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Hey welcome to my site!


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i think MyOtaku would be a nicer place without a YES, NO voting system but only comments
anyway thnx for visting these are juss a few pics of anime ive seen and a few words....
Rurouni Kenshin

Love Hina..



Stree fighter alpha

in the future i hope to get a job as a graphic designer/engineer but i need to practice practice!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

inactive... again T___T
well i been inactive for about what... must be close to 4 months? 5 months? i dono why i stopped logging on to theOtaku.. i never posted and new artwork i no i have about 5 new ones that i never posted but after those i guess i juss stopped drawing.... thx alot to those that have visited my site and left comments on my posts im sorry to those i havent responded to or to those that i havent got around to signing your g-book anyway im not sure when ill be more active on the otaku im doing very well skools finally done i have just been chilling at the beach and with my girlfriend<3 anyway i would like to get more artwork done i have no clue wat anime to follow i been really into Naruto i watch every episode up to 130ish and my bro has been dling some Full Metal Alchemist it sounds pretty interesting.
anyway take care

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

wow! i havnet been here in a while!! i just noticed my background doesnt even work t.t hmmm well ill have to update it sometime. i havent drawn anything in so long O_O (well actually thats a lie i have about 5 more pics to post, not sure when they'll be up tho)
anyway, nice to check up on you guys again
see yu soon i hope =D

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

500 votes! -_^V
well i finally got 500+ votes on my art.
when i find the time i guess ill have to do a 500 vote pic =D
thank you to everyone on the otaku that has voted for my art, sorry i havent been on alot lately but if been really busy and up to alot =P
so thankx again guys ^^

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

   ..My birthday =D

WELL!!!! i havent been on the otaku alot lately but ive seen the changes to the site and it loooks awesome!!! yes its my brithday! so kool! i had a great weekend, i went shopping and got some nice nce clothes, chilled with my frends house, ordered chinese food it was awesome =D i have some drawings to post but i dont think my scanner will ever be fixed >.<
skool is going ok, i still hate it but i dont mind the soccer team and chilling at lumch. our first game for the soccer team is this wednesday i think well probly win our team is pretty good. well ill try to be on more often and i havent drawn anything in a while.. i need a new anime series to motivate me =D i have wolfs rain and ranma 1/2 on internet tv, maybe ill watch them at some point.

i have 197 guestbook signatures~ 3 off of 200!! so close =D
well ill see you guys around later and thnx to everyone on theotaku
peace ~

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Monday, September 20, 2004

   i havent posted in a while....
long post but worth it =D FINALLY I GOT MY POSTS WORKING AGAIN HORRRAY!!!!!! well!!! hi guys! i havent posted anythin in a while and its not cas i been busy, but because i dont want my other posts to leave =(, well i saw most of love hina on internet TV. its so hilarious! if you havent seen it before you should its super kool! SOOOO FUNNY! i love all the eps! well skool has been going ok ( i guess ) i made the skool soccer team (of course -_^V ) and all my frends are on it too so its a great team lots of fun! we even have a few cheerleaders! (unofficial cheerleaders of course) but there gerls and fnu to have around =D and i saw the movie resident evil2 apocalypse it was a pretty good movie! not bad not bad at all! well its been fun over the last few weeks i havent done a lot of drawings but i have at least 10 new ones to post soon as my scanner is workin. im tryin to do some original anime and hopefully i can become a graphic engineer or get a job working as an animator... i dono it might be fun =D well thats all for now thnx for everyone that has been -comming to my site -signing my guestbook -voting / leave comments on my art -anyone that goes on myO juss for fun=D and hopefully next time you see me ill be on the #1 rank artist!!! (Dan Felton is always my #1 i think his art is amazing and should be WAY highter that 80%. shame on all you ppl that vore no to his art)
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