodoman
Yu Yu Hakusho-Hiei
Gundam Wing-Duo
G gundam-George
SD Gundam-Zero
Gundam Seed-Dont know yet I like all of the cute boys in there lol.

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   Good news

Well if you went and looked at my Geocities website it looked pritty good but now I made look even better.So go and look!!!!

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Well I have 3 good things to say.
The first one is that I finnaly got my Marik Japanese Structure Deck yuupi!!!!
The second one is that on Friday we are going to be doing something that the Greeks do its called the Olympics.We are going to be doing archering,horseback riding,swimming,running,and more its going to be awesome.
The 3rd thing is on next Tuesday theres going to be a graduation party just for for the grades that I am in.
Well thats all I am going to go and open my Marik Deck now^_^seya!!

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   I am soooo happy!!!!

I bet you dudes are wondering why I am so happy.Well its because I just made my own website just what I always wanted!!!Its realy cool.But the images arent working good yet I'll fix them later.Right now its a Yugioh kind of website but I might change it on some other month or so.O and dont forget to sign my guest book there^_^Oh yeah and the URL is http://www.geocities.com/sesshomaru1011/Mariks_Girl1.html?1086082828540 well seya later.

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Monday, May 31, 2004


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Yu-Gi-Oh. This is a very care-free, friendly group.
You all care deeply about each other and would
risk anything and everything for the other's
saftey. Although some of you have some secret's
to unlock, and some of you make fun of each
other, this is a pretty well rounded group.

Which anime group do you and your friends resemble?
brought to you by QuizillaYou represent... anger.
You represent... anger.
Mad at the world, eh? You have a tendency to...
freak out easily. Overly emotional about
everything, you're most prone to bouts of
cruelty and moodiness. Other people may be
afraid of the fact that you explode so easily,
but at least you're honest... even if you're
honest about not liking anything.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla
Darkness is your passion. You can't live without it
and you're starting to turn dark. You are
interested in things that others fear,
sometimes using it against them. So much fun.
You think you're pretty dark, but that ain't
true. Better watch your back, real dark people
may find it fun to teach you a thing or two
about REAL darkness...

Please rate ^^

What kind of dark person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
WHOOPDIDO! *bounces off walls* Your Constantly
hyper and there ain't nothing or no one thats
gonna stop ya. Allways on the go and your fav
color is usually Blue. Hopefully your attitude
wont get you in trouble, SO WATCH OUT!!!

Whats Your Inner Attitude? (For girls) Anime Pics (many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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   More and more RAIN!!!!

Boy it sure has bin raining for the last few weeks it just woent STOP!!!!
I just went out and checked out how mutch water there is and in my backyard there was a humongous podle.It looks like a pool or something.And I am not joking about this its true.This is why I hate rain!!!!

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   Chapter 2 of the Honeymoon^_^

Well in the last chapter there werent any tickets left for me and Marik to go to Egypt for or honeymoon.Then he took out his Millenium Rod and heres how it goes.

Marik:Its time to take someones mind away *evil smile*.


Marik:Now lets se who has a ticket to Egypt.

Me:Hey he does.

Marik:*Walks in front of the man*.


Marik:Give me your MIND!!!!!!


Marik:*takes away his mind*.Well now I can get your ticket to Egypt.

Me:But what about the man?

Marik:Oh dont worry he will get his mind back after the honeymoo.

Me:Blushes at Marik!!!

Marik:Whattt???Do you want your mind get taken away.

Me:Oh boy,what a husband^_^

Marik:Here are our tickets to Egypt airport lady.

Me:Yay were going to EGYPT!!!!

Marik:Ohh brother...

So we get on the plane and we go to Egypt wooohhooo!!!!!!

To Be Continued...


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Today I went over to my friends house.She lives in a different city so thats why I didnt post anything else today.On the way to my friends house I saw 7 people being stoped by the police for driwing to fast,boy some people dont know how to driwe.
There was another girl there at my friends house and she had a little dog so did my other friend.And when my friend and my other friend let those two dogs play together they started to fight like wolves.They were growling and yelling.Boy it was so mutch fun watching them I couldn't stop laughing.Then me an my parents went home.We started going home at 8:00pm and we got home at 10:48pm and am I tired so I am going to sleep now se you all tommorow~Goodnight^_^

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Sunday, May 30, 2004


Last week I said that I am going to be doing an anime character that is mysterious,kind of evil,quiet,and tough.Last week it was Kai from BeyBlade and this week its Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho.
Hiei is usualy quiet,realy strong,and sometimes myserous.He maby seems that he doesnt care about anybody but he realy does.

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