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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Iceburg.the.wolf (04/30/07)

Hiya!im signing your gb like ya said XD I would have done it anyways so..XD ill add you visit/pm me anytime k?Later!

EmikoMai (04/27/07)

Hey! Thanks for adding me! *laughs* Hikaru is something alright...but you have to love him! Thanks for adding me and I'll do the same!

XxSilent-AngelxX (04/13/07)

Hey, this is kadajlittleangel!!!
I had to delete my site, 'cause it wasn't working.:(
Anyways, now I have this one so please stop by.
Thanks again!!!
I added you as a friend as well!! ^-^

bloodtears14 (04/06/07)

I love your art. It is very good. I also really like your HP.
I also hate girls that are stuck up, they piss me off!
and I also love the fact you love yaoi, I do too
and I like your taste is everything, its just awesome^

euses1 (04/06/07)

Hi ya'! Cool site! Well, see u around, hope 2 bcum nice friendzies! ^^

BloodyTaintedSoul (04/03/07)

Hi meh!! I love my site my back ground and everything else about this site!!

Lol yeah I am gonna be very random with this signing soo yeah.. I will have to get this rolling and everything...

Soo yeah...

I am gonna make this the longest guess book signing in the history of guest book signings!!

WEll yeah...


I love this!!!

It is sooo much fun and everything!!!

Lol posting on my other site is going to be fun!!

I hope that I can write more on my Angelic Vampire DNA story and try to start a comic with it!!

Ohh yeah that reminds me I am gonna have to finish all of the awards and well the art trade that I have with Kakashi1993..

Soo yeah..




sooo yeah..


lol hahaha!!!

Soo yeah...

Anime anime anime anime anime anime...

I am trying to make this the longest post in history...


0.0 I NEVER SIGNED THIS SUCKER!? Gosh...I fail at life. Um situations= sexyness...absa-f**king-lulty


Hello! I like your new username when are you going to make the new site I'll add you just in case something goes on.

I am adding peoples signings to this...

TOo make it this long :


lol long!!!

Lol O//O I said it... I said long!!!


Sasuke is good with wood...

Look it up on Photobucket...

It is an anime picuture... Lol hahahahahahhahhhahhahahah!!!!!

Ohh well this is long enough I think.... I don't know...

Ohh well I will have to talk to myself later!!


~Meh Self o^.^o~


Reno ish mine and Vinny is BloodyRains'...

Lol *shifty eyes*

They are both mine foreva!!!!!

Kyotogrl (04/03/07)

Love the site!

Sage of Magic (04/02/07)

Thank you for signing my gb.

And of course you can draw Roland and Basil. I have no problems with that ^^ Ironicly, I don't like vampires too much...yet I love Roland. Sage's logic for you.

And yay! Someone who plays Fire Emblem!

And I've been called emo too. For eating chocolate. *shrugs*

Neways, I'll see you around! *bounces off*

whtdragon (04/02/07)

>O> GB sign'd! thanks for signing mine like.. ages ago? lol x__x' but yeah woulda signed sooner had I not lost track n' stuffs... >O> keep up the art!

Umehito Nekozawa (04/02/07)

0.0 I NEVER SIGNED THIS SUCKER!? Gosh...I fail at life. Um situations= sexyness...absa-f**king-lulty

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