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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

   GRAH!!! My background won't show!!!
GAH!!!! WHAT THE FRIKING HECK?!?! I can't get my background to show up on this dang site!!! DX Maybe I should give up on myOtaku... heck, I'm not even active on OtakuVV... it's just... blech for me now... haaaaah... so frustrating... if not more than five people comment on this post, I shall delete this account! I think it might just be a waste of computer space if I'm not even active... lol, sounds like virtual suicide... well, bye bye... ^^'
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day!
Happy late 4th of July! We went over to a friend's house to see the fireworks yesterday. They're lucky 'cause they get a nice view. As for anime related stuff, I watched both motion pictures of xxxholic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I really liked them, especially xxholic, probably bcuz I like that better than Tsubasa. My family and I also watched Hancock in theatres, and Balls of Fury at our cousin's house. It was hilarious! Lastly, I reread my Chrono Crusade and Tsubasa mangas... oh! And I changed the theme of the site. xxxholic's characters: Yuko and Watanuki. lol, I just luv weird couples. Kk, see u all soon... :3
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello... :)
I'm sure no one will read this, but oh well... I'd just like to say "hi" to all of myOtaku friends and visitors out there... hope ur enjoying OtakuVV ^^ And that u like my theme... it's Kanda and Lenalee from D.Gray-Man... yeah, I like the couple quite a bit... okay then, time for me 2 go... see u! ^^
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