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I want to stray away from the wires and links. To be different, but to stay the same as I am.

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~Favorite anime right now: N/A Haven‘t been watching any to create a favorite~
~Dislikes: Perverted Guys that like to Cyber~
~Likes: Yaoi and Role playing~
~DOB: 10/23~
~E-mail: seikei_murasaki@yahoo.com~
~AIM name: ChimokoYU~
~Real name: Lynn~
~Nickname(s): Chimoko, Emo, Sadistic Bitch, Crazy, Smartass, Sis, Evil, Bitch, or as my friend on IMVU calls me “My Sadistic Seme”~
~Music: Jpop, Rock~
~Theme: New Gin wallpaper~
~Listening to right now: Alumina from Death Note ~

~There are more dangerous things out there than just me…. Or there isn‘t you will have to decided that now won‘t you?~

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

   This is me just to let you see.
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Eh heh
Well I posted some art here... first time in a while.... Hmm I wonder if I will get a comment on it at all.... probably not. -sigh- Same as my kitteh boy... never got a comment and only one vote.

Have I Gotten Any Better?

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Well I might start posting here again.

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