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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Well this weekend, Shyla, my bestfriend, decided I needed a whole new full body make-over. So on my day-off she took all my paycheck and somemoney I had stashed away somewhere and we drove into the city and I was forced to shop in the worlds largest mall for five hours strait! And she never let my go to the anime store in the mall! I was devestated! So I let her carry me too Abercrombie Fitch, American Eagle, The Garage, Stitches and a tonne of other stores. Then she made me get a new hairstyle. I look amaxing but shopping ain't my thing... unless its for anime stuff!! Turns out she needed an excuse to run away from her "EVIL" kinda ex-boyfriend.... -_-' Oh what goes on the in the female mind still amazes me... and I'm a female!
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