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Sunday, October 3, 2004

   ..My birthday =D

WELL!!!! i havent been on the otaku alot lately but ive seen the changes to the site and it loooks awesome!!! yes its my brithday! so kool! i had a great weekend, i went shopping and got some nice nce clothes, chilled with my frends house, ordered chinese food it was awesome =D i have some drawings to post but i dont think my scanner will ever be fixed >.<
skool is going ok, i still hate it but i dont mind the soccer team and chilling at lumch. our first game for the soccer team is this wednesday i think well probly win our team is pretty good. well ill try to be on more often and i havent drawn anything in a while.. i need a new anime series to motivate me =D i have wolfs rain and ranma 1/2 on internet tv, maybe ill watch them at some point.

i have 197 guestbook signatures~ 3 off of 200!! so close =D
well ill see you guys around later and thnx to everyone on theotaku
peace ~

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