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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

inactive... again T___T
well i been inactive for about what... must be close to 4 months? 5 months? i dono why i stopped logging on to theOtaku.. i never posted and new artwork i no i have about 5 new ones that i never posted but after those i guess i juss stopped drawing.... thx alot to those that have visited my site and left comments on my posts im sorry to those i havent responded to or to those that i havent got around to signing your g-book anyway im not sure when ill be more active on the otaku im doing very well skools finally done i have just been chilling at the beach and with my girlfriend<3 anyway i would like to get more artwork done i have no clue wat anime to follow i been really into Naruto i watch every episode up to 130ish and my bro has been dling some Full Metal Alchemist it sounds pretty interesting.
anyway take care

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