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Crap I can't remember now.... I think its Simple And Clean from Kingdom Hearts...
Well I had an account on here a long time ago but, I forgot the password... -_-'
Anywho my name is Bree Skelling and... well I really do not know...

Friday, June 29, 2007

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITIED! I get get to go to the Animethon14! Its so hard to find an anime convention actually worth going to here and I get to goooooo woot! lol Canada sucks for that... thought I should just shout that out...couldn't keep it in any longer lol.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well I haven't written on here in awhile. Final exams are up - EXCITING!! I love the final exams. Anywhoo - almost got fired again and I went to the Caribbean and got reeeeeeally sunburnt then decided to go in SALT water, hurt like something crrrraaazy! Uh, what else could I say that no one cares about.... Went to Panic! At The Disco concert, lost my shoe so stole someone else's now I'm walking around with two different shoes, yeh lol.

Well thats all for now....

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Well this weekend, Shyla, my bestfriend, decided I needed a whole new full body make-over. So on my day-off she took all my paycheck and somemoney I had stashed away somewhere and we drove into the city and I was forced to shop in the worlds largest mall for five hours strait! And she never let my go to the anime store in the mall! I was devestated! So I let her carry me too Abercrombie Fitch, American Eagle, The Garage, Stitches and a tonne of other stores. Then she made me get a new hairstyle. I look amaxing but shopping ain't my thing... unless its for anime stuff!! Turns out she needed an excuse to run away from her "EVIL" kinda ex-boyfriend.... -_-' Oh what goes on the in the female mind still amazes me... and I'm a female!
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Let me just get this off my chest... THE GOLF COURSE IS NOW OPEN!!! Woot! I got to try out my new golf set and might I say- mighty fine!! Just go along with my okay...?
As I know all you are just dying to know about my feild trip! Of course you know we went to Brazil to see the IMax... let me just tell you that I could swear in some parts of that movie, the room started to spin. I accidently kicked one kid in the head who was in front of me and was continueously grabbing hold of the guy's hand beside me (his names Chase, really funny guy). I bought this bracelet that had a dead bug in it- its awsum!, Uh some honey sickle things, which are so sickeningly sweet that they taste good, A replica of a T-Rex skull and stuff that makes a water solidify almost immediatly. And near the edge of the trip I felt EMO...
Hm- what else can I bore you with. Oh yeh!! My two best friends are completely hating on each other and I'm stuck listening to both of them talk about the other behind the other's back! Honestly, I don't see a point- does anyone else get it? If so just answer me... and help me figure out what to do!- Honestly I'm avoiding both of them so I won't have to be sucked in! Help?


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well starting off by saying... I got grounded so thats why there was no new... stuff. 'Cuz the life of a small loner town girl isn't that interesting to others, but to me its the life so- SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!
Hm, we are going on a "feild trip" tomorrow, but its more like the school's excuse to get rid of our class, we really are quite horrible. We are going to go to Brazil to see the IMax!! -_^ Its going to be a very interesting trip....
Haha today we "vandalized" my best friend's kinda ex-boyfriend's car. Yup its a really fugly car too. He knew we did it though cause of our handwriting so it wasn't all that fun... we tend to write all over stuff that isn't ours- but we don't vandilize any buildings or government property 'cuz that I ain't cool. Afterwards he made us clean it up but we left a reminder on where to open the car!!
Hm, what else- well my wrist is healing (thanks for the ampethy/sympathy guys! JK!) which is so good cause I am an amidextrous tennis player and its hard to play if you can't use you left hand when you are so used to it!
Oh! And I hit my coach/gym teacher in the back of the head with my tennis racket...... again!
Yes that is it! For now so later and wish me luck on my feild trip (hoping noone attempts to write on my face like last time when I fell asleep) and have a wonderfully boring life, compared to mine that is! Jk jk jk!!


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