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Thursday, April 19, 2007

   Swearing... AGAINST THE LAWS???
Seriously, I resently heard that in the larger cities around my small loner town they are creating a law where you can't swear in public!! You'll get fined some amount of monay! Is that pathetic or is that pathetic???
I told my best friend, who is in love with cussing, that and this was our conversation (the other best friend had asked us to talk about an issue on camera for her Language class so this is the one we chose):
Me: So did you hear about that 'effed up bylaw where ya can't swear in public?
BFFL#1: Fuck that shit! (Can't you already tell that the one recording this couldn't hand it in to the teacher)
Me: I know you wouldn't last in the city without getting fined for an hour!
BFFL#2 (she's behind the camera): I know I can just see her!
Me Immitating BFFL#1: Fuck! Police officer hears you and comes over to give you a warning you to mind your language or you'll get fined. You again Kay I'll remember that shit next time. The police officer gives you a ticket. You: Fuck! You get another ticket You: This is some retarded shit!.....

Then we proceed to go on for abit with BFFL#2 laughing behind a shaking camera and me being Bitched out by BFFL#1.

Yeh, but seriously thats a retarded bylaw.... lolz, but it was an interesting topic...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   Trailer Incident
On Sunday my klutziness finally got the better of me. While me and one of my best friends were driving up an extremely steep hill on the back of the trailer on the back of our quad my hands slipped and I went flying off! It was so funny now that I looked back at it cause I used to always watch James Bond movies and when they would do those rolls after jumping off something I would laugh and say that was unrealistic but I realized thats all you really do after you fly off something moving. You roll. I rolled alway the way down the hill before my friend had noticed I fell off (cow). She freaked completely and the whole time I just sat there dazed... and the only outcome of this incident was a sprained wrist... and a weird urge to laugh everytime anyone askes my about my wrist.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its almost the last day of Easter Break..... seriously its amazing how fast two weeks can pass when all you do is laze around watching TV and listen to your best friends talk about their future boyfriends... I couldn't find a single pencil and I'm broke so I couldn't draw... although I wasted a brand new notebook doodling... and I almost got fired a couple days back cause I got mad at customer and kicked him... deserved it though... I'm normally not a violent person either but it just came over me... I loved the whole ... concept! I use it alot no...? Haha Lata


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